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While all of this was is happening.

When Judith left the room,she headed for the cafeteria for some breakfast. Her parent's met her at the nurse's station near Jason's room and said to her, "Why is there a soldier guarding Jasons room?" Judith looked and said, ! dont know. "here is a #olonel in the room with Jason. ! dont know why.$ %arl said, "Here you go, tokhtair &'iddish for daughter(. We stopped at )c*onald's and got you some breakfast.$ ""hank you, +ather." "hey headed to the waiting room. Judith bowed her head and ga,e thanks for the meal. "hank you -od god for sa,ing Jason and bringing him into my life. .men.$ %arl asked, "When did you start praying?" Judith said, ""his morning after ! saw that -od sa,ed Jason.$ %arl and /atasha looked shocked. Judith finished ate her breakfast. .fter a few minutes, %arl went to see if the soldier was still at the door. "he solider was an attention. Judith and /atasha went to the gift shop. Judith found a stuffed monkey and start playing with it for a few minutes. "hen they left. %arl was in the waiting room when they got back. He said, ""he soldier is still there." Judith said, "0ets walk to the nurse's station and wait." .t the station, Judith asked about Jasons status. .t that time the captain walked o,er and said, ". nurse is needed in )r. 1ain's room." 2ne of the nurses said, "! will go." "he #aptain and the nurse walked into Jason's room. Judith was only a two steps behind them.

2nce the nurse was at the door the captain opened the door for her and then closed it. He turned around and saw that Judith was only one step away. "he #aptain said, "3orry, )a'am. ! am under orders to let no one in. 3orry.$ Judiths mind was racing, 4What could ha,e happened? 3he asked, "Why does he need a nurse? !s e,erything 2%?$ "he #aptain said, "He is fine as far as ! know. ! do not know why he needs a nurse. ! was 5ust told, 4-et a nurse, that is it.$ Judith and said, "0et me in6" and reaches for the door. "he #aptain stopped her from opening the door and said, "3orry )a'am. !'m 5ust following orders.$ +or some reason this hit her the wrong way. .fter a few seconds of staring each other down, the nurse walked out and started her rounds. When Judith was about to read the #aptain the riot act, 'onatan opened the door. 3eeing that Judith was face to face with his aide and gi,ing him hell, he closed the door and reached s into his breast pocket. He said, "Judith, here is my card with my personal number on it. !f Jason needs anything let me know. He did say he needs some clothes from his apartment. !f you want me to, ! can send my aide to get them. " Judith said, "/o, but thank you. ! will send my father." 'onatan said to his aide, "2%, let's go. ! need to get to a meeting." "hen the #olonel and the #aptain left the hospital. .s soon as Judith heard 2% from the colonel she was in Jason's room. 3he saw that Jason was lying in bed eating his breakfast. Judith was already at Jason's bed. .fter he finished eating,she was once again holding his Hand after the colonel and his aide left.

Judith's parents entered the room. "hey had been watching Judith 's the whole time in the hall. Judith then asked, "Who was the #olonel and what did he want?" Jason said, "+irst, you are not my wife." 7,eryone said in their mind at the same time 4/ot yet6' and laughed on the outside. Jason said, "3econd, "hat was #olonel 8arak. He was sent by the 1rime )inister to check on me." 7,eryone looked shocked, Judith said, "#olonel 'onatan 8arak6" Jason said, "'es, *o you know him?" %arl and /atasha were trying to figure out who the #olonel was. Judith said, "! ha,e heard of him and once worked with him but that is it. "he colonel said you want some of your clothes. *ad can get them." Jason said, "'es, outside of my bo9ers. ! ha,e my dress pants, dress socks and dress shoes. ! had to throw away my dress shirt". He described his apartment to %arl: ")y clothes are on the sink across the room in front of his my bed. )y wallet, e9tra key, and smart phone are also on the sink. 'ou know the doctor is going to want me to walk. !'m not going to walk the halls in my bo9ers and a hospital gown. 3o ! need a bo9ers a tee;shirt, sleeping pants, and a polo shirt for tomorrow." %arl said, "! will go get them for you." Judith said, "/o, +ather. ! will go. "he doctor is going to ask us to lea,e when he checks on Jason again way. "herefore, )other and you can show me where my 3<= is. !s my bag still in the 3<=? ! will go get Jason's clothes. ! also need to get my tablet to do some work, a shower and a change of clothes." /atasha said, "'es, your bag is still in the 3<=." "he nurse walked in and said, ""he doctor will be in soon. He would like to see Jason alone but will understand if he is not."

