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A. PROJECT DETAILS: Event: Marlborough Elementary Presentation Topic: Food Advertising Event Date: 11/19/2013 Location: Marlborough Elementary School Intern Name(s): Claudia Gumina and Hilary Hendrix Team Leader: Claudia Gumina Person responsible for writing the COP: Claudia Gumina and Hilary Hendrix Meeting Dates Dates scheduled for planning and who attended. 10/22 Claudia, Hilary and Karen Initial presentation discussion. Topic brainstorming. 11/13 Claudia and Hilary Brainstorming and planning presentation 11/13 Claudia, Hilary and Karen 7 Day meeting 11/18 Claudia and Hilary Presentation development 7 Day Meeting: Presentation Materials to be reviewed with the preceptor on 11/13/2013 Evaluation Meeting Scheduled for 11/19/2013

B. NEEDS ASSEMENT: (Describe how you identified the topic you chose. Who did you talk with? Did you conduct a formal survey or have an informal conversation? Identify all additional information listed below.)
1. Identify site contact: Joseph Benham Physical Education Teacher Dietetic interns at KSC have been presenting at Marlborough Elementary for some years now and this year, they wanted us to come do a series of wellness classes for children of different ages on three different topics: Energy Balance, Food Safety and Food Advertising which we will be incorporating into our presentations. 2. Identify population: Audience will be children from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. a) Gender: Both, boys and girls. b) Age: 9-11 c) Education level: Will depend on the grade in which they are. Very basic.
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3. How topic was determined The topic for this presentation was determined by incorporating the ideas we were given by Joseph. We want to do energy balance with a twist. We will try to not include any talk of calorie or weight gain since these children are very young and may not understand or be sensitive to the topic. a) Other programs recently presented: Energy Balance/ Food pyramid b) What the audience knows: Eating healthy is good for our bodies and important to our wellbeing Eating a variety of foods is important because different foods do different things for our bodies MyPlate is a tool that can help us make healthy food choices and give us a variety of nutrients There are 5 major food groups according to MyPlate We need to participate in physical activity and exercise to use energy and keep us strong c) What the audience wants to know what is relevant What kinds of foods are usually advertised? Are these foods generally the healthy kind? Why do food companies advertise? Who do certain companies aim their advertisements toward? What are some tactics these companies use to market to children? d) Evaluate health literacy and other cultural issues The children are young and vary in knowledge levels depending on the grade. In our last class, they seemed to be overall very bright and insightful. 4. Setting tour of facility a) Room size and set up (diagram) The classroom we observed was large and had a projector for us to use. Desks were set up in pairs and there was a rug in the middle of the room. There are computers for the children to use and a sink for them to wash their hands. There is a counter were we could set up food activities and a big desk.

Sink and Counter


Students Desks

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Presentation Resource Availability of food prep area: Counter next to the sink is large and will suffice. AV resources space available for visual teaching aids: They have a projector for powerpoint presentation.

5. Day of week / time of day for presentation: Tuesday -11/19/2013 6. Duration: 45-50 min a) Attention span: Attention span at age 7 ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. b) Conflict with other activities for population: some of our presentations are early in the morning and the children may not be completely awake yet. On the other hand, some are late in the afternoon and children may just be eager to leave. 7. Marketing potential whose responsibility: Classroom teacher and Joe 8. Budget a) Will there be a charge: No b) Funds to cover supplies: The school will provide us with funds to purchase the material for the food activities. c) Cost of marketing: $ 0 9. Best way/time to reach site contact for future plans: Joe was very helpful through email and in person. 10. Write a community group focused PES statement based on your assessment

Food- and nutrition-related knowledge deficit related to a lack of prior nutrition-related education, as evidenced by the topics chosen by the childrens instructors and newly implemented curriculum goals. C. RESEARCH AND PLANNING: (Based on the results of the needs assessment, What did you do to prepare? How did you go about the development process? Who was involved? What resources did you use? How did you find them?)

A lot of the research and planning was based on our previous presentation at Marlborough what we knew about the kids and their learning styles. Since we already knew what the topic would be about, Claudia and I began brainstorming for this presentation far in advance. We met several times to prepare and discuss how we would teach children about food advertising. Karen assisted us with ideas and helped us come up with age appropriate activities and learning outcomes. Some resources that we used included the Got Milk campaigns, the PBS kids webpage, and several cereal advertisements. These were found through researching the internet.

