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From the Cycle of Pure Vision, The Verses of Offering Water,

Known as: An Ocean of Blessings

Hung Yen lag gye den d tsii dzing bu di
Hung! I offer the lake of nectar possessing the eight qualities of pure water,
Chom den khor dang chay la bul war gyi
To all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with their retinues,
Shy nay dag dang sem chen tam che kyi
Please accept it! May I and all sentient beings,
Tshog dzog drib dag khor wa dong trug shog
Perfect the accumulations, purify obscurations, and liberate all beings!
____________o__M___s ___
Om Sarva Tathagata Sapari Wara Argham Pratitsa Pudza Megha
Samudra Sapharana Samaya A Hung
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One night in a dream a white dakini appeared to me and said that she was Sukhasiddhi
and proceeded to recite the above offering verses for the sake of all beings. She said that
this wishing prayer encompassing offerings and aspirations for beings. Dudjom Dorje
wrote it down at the request of Lama Tsultrim Dorje and it was transcribed by Puntsog