/atasha said, "7,eryone is about to lea,e and thank you." %arl and /atasha walked o,er to Jason and said, "!f there's nothing you need we will go. Jason said, "/othing now but thank you. !'m glad you dropped by." /atasha said, ""hat is 2%, son. We will be waiting for you outside Judith. We know you need a pri,ate minute with him." "hen they walked out of the room and waited in the hall. Judith had been at Jason's bed, once again holding his hand after the colonel and his aide left. Judith bent down and kissed Jason on the lips, and then said, "! will be back soon, my .dam. ! will be staying the night again and there is nothing you can do about it." Jason 5ust smiled and said, "Hurry back soon my 7,a." Judith walked out and met with her parents. "hey left the hospital. "he talked as they walked to her 3<=. "hey hugged, kissed and said their goodbyes when Judith got near her car. "hen Judith's headed for her apartment and parked in her garage. 3he ran to her apartment not wanting to be away from Jason a second more than she could help. 3he took a >uick shower and changed clothes. 3he grabbed a gym bag and packed her tablet. 3he picked up the girly apron that Jason had worn the morning he was shot and put it back into its place. "he she ran down to Jason's apartment and opened the door with the key she had gotten before she left the hospital room. 3he found the clothes that Jason wanted, and locked up his apartment. )aking sure that her apartment was locked. she ran to her 3<= and headed back to the hospital room. While all of this is going on. . second after Judith left the room. "he *octor and a nurse enter the room. "he *octor said, "How are you today? )r. 1ain." He went to check the machines. Jason said, "! am fine, doctor." "hen the *octor said, ""hat is good."

"hen check his chart. "he nurses ha,e written on the chart the whole time. "hen the *octor said, " )r. 1ain. 7,erything is perfect and if 7,erything is the same tomorrow at this time. We will release you to go home, but it will be at night before you can go back to normal duties. ! do nothing rehab will be necessary. ! do want you walking sometime before tomorrow. 'ou don't need the machines or !, anymore." Jason said, ""hat is great, *octor. When a future wife gets back with some pants. ! will walk." "hen the nurse unhooked the machines and != and the doctor left the room. .nd Jason said, "8efore you lea,e nurse, could ! ask you a >uestion?" "he nurse said, "3ure." "hen Jason said, "3ince tomorrow is 3unday. !t will be around ??@AA or so before ! can be release. *oes the hospital ha,e a protestant chaplain? !f not that is fine. "he nurse said, " we ha,e chaplains of all faiths. We treat 7,eryone for different groups here. ! will call the chaplain office to see if we can arrange it." "he nurse reaches for the phone on the table near the bed. "hen she arranges for the chaplain and hangs up. "hen says, " 7,erything is arranged for the chaplain. He will be here at ?A am that will be an hour before the *octor will do his final check. Jason said, ""hank you." "he nurse said, "*oes she know yet that she is your future wife? Jason said, "2fficially she does not. <nofficially she does.." "he /urse said, "2h. ! ha,e seen many couples in my time. Howe,er a couple more in lo,e !',e ne,er seen." "hen she walks of the room Jason smile and turn on the "= to some mo,ie. . BC minutes later, Judith was back at the medical center and was park. 3he grabs both bagsD.E bag and the gym bag that had their stuff then she ran into Jason's room. When she enters she sees Jason lying in bed watching "=.

Jason here's the door open and see that it is Judith and 5ust smiles. Judith puts her bag near the chair at the bedside, she puts the other bag on the sink. "hen reach is it and pulls out his sleeping pants and a t; shirt. .s she was doing this, Jason says, "! miss you )y sunshine. 3he turned around and says, " ! miss you too." .s she walks to his bedside. 3he puts the pants and the shirt on the bed. Jason then says, "1lease turn around as ! put on my pants." Judith said, "Why? 'ou are going to need help to put them on." Jason said, "!f ! need help. 'ou are right here." Judith then turned around. Jason grab his pants and did what he had to do to get them on. 'ou was in pain but was able to get them on. "hey stood up. "he knew he was going to need help with the shirt. Judith heard that he was in pain putting on his pants and it 5ust broke her heart that she could not help. "hen she heard Jason say, "7,a. ! need your help to get on and the shirt." .s he turned around and walks o,er to him. 3he got the shirt off the bed. "hen Jason sit on the bed. "his was the only way she could help him get on the shirt. "hey slowly got the shirt on. !t did cause him some pain. .fter the shirt was on, Jason stood back up and said, "0et's go for a walk. "he *octor ordered it." Judith said "Why not?" 3he went to open the door. Jason walk o,er to the sink get his wallet and the put it in his front pocket. Judith walk o,er to him and put her arm under his and they walk. .fter they had left the room, Judith ask about what the *octor said. Jason told her. "hey walk and talk until they got to the gift shop.

