Daily Specials Fax Saturday, August 29, 2009


$2.49 CUP..$2.99 PINT

WELL LOOKY LOOKY, SATURDAY ALREADY: Grilled chicken breast served with grilled eggplant, melted fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing..$6.75 hero BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE WORKING: Thumans best pan roasted turkey breast served with our homemade cole slaw, Russian dressing, and domestic swiss cheese served up on rye bread..$5.75 ITS SUNNY IN SAN DIEGO: Our home cooked roast beef served up with pepper jack cheese, horseradish mayo, green leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes..$6.25 round roll HANG ON MI AMIGO: Smoked Virginia ham made on the premises served with strips of bacon, melted munester cheese and finished with honey mustard..$6.25 hero BOW TIE PASTA SALAD: Bow tie pasta mixed in a French white wine vinaigrette dressing with assorted veggies..$2.49 ½ lb THE LITE SIDE Fresh turkey on a whole wheat round roll with mustard, lettuce and sliced tomatoes..$5.45

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