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Holyoke Police Department

138 Appleton Street (413) 322-6900 phone (413) 322-6949 fax

Media Release 12/17/2013 On 12/16/2013 at approx: 3:11 pm, the ol!o"e #ol$%e &epartment 'a( )$(pat%he) to the #eople*( +an" at ,96 So-th Street for a report of an arme)!/ 0he (-(pe%t entere) thro-1h the .a%" )oor of the .an" an) approa%he) a teller, 2er.all! )eman)$n1 mone!/ 0he (-(pe%t left '$th an -n)$(%lo(e) amo-nt of %a(h/ e $( )e(%r$.e) a( a 'h$te male, a.o-t 6 feet tall, an) aro-n) 27 !ear( ol), '$th a re)/.ro'n 1oatee an) ($)e.-rn(/ e 'a( 'ear$n1 a .ro'n hoo)$e, .ro'n .ean! a( a hat, .la%" 2e(t, 3ean( an) .ro'n (-n1la((e(/ S-(pe%t $n)$%ate) he ha) a han)1-n .-t )$) not )$(pla! $t/ 0he (-(pe%t $( fle) on foot, ea(t on So-th Street/ ol!o"e #ol$%e are a("$n1 the p-.l$% to help $)ent$f! the (-(pe%t/ +an" (-r2e$llan%e photo( are atta%he)/

Sincerely, Captain Denise Duguay, M.S. Commander, Criminal Investigations Bureau Holyoke Police Department 13 !ppleton Street Holyoke, M! "1"#" #13$3%%$&'"" e(t. )3& Capt.duguay*