"hen Jason said, "0ets go inside." "hey were inside. "hey walk around until they seen the stuff monkey. Judith brief room of one hand start playing with a look a little child. .fter a few second, Jason told her was let get the monkey. Judith said, " ! did not bring my bag with me. "herefore, ! do not ha,e any money. "he Jason said, " ! ha,e my wallet. ! ha,e cash and credit cards." "hey walk to the cash register and Jason brought the monkey for Judith. Jason looked at the time on the receipt. He tells her that it is lunchtime. "herefore they walk down to the cafeteria. Judith put the monkey on top of her lunch plate that was in a bag. "hey walk back to Jason's room. "hey talk as they walk about monkeys. 8oth of them lo,ed monkeys. Judith said at soon as Jason was able they needed to go to the "isch +amily Foological garden in Jerusalem. "hey made it a date. .fter they enter the room close the door. "hey saw Jason's lunch was on his table. "herefore Jason went to his bed. Judith put the monkey on the sink and unpack to lunch. 3he got her tablet out of the gym bag. 3he took her lunch in tablet to their chair by the bed. "hey bow their heads, held hands, and Jason bless the meals. While they were eating, Judith said, "#olonel 8arak is commander of the unit right?" Jason said, "'es, but he was sent by the 1rime )inister to check on me. He is also a friend." Judith said, ". friend?" Jason said, ". friend. ! met him years ago. 'ou know ! was as special operations officer. ! had been on some 5oint special operation !srael and .merican task forces. *o you remember some years back when you are still an officer of a sniper command. 'our unit was put on stand by the #olonel and then our command had to support them special operations members in #yprus." Judith said, "'es, ! remember that op. We gi,e sniper co,ers by helicopters."

Jason said, " ! was one of man who you had the co,er. 'ou ha,e read my file." Judith said, " ! did read it but most of your files were blacked out." Jason said, "3orry. )y people were inside the building. !t was to be as standard grab and go mission. "he intelligent said that they had no bodyguards or supporting troops. "he !ntel was wrong. We walked into a small army. We can 7,erything that we had plus more. "hen the colonel had order in your command or we would ha,e been %!.." Judith said," !'m glad that ! was able to sa,e my future boyfriend." "hen they laugh. .fter lunch, Judith ate some work on her tablet and Jason watch some "=. Just before dinner, Judith had finished her work. Jason ask if he could use her tablet. 3he ga,e it to him. Jason read his daily de,otion. .fter Jason read his de,otion. Judith reaches for her bag that was beside the chair. 3he get some money out of it and says, "!'m going to get my dinner. ! will be back soon." "hey can kiss and she left the room. Jason still on the tablet searches on the internet for an engagement ring. He starts to think. Why not gi,e her a ring with a monkey on it as an engagement ring. !s she says yes. He would find the nearest *e 8eers *iamond Jeweler and let her pick up her ring. "hen he searches for a ring with a monkey on it. He finds it on trusted website. !t is a fashionable cocktail ring with monkey on it. He could not order it because he did not know his address. "herefore, he deleted his trail on the !nternet and he went back to watching "=. !t was not long after he started back watching "=. "he nurse enter with his dinner and a second after that Judith enter with her dinner. "hey bow their heads, held each others hands, and Jason blesses the meals. .fter after dinner and 7,erything was cleared away. "hey went back to holding hands. "hey stayed up to ? .) talking about their like and dislike and an other things boyfriends and girlfriends talk about. "here were more in lo,e with each other. "hey went to sleep holding hands.

"he ne9t morning they woke up at C .). "hey both did their morning routine. Judith bow her head and held his hand as he pray. Judith also pray. 3he thank -od for Jason. "hen Jason told her that a chaplain was coming to see him at ?A .). Jason told her she did not ha,e to stay if she did not want to. 3he said wanted to stay. "he nurse brought in their breakfast. "he nurse said, ""he nurses on the day shift chip in and brought your breakfast miss." Judith said, ""hank you and How much did the breakfast cost?" "he /urse said. "/othing" and walk out .fter breakfast and after they cleaned up from eating breakfast. Judith said, "!'m going to pack our things up. "hen take them to the 3<=. "hen ! am going to pay the nurses back if that is 2%." Jason said, "-o see if pay back the nurses while ! get dress." Judith said, "2%" then left the room. "hen Jason start to get dressed. He was able to completely dress himself. While Jason was getting dressed. Judith walk to the nurse station was some money. !t was way more money than the nurses a spent on her for the two meals. 3he patted on the nurse's desk and said, "Half is for the day shift nurses and the other half is for the night shift nurses." "hen she walk back to Jason's room. When she enter Jason's room he was sitting on the fully dressed. 3he made sure e,erything was in the bags. "hen walk out to the 3<= and put the bags in it. .s she was closing the 3<=. Her cell phone rang and she answered it. !t was the *irector, she said, "'es, *irector." "he *irector said, "How is e,eryone today?" 3he said, "We are fine. We are waiting for the *octor to release him. We both will be back at work in the morning."

