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Christian Estrada Pd.

DAOISM INFLUENCES ON CHINESE CULTURE Medical Theories and sort of mystical didnt exist Practices: Daoism introduced a

side of medicine in China that beforehand such as acupuncture.

This form used

of treatment is still today and originated from

China. It where of needles points in his or her body

is a treatment the patient has lots inserted into different and then the needles drain the bad

chakra from your body. The chakra is ones balance with nature which comes from the daoist belief system. The needles are inserted into certain points called gates or passes. Gates and passes refer to a path to a place in between heaven and earth. There are gates such as the Life Gate, Stone Pass, and Pass Gate. So Daoism brought that mystical side to their medicine in was of using natural herbs and incense too. They believed that if you were sick it was because you were out of balance with nature.

Poetry: Chinese poetry had a very spiritualistic look on what was said. Lots of the poetry emphasized nature in some way shape or form and never really focused on the people or leaders of China. The poetry was always accompanied with a painting of something in nature like a mountain or trees. It usually was centered around a moment in time, everyday life or appreciation of nature and your surroundings. The poetry was also emphasized imagery. So it was written to make paint a picture in your head of what the author is writing about. They would often reference ying and yang as other things in nature such as a couple of fish or trees. Most poetry was not of sorrow but of forces of nature like Metallurgy: mysticism which made alchemists. process of metals into wind, rain, etc. Daoism brought a to the metallurgists into sort of Alchemy is the turning ordinary gold. The metallurgists would

try to accomplish this task by using metals that they didnt really understand such as mercury. Since they didnt really understand mercury it caught their eye. Why wouldnt it? It is a metal that is a liquid at room temperature so it could be manipulated with magnets and such that would make it appear as if it was floating. The metallurgists believe that if consumed that the mercury could provide immortality. In fact this is how Qin Shi Huang , the first emperor of China, died. He was searching for a way to become immortal and as a last resort came to mercury and consumed it. Now we know that it is very poisonous but back then they didnt. Soon after the emperor died. Daoism had a way of basically providing a very mystic outlook on everything it influenced. Architecture: Chinese architecture had a lot to do with nature and was influence greatly by Daoism. Lots of temples would have great gardens surrounding them and had large pools of water that would reflect the stressed being one with nature Some of the most beautiful surrounded by gardens that are instance, Wangshi Garden in 5,400 square meters. But within a series of beautiful spaces and leading into the next in a natural and placement. All the building. Since Daoism this made a lot of sense. temples in China are equally beautiful. For Suzhou covers a mere this relatively small area, vistas are revealed, one flow of color, contrast, architecture had a flow

to it that matched the ideal of being one with the universe. Often on roofs in china you will see that the roof are smooth and then come to a point. This comes from a daoist belief of flow.