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CUSTOM BUILT SALADS Base Salad 8 choose from

spinach arugula massaged kale cabbage spring mix dates goat cheese maytag bleu shaved parmesan house made croutons dried cranberries jalapeo caramelized onions fried onions raw red onion capers roasted beets brussels apple tomato cucumber

honey viaigrette sweet and sour glaze balsamic bleu cheese

House Made Dressings

basil peppercorn vinaigrette black berry vinaigrette orange champagne vinaigrette bacon 1 avocado 1 hard-boiled egg 0.5 goat cheese 0.5 maytag bleu 0.5

roasted pastured chicken 4 wild caught salmon 5 quinoa 2 walnuts, pecans, pine nuts or almonds 1


served with choice of side


Grass Fed Burger 10 roasted tomato, red onion, mixed greens, choice of cheese, challah roll Add:
extra patty 5 pulled pork 2 fried egg 1 bacon 1 brie 2 blue 2 gluten free bun 2 cashew butter 2 sundried tomato pesto 1 fried onions .50 caramelized onion .50 jalepeno .50

Roasted Pastured Chicken Sandwich 13 pan fried brie, avocado, sundried tomato pesto, arugula, ciabatta
Sides 4 sweet potato salad hand cut fries sweet potato fries brussels sprouts