"he *irector said, "-reat. 3ee you tomorrow." "hen they both hung up. 3he walk back to Jason's room. He was 5ust sitting there the whole time. When he saw Judith. He said, "When we get back to the apartment. #an you write down my mailing address? ! want to order something for the internet." 3he said, "3ure". "hen after some time the chaplain walk in and said, "-ood morning." "hey said,"-ood morning" "hen the #haplain said, " ! was told to be here this morning." Jason said, "'es, #haplain. ! ask for you. 3ince ! will not be able to make church. ! am hoping that you can gi,e us a short sermon?" "he #haplain said, "'es" Judith sit down beside of Jason and held his hand. "hen the #haplain gi,e his sermon. !t on John G@?H. "hat if -od did not care for his creation. "hen why did send his 3on to sa,e us. .fter the sermon, "hey thank him and he left. "hen after a few more minutes. "he *octor enter the room. He check Jason o,er. "hen release him for the hospital. When the paperwork was done. "he /urse brought in a wheelchair and Jason got in it. "hen Judith ran down to her 3<=. "he nurse wheeled Jason down to pick area. Jason and Judith thank the /urse for e,erything. "hen Jason got in. .fter Jason and Judith lea,e the hospital area. Judith ask Jason if there was anywhere he would like to go or does he want to go straight to the apartment comple9. Jason said, "Why do we not go to the Foo?" Judith said, ".re you up to it? Jason said, "! am up to it." 3he said, "2%."

3he dro,e them to the "isch family Ioological garden. When they got there. Jason said,""his is our first officially date." "hey both laugh. "hen they got out of the 3<=. "hen the cell rang. !t was her parents checking on them. 3he told they was fine. "hat Jason was relie,es. "hat they was on there officially date. "hen they hung up. "hen they walk to the admission gate and pay. "hen they walk about the Ioo. When they got to the monkey area. "hey were like little children. "hey stayed at the monkey area for o,er a hour. "hen the finish walking around the Ioo. "hey left. When they got back in the 3<= from the Foo. "hey head back to the apartment comple9. When they got to the comple9 and park. "hey got out. 3he had her pack and he had got the gym bag. &he can't lift things yet( "hey went to her apartment and enters. 3he put her bag on the table. 3he got a bottle of water and sit down on the couch. "hen she pat the sit beside her on the couch. Jason had put down the gym bag on the floor and got out the monkey. He hand her the monkey. 3he put it on her other side and Jason sit down. 3he put her head on his good shoulders they 5ust sit there in silent. "hey could not ha,e been happier. "hen after so time. Jason ask, "What weapon did you ha,e in the apartment? Why ! ask ! want to train ne9t week?" 3he said with her head of his shoulder, ")y tactical teams are going to trained anyway. ! need to get back to the gym because of you. ! did not go to gym last week." and 5ust smiling. "hen she said, "2utside of my glocks and my mB. ! ha,e mini <Ii, "a,or, and 3toner Eifle;JC. ! will need my 3toner ne9t week. *o you want to borrowing something?" He said, "'es, the "a,or." 3he said, "! will get them. "hey need to strip and clean." Jason ask her if could be any help?