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D. DEVELOPMENT: (Describe all components of the program or material, and the team member responsible for them. Include objectives, outline, activities, education materials and evaluation methods/materials. Explain how your presentation addresses different learning styles using the grid below. Attach a copy of the materials or any handouts/resources used for the program/presentation. For an educational material, how was this pilot tested? What changes were made?) Advertising in Food Outline: Marlborough Elementary School Presentation 2 1) Introduction 2) Do quick recap from last class 3) Objectives - To learn how advertising influences our food choices - To understand which products are usually ad-heavy - To use what we learned to make ads for healthy food for our next class 4) Ice Breaker - Show commercial. Ask kids how many food characters they can come up with (will generate discussion about why companies use them) - o What do you think the commercial is telling you? o What did you notice about the characters? 5) Content - Why do we eat? - Do you ever eat something because someone else is eating it? Other reasons? - What makes you want to buy certain foods? - Talk about how we do not always eat because we are hungry - Ad heavy foods: If you are watching TV which kinds of foods are usually ad heavy? Have you seen commercials for healthy foods? - Ask 5th graders to sit with their partners to think about other things that food companies do to get your families to buy foods. - Ask for a couple of examples - Discuss how sometimes the less advertised stuff is better for us. More energy and fuel. Repeat stuff from previous class. - Got Milk? 6) Activity - Come up with a character that promotes a healthy food. Give them a food to use in their ad. Work in teams to come up with it and then in the next class show us what their characters can do in a commercial. Can draw it or act it out. Collect stuff so they dont forget. Choose foods from the different my plate groups for all the activities. Do groups of 3 or 4 using MyPlate food groups. 7) Food Activity - Smoothies and pretzels. Smoothie ingredients include low fat yogurt, milk, blueberries, beets, strawberries and bananas. - Guess whats in this smoothiethe secret ingredient is beets. 8) Hand Out - Good reasons to make smart food choices: Dont be tricked by ads!
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9) Conclusion, Questions and Thank you.

Learning style Thinking Sensing/Feeling Analyzing Doing Visual learner

How did you meet this learners needs? Initial Ice Breaker, Guess the ingredient, discussion Food Activity, How do these ads make you feel Creating a food character, discussion Creating a food character YouTube commercial, pictures of various characters, Got Milk campaign

Complete sections E & F after the presentation/event is complete. E. IMPLEMENTATION: (For a program or presentation, describe the setting, audience, number of participants, what you did to get ready and begin. Did the presentation go as planned? How did the audience react to the presentation?) The setting of this presentation was in the classroom of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at Marlborough School and the audience was the children in these classrooms as well as the teacher(s). Each class ranged from about 13-20 children. To prepare for the presentation we went shopping the night before to buy the food. We purchased the food, cups and napkins at Hanifords. The morning of the presentation, we brought blenders from home. We arrived early to the school to make all of the smoothies ahead of time to have them ready to serve to the children. We put them in pitchers in the teachers refrigerator. The presentation went well and as planned. The younger kids needed a little prompting with discussion about advertising and what it is. The older kids seemed to understand right away what we were trying to teach, and offered great comments. The character activity could have been more organized and had more detailed steps. F. EVALUATION: (What went well? What would you do differently/the same the next time or what would you change if you had more time? What problems did you encounter in the development? Using the results of your participant evaluation tool, assess the impact of your presentation. Discuss your impression of the effectiveness of this program or material for the target audience. Include a financial report as well as your recommendations to future interns.) I think that the PowerPoint, flow and discussion went well. The discussion gave the kids a chance to share their thoughts and relate to the topic. The smoothie activity went well also and I think most of the kids enjoyed them. If I had to do this presentation differently, I would have organized the activity a little better and if possible had the groups picked out alreadythis was a major problem and took up unnecessary time. I believe that our presentation was overall successful and effective. The younger audiences probably didnt get as much out of the presentation as the older kids, but they still learned
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something. The theme was fun for them and they seemed to enjoy naming characters and being creative with coming up with their own mascots. Budget: Food: $ 58 Serving plates and utensils: $ 8

Within one week of the presentation, provide internship preceptor with a completed COP, Presentation Evaluation Form, Handout(s), a Team Leader Report, and PDE. (PDE required for sites with 2 presentations or >20 hours.)

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