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MACRO VIRUS Not transmitted through executable files, but through the application documents that have some

kind of macro language. Among them are all belonging to the Office package

Polymorphic virus These viruses are also called "mutants". Polymorphic viruses work as follows: Hide in a file and loaded into memory when the infected file is executed. BOOT Virus Infected area on a computer disk: boot sector on floppy disks and hard disks. Your only way is to start spreading the floppy disk or infected. Rabbits They fill the disk with your copy quickly, also sutured ded band width, also printed thousands of copies of what estmos printing, the printer collapsing

AdWare Display advertising appears from nowhere, sometimes several warnings misleading servers can connect to online advertising descagar and submit. Multi-party Virus This type of virus is the most destructive of all. Multi-part refers to a combination of all existing viruses into one

File Virus These viruses infect executable programs or files. When running the infected program, the virus becomes active and spreads throughout the computer, performing the default function by the programmer.