3he said "yes." "he rifle cleaning kit is in the bookcase. 3he got up and got the monkey. 3he walk in her bed. 3he put the monkey on her bed. "hen she got into her closet. 3he had a gun safe in it. 3he open it and got out the 3toner and "he "a,or. 3he put the guns on the bed and got two rifle case for the top of her close. 3he walk into the li,ing room with the rifle cases. Jason had turn in the "= to the news and put the rifle cleaning kit on the coffee table. "hen 3he walk back to bedroom to get the rifles. "hen she walk back in. Jason was think about saying that he like her plump but she will ha,e gun in her hand. 3o it may not be a safe thing to do. Jason was on the lo,e sit and she hand him the "a,or. 3he sit down on the couch with the 3toner. "hey strip and clean the rifles. .fter they clean and put there rifles back together. "hen they put them in a case and put them near the door. Jason said, "Why do you not go back to couch and ! will finish you dinner. We skip lunch remember." Judith said, "!f you want to cook dinner? ! will not fight you." 3he got her table for the bag and she remembers that Jason wanted his mailing address wrote down. 3he walk o,er to her desk and got a pen and paper and wrote down the address. 3he then went to the coach sit down and work on her table. .fter BC minutes or so, 3he said, ""emplar, What e,ery you are cooking smells great." Jason said, "! am using the roast before it went bad. We are ha,ing roast with stream ,egetables and toast. /e9t time, you get a roast. ! will down homemade 88K. !f you had a crock pot?" Judith said, "! do not ha,e crock pot. ! will like into get one. ! ne,er ha,e had 88K. ! wrote down your mailing address. !t is on the desk." Jason said as he walk o,er and sit down beside her, ""hanks. ! will get it before ! lea,e tonight. Wow, 'ou ne,er had 88K. Where is the card with the #olonel number on it? ! want to call him to tell

him. ! am out of the hospital." Judith said, "!t is in my bag. ! will it." "hen she kiss him and got up. 3he walk o,er to the bag, got the card out and walk it back to Jason. Jason got the card. "hank her and got out his smart phone and call the colonel. He told that he was fine and was out of the hospital. "he colonel said, "! would like to talk to about something but ! do not want to talk it o,er the phone." Jason said, "2% When?" "he #olonel said, "! do not know. ! ha,e busy now but it can wait." Jason said, "2% 3ee you 'onatan." "he #olonel said, "3ee you Jason." "hey both hung up. Jason got up and started to set the table. Judith was on the couch and sit back down after she gi,e the Jason the card. "hen after some time, Jason said, "*inner is ready, )y )adam." Judith got up and said, ""hank you, Jason." 3he walk to kitchen sink wash her hands. "hen she walk to table. 3he sit down at the table and Jason put in her chair. Jason then put the foods on the table. "hen fill the water glasses and sit down. Jason sit down at the table. "hen they both bow their heads. Jason bless the meal. "hey dig in. .s they was eating, they talk about one thing then another. Judith more then she newer ate. "hen after most of the food was gone. 3he said, "!f you keep cooking. ! will need to mo,e into a gym or get as plump as a cow." Jason said, "'ou would be se9y." Jason got up and start to clean up.

Judith said, "'ou get got out the hospital and go sit down. ! will clean up. 1lus ! need to burn some of the pounds out that you put on me." Jason went to the desk got the address. Jason then said. "#an ! use you laptop?" Judith said, "'ou can use anything in this apartment. 'ou do not need to ask permission." Jason said, ".nything?" and smile. Judith said, "'es" then it hit her what he may ha,e meant. 3he 5ust smile. Jason got on the laptop and boot it up. .fter a few second, he got on the internet when to the website that had the monkey ring and order it. !t would take around a month to get there. He pick the slow mail 3o to be sure that this is -od's will plus He wanted to ask for her father permission and blessing. "hen he send a email to his -od parents telling them what was going on in his life and ask how they was. "hen he delete his trail on the internet 5ust in case. "hen after that was done. He would turn on the "= to some mo,ie and watch it. .fter e,erything was clean, Judith sit down beside of him. "hen Jason mo,e on and but his face in her lap as continuous to watch the mo,ie. Judith put on hand in his and the other one stroking his head. Judith said, "! ne,er here you talk about your family. Why?" Jason turn his to face up and said. " ! do not know. )y parents di,orce when ! was little. )y mother died went ! was the military. 3he was always helping people. 3o care for more another then her. 3he was going to help someone was killed in car wreak. )y father disown me when ! lea,e for West 1oint . He show going into the military as the cowardly thing to do. "o him, 3elf made )illionaires and 8illionaire are real men. Just after ! finish West 1oint. His mother died that was his life. He die a year to the day after her death. ! ha,e no brothers or sisters. ! do ha,e .dopted -od parents. Judith said looking down into Jason's eyes, "! am so sorry about your mother and father. )y mother would ha,e lo,e you. )y father ! ha,e not clue. What are .dopted -od 1arents?"

