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Vanessa Louis English 1100 Professor Lago Essay 4 Avoiding College Debt in High School n !y high school teachers love to "ush students to strive for a college education# Students$ "arents %ould start as&ing 'uestions near their senior year( have you loo& into colleges yet) *his is a big ste" for high school senior students# So!e students %ill have !any ideas %here they %ant to go and have been %or&ing to%ards it throughout high school# Ho%ever %ith the econo!y %e have today+ it$s good to "re"are students for college as early as fresh!en year in high school and sho%ing the! %ays to avoid "aying too !uch for college# ,or !e in high school -oin !any clubs# .ne club %as the dance tea!# started off -ust ta&ing it as a hobby# Ho%ever fell in love %ith it# %ould "ractice every day fro! / to so!eti!e 10 at night# 0y teacher al%ays told !e if %as good enough could get scholarshi"s for college -ust li&e football "layer and bas&etball "layers# Co!ing fro! a !iddle class inco!e base fa!ily this %as good for !e# al%ays %anted to go to college so started to "ractice even harder# %ould "erfor! every%here %ith !y tea! %inning so !any a%ards# !et a lot of different "eo"le# a""ly to "erfor! at this co!"any called 1ids n Concert+ %hich had this grand sho% every year# a""lied !yself and also !y tea!# After sending in a video %e got a call bac&# 2e "erfor! li&e it %as our last sho% "utting all our hearts into it# t all "aid off# 2e %on and %as a%arded 1300 for college# %as so grateful it %asn$t !uch but


&ne% if &e"t doing concerts li&e this could save so!e !oney for college# *hat %as one %ay to get !oney for college that ca!e at great hel"# Dancing too& !e a long %ay and "aid for !ost of !y years in college# a""ly to dance for Cheyney 4niversity Dance line tea!# *hey %ere the best tea! ever seen in life# %as e5tre!ely nervous to try out# 0y dance teacher told !e this is natural and could do it# She "ushed !e into being the "erson a! today# After the audition %as so scared %ouldn$t !a&e it# %ent to her office cried for hours# really needed this to "ay for school# 0y fa!ily %as going through a lot during !y senior year and college e5"ense %as going to -ust add the issues already there# A cou"le days after the auditions received a "hone call fro! 0r# 6ardner the 7and director of Cheyney Dance *ea!# He %anted !e to dance for his dance tea! and offered !e a 3+000 scholarshi" to -oin his band# *he ha""iness ever felt %ould never be able to describe it# *here are "lenty of %ays to avoid "aying high tuition in college# ,or lo% inco!e or !iddle class fa!ilies using 2illia! Paterson as a college e5a!"le it %ill cost 89:+/:0 in state to go to 2illia! Paterson 4niversity according to Collegedata#co! for college( ho%ever+ there are !any other %ays to "ay for school and stay clear of debt# .ne %ay is getting a high 6PA in high school# Students can receive scholarshi"s for having a high 6PA in high school# *his !eans you %ill have to study a little !ore than the average students# Having a 6PA of 4#0 or high /#0 6PA can 'ualify you for scholarshi"s for as !uch as 3+000# ;Collegedata#co!<#*his can lo%er your tuition to 99+/00 %hich is less than before# Also there are !any scholarshi" listed on the school %ebsite for inco!ing fresh!en %ith high 6PAs that seniors high students can a""ly for# ;2illia! Paterson 4niversity<


=o% there are still 99+/00 that !ost lo% inco!e fa!ily still can$t afford# >ou can a""ly for financial aid# *his is govern!ent !oney that they give to lo% inco!e+ !iddle class+ and so!e high inco!e fa!ilies to hel" %ith college "ay!ents# *hese are loans so!e are grants that you %on$t have to "ay until si5 !onths after college ;htt"?@@%%%#fafsa#ed#gov@< but !a-ority of it are loans that %ill increase before you graduate# *his is very hel"ful but can be very da!aging# Here is the do%n side of getting aid for school# Since the govern!ent is hel"ing "ay for your school they give you loans# *he loans can be used during your ti!e in college# Ho%ever once you are done %ith college or ta&e a se!ester off after si5 !onth you have to "ay the govern!ent bac& those loans# *hese loans are increasing during the ti!e of the loan is ta&en out# ;htt"?@@studentaid#ed#gov@re"ayAloans<# According to studentaid#ed the only grace "eriod %here you don$t have to "ay your loans bac& is Loan consolidation+ returning to school before the end of your loan$s grace "eriod+ and Active duty !ilitary# f not engaging in one of those three after si5 !onth you have to "ay bac& your loans# ;fafsa< t is hard for a ne%ly graduate student to acco!"lish "aying loans right after college# According to Bohnny DiaC in his boo& he %rote that Dne%ly degreed -ob see&ers over 93 years old+ the ability to find stable and solid %or& re!ains challenging these days+ because the industries that %ould have hired the!+ such as teleco!!unications+ finance+ and educational services+ %ere cri""led by the recession#E Bobs such as those that listed "reviously %ere gate%ay -obs for out co!ing college graduates# Since these -obs are not offer as !uch and entry level -obs in !a-or field are t%ice as hard to get a -ob to "ay for your loans after graduation# 2hen student can$t find -obs it$s nearly i!"ossible to "ay for loans# So!e students after college have to %or& one or !ore -obs -ust to "ay rent and other bills# ,or e5a!"le DiaC s"ea&s


about a student that had to %or& t%o -obs to balance her living habits# D0y life right no% is going do%nhill because of t%o reasons? .ne F-obG is to "ay off the rent+ "hone+ cable+ and so!eti!e barely enough for food# Second -ob is to "ay off !y car and gas+ and it su""le!ents to "ay off the rest of the rent# t -ust doesnHt see! "ossible to -ust %or& one -ob and !a&e ends !eet# # # # still o%e this !onthHs rent#IA Jachel ;DiaC 9<# *he student %as struggling to "ay her rent i!agine after si5 !onth+ ho% %ould she be able to "ay all her bill including her loans# .verall there are !any %ays to avoid "aying too !uch for college# ,or so!eone students getting a high 6PA to earn scholarshi"s %ill be their &ey in "aying less for college# t can %or& %onders your 6PA can go a long %ay# Even in college &ee"ing a high 6PA &ee" your financial aid and can offer you !ore scholarshi"s# Another %ay to avoid "aying too !uch %as -oining clubs# used !yself as an e5a!"le -oining the dance tea!s in high school hel" !e to "ay for !ost of !y college e5"enses# So!e other clubs that can offer you this is are s"ort tea!s+ ,rench club+ art clubs+ and !any !ore# High school students should as&ed their councilors for !ore infor!ation about %hat club can hel" "ay for college# Lastly %as a""lying for financial aid# Je!e!ber these are loans and grants and you have to "ay so!e of these loans bac& so be !indful for this# ,inancial aid can be a blessing and a curse because of having to "ay it bac& after a short ti!e after college# Jegardless of all of these college is a great e5"erienceK 6iven a chance to go to college is a blessing# As hard as it is to finish or "ay for college the feeling student and their fa!ilies feel during graduation day is %orth it all#


Racing to Stay in Place Long Hours and Multiple Jobs become the New Costs of Living in boston for oung People Struggling to !eep up with College Loans" other #$penses? Fthird editionG diaC+ -ohnny boston globe Fboston+ !assG 1L a"r 9004? c%#1# Repay our Loans#I ,A,SA on the 2eb# =#"#+ n#d# 2eb# 94 =ov# 901/#" Apply for Aid. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. William Paterson niversit! "uition and #ees." William Paterson University. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013.