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Question 1 Explain and comment of form and structure, indicating in particular how repetition and contrast are balanced

For full marks you need to have a correct description of form and structure, with detailed references to specific sections. Detailed indications of how repetition and contrast are balanced Esoteria is a short variation-form piece constructed with alternations of tutti and solo sections in which each solo instrument is exploited with extended instrumental techniques. The solo sections reflect musical material from the tutti sections and comment musically on them developing ideas and repeating them (albeit changed). An example of this occurs in bars 45 where the solo violin repeats the semiquaver passage first heard in bars 3-4 this is however manipulated and contrasts with the original in that it is an octave higher and is transposed with an extension of interval between the 5th and 6th notes. That sort of thing! Question 2 and 3 should contain the same amount of detail both in terms of references and also to specific technical musical points of interest. For question 3 you nee to have typically 17 or more relevant points. Dont be wholly about your prose.