He laugh and said, " -od gi,e me an e9tra set of parents. 3o ! adopted them and they in turn adopted me. ! met them when ! would go off base to church went ! was at 3pecial 2peration #ommand. "hey took me in their home and feed me and e,erything else a parents who do for a son. 'ou would lo,e my -odmother. 3he is a little woman around C foot but she is a pit bull. 3he will tell you that her bark is worst then her bit. *o not belie,e her. ! ha,e seen this woman rip people legs off, but she is a ,ery -odly woman. )y -odfather is tough and ,ery -odly man. "hey are a great couple. "hey will lo,e you." Judith said, "! hope ! get to met them." "he Jason turn back to watch the mo,ie. 8efore the mo,ie was o,er. Jason went to sleep in Judith's lap. .fter the )o,ie, Judith did not want to wake up Jason because he look so peaceful. 3he got up carefully for the couch. -ot Jason on the couch the best she could. 3he then got a pillow and a blanket for her bed. 3he walk back in the li,ing put the pillow under Jason's and put the blanket. "hen kiss him on the head and said, "-oodnight, )y .dam." 3he walk back into her room and close the door. 3he did her bedtime routine. 3he got under the co,er and pray for her and Jason. "hen smuggle up with the stuff monkey that Jason brought her and said, ")r. )onkey, ! wish this was Jason but ! know that will not happen until the honeymoon. 3o goodnight. )r. )onkey." "hen she went to sleep. .t C am on the dot, that both woke up. Judith is her bed and Jason on the couch in Judith's apartment. Jason look around and saw that he was in Judith's apartment. His mind start to race trying to figure out did something happen. .fter Judith got up and walk to the door. 3he saw Jason and she said "-ood morning, )y lo,e." 3he was 5ust wearing her black lace and satin camisole set. Jason said, "-ood morning, )y 3unshine." Jason then take a big breath and said, "*id ! doing anything like night? !f ! did ! apologiIe."

3he laugh and said, ""emplar, 'ou fell a sleep with your head in my lap. ! did not want to wake you. 'our ,ows in still in place. ! sleep with a monkey last night." Jason said, "0uck )onkey" and said inside ""hank you, -od." Jason when o,er and kiss Judith, fully on the lips with passion. "hen He said, "! am going to my apartment to get ready for work. 3till we are training this week. !t is 2% that fatigues were to work or do ! need to change out before the drills." Judith said still caught her breath, '+atigues is what ! will be wearing." Jason said, "-reat will match. ! hope that we do not clash." "hen walk out. Judith laugh and did her morning routine. 3he got into her fatigues. "hen fi9 her breakfast and sit down to eat it. Jason went to his apartment. He did has morning routine. He did his daily de,otional and pray. He dress in his fatigues. He put on a tactical thigh holster. He brought with him. He made his breakfast and lock up his apartment and walks o,er to Judith's apartment. He walks o,er open the door. He seen Judith cleaning up her breakfast and said, "! surrender. ! am your sla,e. 'ou can do with me what you want." Jason look at him and said, "Hold on to that thought for later." and wink. "hen she said, "'ou know that we can not act like this at work." Jason walks o,er and kiss her on the neck and say, "! know. ! am trying to get it out of my system." Judith said, "Hold on "emplar remember your ,ows" and she laugh. "hen she said, "We need to head to work." Jason said, " ! guess we need to ha,e to work. ! remember my ,ows. ! do not play of ,iolating them. ! do ha,e sometimes ha,e to repend." Judith 5ust laughted. "hey walk o,er to the door. "hey grab their weapons cases. "hen they headed to the su,, ! got in and head out of the parking lot. Jason then said, " ! had time before training

starts go down to the range?" Judith said, "3ure, it will be about two hours after we get there. 'ou can remind the range master that today he is working with my teams. .lso remind him that we need cases of ammo." Jason said, "3ure, )y 7,a and 3unshine." Judith said, "! understand about the 7,a, but ! do not understand about 3unshine." Jason said, " 3unshine came from the song from ?LGL. !t is called 'ou are )y 3unshine. When we get back to the apartment tonight. ! will find it on the !nternet." Judith said, ""hat would be great, my .dam." "hen they went to 5ust chitchating. When they got to the office and sign in. Jason went to range and Judith went to her offices start to work on some paper work. Jason walk down to the range. "he Eange master saw him on the camara and open the door. "he Eange )aster said to Jason, ! heard you was shot. What you doing here?$ Jason said, ! was shot but ! was relie,e yesterday for light duty. "he 8oss to me to remember you ha,e duty with her teams today. 3he also wanted me to remind you about the cases of ammo need. ! need a few bo9s of ammo for this "a,or.$ "he Eanger )aster walk to gi,e the ammo and said, 'es, ! remember but that you for the reminder. .re you going shot that tra,or with a hurt shoulder?$ Jason said, Will ha,e to see. *o you ha,e HM% mark JG in the weapson ,aut? What you do for the team?$ "he Eanger )aster walk o,er put the bo9 near Jason and said, ! ha,e a )ark JG. ! will get it. 3he use me sometime to help impro,e the teams shoot skills. !f there are some new weapsons that we get in. 2nce a year, 3he has the team to re>ualified. 3ince you want a )ark JG. 'ou must ha,e ser,ed in <3 3pecial +orce.$ Jason grab a bo9 of ammo for the "a,or. 2pen the bag and drop the clip. "hen he start to load it. .s he was loading it. He said, 'es, ! was in .rmy 3pecial +orce. ! normaly use H%. Where you in

