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Sequal Squeal

Offer not a probably naught. Bide applause outward to

lawnward while we rocket to the castle. Underneath the
ocean is a raindrop. Dancing on the table is a bracelet.

Well, here it is. There’s this girl, and


My thoughts are colllcollisions of applebuter nightsaxx. Find

a slap/LOUD UNSEEN FIVERS mmm, sleepy…….

Buckled in for a blessed race.

I’ve not yet seen the antichrist, but I have another hard-on,
John. Save this sip for later and scramble doing crosswords
in the lamplight.

I have NO CLUE what you’re doing in here. Listen, all this

paper on the street is NOT for sale and NOT to be collected
for a future sculpture. No one here likes your messy
mornings. C’mon, I got a bathtub filled with gold coins we
can pee in.

Nice wig, I me made it me me me. I really love ME.

Didn’t he run for governor?

Didn’t we ruin a hangover?

AHHH, uh.. yeah.


PS—Play favorites to a draw.