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HRM in Indian & Global scenario

HRM in India
External factors Internal factors

External factors
Technological factors Economical factors Political factors Social factors Local & governmental factors Unions Employers demand Workforce diversity

Internal factors
Mission Policies Organizational culture Organizational structure HR systems

Global HRM
Global staffing Global HRD Global compensation & benefits Global safety & health Global employee & labor relations

Global staffing
Expatriate Host country national Third country national

An employee who is not a citizen of the country in which the firms operation is located but is a citizen of the country in which the organization is headquartered. Japanese in Bridgestone, pithampur.

Host country national

is an employee who is a citizen of the country where the subsidiary is located. Indian citizen will work in Bridgestone, pithampur.

Third country national

Is a citizen of one country working in a second company and employed by a organization headquartered in the third country. Italian citizen working for a Indian company in French.

Approaches to global staffing

Ethnocentric staffing Polycentric staffing Regiocentric staffing Geocentric staffing

Global HRD
Orientation & training for expatriate

Global compensation & benefits

Variation in laws living cost Tax policies Currency Annual holidays Paid holidays

Global compensation & benefits

Weekly working hours Probation period Incentives Benefits Overtime increments

Global safety & health

Global employee & labor relations

Composition of unions Nature of unions Strength of unions Power of unions All the above factors differ from country to country