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REFLECTION In this unit I did the design of the perfum, my team was with my friend Mauricio we cordinate very well i think we do it very good.

What I do in this unit?

8 -B


December 17 2013

What we do?

Design Briefs of Containers

With the three shapes to do the container we had to ask 10 differents persons to evaluated our design brief, then the design tha had more votes is the design that I made. That its like a tequila Then with the final design we had to draw: Front View, Side View, Back View and Air View.

First Mauricio and i investigated about the stereotypes of Mexico, an we looked that were bad the stereotpes and we want to change that creating a perfum with the container.

Container in 3D
Then I had to make the container and the box in 3D, I made with fomi, the top was maded also with fomi and it was designed like 1/4 of lemon. The box Mauricio wanted to be circular and Mauricio cut the top of a bottle of water, then he covered with fomi and made the top with fomi and that is how Ihe made the container. I do the aroma first i go to the perfumera and ask for types of aromas that smell ike Mexico las tacos and all that.