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Collective Bargaining Agent

It is one of the trade unions which is registered with the registrar as the Collective bargaining agent and it acts or bargains on behalf of workers in collective bargaining Appointment/Certification of CBA The collective bargaining agent is appointed in the different ways :

i. Single Trade Union Case :In the establishment if there is only one registered union and the member of the members of such union is not less than 1/3 of the total employees. The registrar can certify that trade union as to be collective bargaining Agent, on receiving the application of such trade union. ii. More Than One Trade Union :In this case registrar holds the secret ballot with in 15 days to determine a collective bargaining agent receiving the applications of such trade unions. The number of members of each trade union is not less than 1/3 of the total employees.

Functions of CBA a)Undertake collective bargaining with the employer on matters connected with employment, nonemployment, terms of employment and conditions of work. b)Represent all or any of the workmen in any work proceedings. c)Give notice of strike according to the provisions of the chapter. d)Nominate representatives of worker on the Board of Trustees of any welfare institutions or provident funds,and of the workers participation fund established under Chapter XV. e)Undertake legal proceedings on behalf of single or collective workers tive-Bargaining-CBA