3pecial +orce?$ "he Eanger )aster walk back in the )ark JG and he also a bo9 of ammo for it and said, 'es, ! was 3hayetet ?G. ! will bring the pistol and the ammo. 0et go see if you shoulder can handle it.$ "hey walk into the another room with the range. "he Eanger )aster had a glock on his side. .s they was loading the weapsons. Jason said, 3hayetet ?G, !srael /a,y seal !'m right?$ "he Eanger )aster, =ery -ood. ! was an weapson e9pert for them. "hen ! went to the reser,e. "hey hire me to be a Eanger )aster. ! ha,e to trained and all the new agents.$ "hen they both had there weapsons load and Jason said, ! was on some task force. ! ser,e with 3hayetet ?G guys. "hey were great to work with. ! did ha,e to about if they was co,ing my back or not.$ "he Eanger )aster said, We may ha,e ser,e together.$ "hey send the target down range. -ot on the earmuffle and eye wear. Jason put the butt of his good shoulder and support the gun with his arm. His shoulder was not happy about that. He then put tagret down range. His shoulder did not like that but he was going to deal with in. "hen he push the button to send the target up range to them. "he guys show the grouping. !t was good but not enoguth for Jason. "he Eanger )aster said, "hat would out shoot most of the agents here. When you get use to the tra,or and your shoulder is better you will be great.$ "hen the Eanger )aster had help a load )ark JB. "he Eanger )aster then put up a target and send it down ranger. "hen they got there protector gear back on. .fter that Jason send the bullets down range in no time. "hen put the pistol on the table near the "a,or. He push the button to target back up range. "hey both saw the grouping. "he Eanger )aster said, "here we go. "hat is what ! e9pected for a brother in arms.$ Jason was trying to hide the pain. "hen Eanger )aster said, He would be right back.$ "he Eanger master went into the cage and got the paperwork need so that Jason could sign out the H%. He also got a mini <Ii and ammo for it.

"hen he walk back in the range. While He was doing that Jason was reloading the weapson. "hen Eanger said, What is the serial number of the H%?$ Jason drop the clip before handing the H% to him. "hen the Eanger )aster found the serial number and wrote it down on the form. He fill out the form. .s the Eanger )aster is doing this. Jason get the "ra,or ready and puts up a target and sit down range. .s he was protect on his saftery gear. He said fire in the hole. "hen the Eanger )aster puts on his gear. .fter his gear was on. Jason did bust fire with the "a,or and "he Eagner )aster went back to filling out the paperwork. .fter Jason spent his clip, the Eanger )aster had the paper down and was loading the magiIe for the <Ii. While the guy were shooting and sharing miliarty stories. Judith was doing paper work and get e,erything readly for the office to run without being there. .fter she had all of that done. 3he walk o,er to the *irector's office to get him to sign the papers for them to get the cases of ammo need to start trainning for the week. "he *irector's 3ecretary let her in. "he *irector sign the paperwork after she breif him about what is going on at the office. "hen the *irector said, How is Jason?$ Judith said, He is fine. He is on the Eange. !f the Eange )aster clears him then He will be trainning and >ualifying with us.$ "he *irector said, "hat is fine. 1lease send him up to see me. ! need to speck with him about something priti,ate.$ Judith said, 'es, 3ir$ and left. Judith then walk down to the range. 3he seens them shooting. Jason with the "a,or and the Eange )aster will a <Ii. 3he taps on the glass and the Eange )aster saw her. He goes o,er to talk to her. Judith said, Here is the paper work for the ammo sign and How is Jason?$ Eange )aster said, "hanks for the sign paperwork. 7,erything is ready. Jason is out shooting

