Yoosk Public Engagement Platform

Client Case Study www.yoosk.com/fco

The FCO commissioned a dedicated Yoosk Channel to provide ongoing support to its domestic and overseas engagement strategy. The channel has so far been used as part of the Bringing Foreign Policy Home consultation exercise and to supplement media activity around the Foreign Secretary’s overseas visits.

Client: Digital Diplomacy Team, FCO London.

FCO’s needs:
1. Open lines of communication between the FCO and the general public.

4.Place the Yoosk widget on targeted web communities and blogs to gather questions.

2. Make use of Web 2.0 social media in order to reach audiences who would not normally visit the official FCO website or attend consultation 5. Use YouTube and other social media sites to meetings. distribute the FCO-generated content: 3. Target a specific geographical area within the UK.

1.Set up an FCO specific channel on Yoosk.com: 6. Source members of the target audience to put the questions on behalf of the public.

Results: 45,825 visits to the site.
2. Invite questions from the public:

65 questions posted on the site. 24 answers from David Miliband. 7,270 views on YouTube.
Yoosk content shared on FCO sites:

3. Partner with local newspapers to drive traffic from targeted geographical areas:

Read FCO evaluations of the Welsh and Jordanian projects here and here. contact: timhood@yoosk.com