LAN of the agents here. Jason ask for a H% )ark JG. He is a e9pert shoot with it. !t would be hard to found anyone here that could out shoot he on the pistol range. With the "a,or, He would >ualify. How much is is causing him is unknown to me. He will not try the <Ii and with his in5ures a shotgun is out of the >uestion.$ Judith said, Ha,e you got the paperwork for the H% ready? 3ince he could >uailfied with the H% and "a,or. "hat is fine.$ Eange )aster said, "he H% paperwork is ready. !t is on the table that he is using.$ Judith said, -reat, ! will get him to sign the paper and we can head for the trainning area. 3ee you there.$ Eange )aster said, 'es, )a'am.$ Judith then walks into the Eange area. Jason saw her talking with the Eange )aster and starts to reload e,erything and gets ready to left.$ Judith said, 0et go. 'ou need to drop by the *irector's office. He wants to speack to you about something. ! heard about the H%. ! order you to sign the paperwork so you can carry it.$ Jason said, 'es, )a'am$ and he sign the paperwork. He holster the hk in his thigh holster and the glock in the side holster. He put the "a,or in the case. "hen handed the paperwork to Judith. Judith took the paperwork to the Eange )aster and make sure that he had penty of ammo. "hen she took the "a,or case and lead Jason to the *irector's office. 8efore they got to the office. Jason said to Judith, *o ! need to hand you my pistols whil ! am in the *irector's office.$ Judith said, /o.$ "hen they got to the outer office of the *irector. "hey was waiting on the 3ecretary to say it was ok. Judith said to Jason, ! will met you in my offices. ! will get the tactical teams going to the trainning area.$

Jason said, 'es, )a''am.$ and she left. . few minutes later, the secretary walk out of the *irector's inner office. 3he says for Jason to go right in. Jason walk in to the inner office. When Jason was in the office and the door was close. "he director stood up amd said, ! am glad to see you. How are you?$ "hen Jason said, ! am fine, sir. How are you?$ "he *irector said, ! am fine. 1lease be seated?$ "hen they sat down. "hen the *irector said, "he 1m wanted me to check on you and see how you was? ! also called the 3ecretary of Homeland 3ecurity and your boss at special operation and breif them about what happen."hey would proud of you."hey also wanted me to see if you needed anything. "he 3ecretary said, '!f you need to go back home? "het would seen another agent to fill our your term.'$ Jason said, 1lease "ell the 1) that ! am fine. 1lease the 3ecretary and my boss that ! do not need anything. 3ir, ! would prefer to stay in !srael working here. !f that is ok?$ "he *irector said, 'our boss at special operation said ' ! said that you would only left after your term is up or you are dead. "hat is it.' 'ou can stay working here in 3hin 8et as long as ! am *irector. 7,en if we ha,e to pay your salary. ! am proud to ha,e you as one of my agents.$ "he *irector stood back up and reach out with his hand. Jason stood back up and shook his hand and said, "hank you, 3ir.$ "hen the *irector said, ! will information *H3 that you are staying and all. ! will also tll the 1). ! know you ha,e long day of trainning. 3o ! will not hold you any longer and becareful.$ Jason said, "hank you, 3ir. ! will becareful.$ 0et the office and went to find Judith. He found Judith were she said she would be. Jason tap her on the shoulder. 3he turn around and said, ready to go?$ "hen they head out and sign out and got into her 3<=. 3he said to Jason, !n the office and around fellow agents. ! need to be !ce cold to you like i am to the other agents.$

Jason said, ! understand.$ Judith said, 3ince we are alone. How are you my .dam? What did the *irector want?$ Jason said, ! am fine. !t does hurt some went ! shot with the rifle. ! am able to deal with the pain, )y 7,a. "he *irector wants to check on for the the 1) and for the *H3. "he Head of *H3 wanted to see !f i want or need to come home.$ Judith then said, .re you lea,ing?$ !f he stayed yes. Her heart was going to be shaken. Jason said, ! am not lea,ing. !t would kill me to lea,e.$ Judith said to herself, !t would kill you because ! would do.$ 3he said to Jason, "hat is good that your are staying.$ Jason then said, "he *irector said. ! ha,e a 5ob with 3hin 8et as long as he is *irector.$ Judith said to herself, ! need to kiss the *irector.$ and said to Jason, "hat is nice of the *irector.$ "hen they chat about one thing or another until they got to trainning area. "hey were the last people their. "he Eange )ast were passing our bo9es of ammo to the agents. "he another agents were talking to either on the benches that were in front of the firing range. "hey walk o,er to the brenchs with the weapsons cases. Jason took the bags that Judith had. He sit down on the benches. Judith stood in front of the brenchs and said, 0adies and -entlemen, we all know why we are here. We are here to make sure that e,eryone here can >ualified with their weapsons to be on the tactical teams. ! mean e,erybody include )r. 1ain for .merica.$

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