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Angels In Training Childcare

Shirley Bressette
51-7 Blandford Street Woodstock, Ontario 226-228-6633


We (I), ______________________& ___________________, have read the Angels In Training Childcare Policies and Procedures and will comply with all provisions contained therein, and shall at this time enter into an agreement with Shirley Bressette, of Angels In Training Childcare for the care of my (our) child(ren) Starting Date: __________________ Ending Date: _______________ Contracts are renewed each January. Child: _________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________________
Following are contracted days

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm ______ am/pm to ______ am/pm

These rates will be charged regardless of the child's attendance.

Mothers Name Address Home phone Work phone Cell phone Fathers Name Address Home phone Work phone Cell phone

The agreed upon fee for the Provider's services is stated above. Monthly fees are required to be paid to Shirley Bressette in the form of cash on the Friday preceding the first week of the month. If fees are not received on the Friday before the week of care commences, a $10 charge will be required with a $5 fee for each additional day that the payment continues to remain unpaid (including Saturday and Sunday). I understand that when my childcare fees are not paid in a timely fashion it may result in termination of care. I understand that upon any such termination, I will still owe my childcare provider any monies due to her for childcare services rendered and all other applicable fees including legal fees incurred in retrieving monies owed. Note: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________INITIAL_________

Overtime is considered any time outside the agreed time interval and/or over a 9 hour day. Drop-off before contracted hours of ______a.m. and pick-up _______p.m. The following charges will be assessed for overtime incurred, payable the same week of service per child. IRREGULAR OR PART TIME SCHEDULES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO REQUIRED CARE. $5.00 per half-hour per child for prearranged overtime (with a 24 hour notice) per child. OR: $5.00 for the first 15 minutes. $2 per each additional 5 minutes, when time wasnt pre-arranged or communicated. *These late fees are put into place to discourage early drop offs and late pickups. Through my experience I have formed the belief that regular extra long days in childcare are not in the best interest of children. The provider is under no obligation to provide an extension of time if it unavailable. Late arrival does not justify late departure. Lack of enforcement of a certain policy at any time does not indicate that the particular policy is no longer in effect.

A deposit equal to 1 week of care per child is due upon the signing of the agreed contract. If the decision is made to cancel by the parent(s) at a future date, before the child begins attending the Provider's childcare, the deposit is forfeited. This deposit will be applied to last 1 week of care given by the Provider. (The last week of the required 2-week notice). THIS DEPOSIT CAN ALSO BE HELD AND USED TO PAY NSF FEES, LATE CHARGES OR OVERTIME


Enrolment & Start Date

Once the contract is signed and care does not commence within that first month, 1 week of daycare payment per month is required to hold your childs spot in post dated cheques as per your contracted fees until the actual start date of care commences.

The provider will not accept any child(ren) in her care if the child(ren) has any of the following: vomiting, diarrhea, or temperature over 101 degrees. If a child develops any of the previous, the parent(s) will be contacted. It will be expected that the child(ren) will be picked up as soon as possible. You have 2 hours to pick your child up before I will contact your emergency contacts. If a child becomes ill but does not have any of the previous symptoms, the child(ren) will be made comfortable and the parent(s) will be contacted. The provider will have the option of requesting that the child be picked up. If a child is ill: It is the parents responsibility to keep the ill child at home or to find an alternative arrangement. Bringing an ill child into childcare risks the health of all others in attendance and is unacceptable. The provider is paid for a childs absence due to illness up to a 3 day maximum per event. If the Provider is ill: If the Provider is ill the parent(s) will be notified immediately that care for the child(ren) will not be available due to illness so that the parent(s) can find alternative care for the child(ren).. The Provider will not be paid for sick days. The parent is responsible for finding back-up care and paying for it.

A. Parent(s) are to give the provider ample notice when taking a vacation (meaning at least 2 weeks written notice). Please leave childcare payments with me prior to your departure. B. The Provider will take up to three weeks unpaid vacation (15 days off per year). The parent(s) will be given ample notice (meaning at least 2 weeks written notice) so that the parent(s) can make alternative arrangements for care of the child(ren). It is the responsibility of the Parents to find alternate care. You will not be charged for when I am off for vacation, however, I may request a long weekend or schedule individual days instead of a full week at a time. You will be notified of this instance once I confirm plans. Typically I take one week block in winter, one in summer and straggling days throughout summer (Fridays or Mondays).

Back Up Child Care

Parents are responsible for finding back up childcare. Please ensure that you have back-up care available to you. I can never know when to expect an emergency or when I may become ill. The amount of notice I can give you is never known, and I may have to call you in the wee hours of the morning. Please be prepared so fewer conflicts arise. This is your responsibility.

I will not provide care on any major holidays. Angels In Training Childcare will be closed and regular payment for these observed holidays will be charged. The Parent(s) will pay for the following dates if care falls on these dates: Some dates have been changed to reflect the day of closure.

New Years Day Family Day Good Friday Easter Monday Victoria Day Canada Day Civic Holiday Labour Day Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Day Christmas Day Boxing Day New Years Eve

These are paid holidays and your fee will not be reduced during my closure for these Holidays. Please note that if you intend on taking holidays during this time, my regular fee for the Statutory Holidays is still due, and you will only need to use the excess amount of days required for your vacation. These days are paid and the appropriate (2 weeks) written notice is required for anything over 1 day off.

While we all realize there will be wear and tear on all the childcare equipment, if your child intentionally damages our toys, furnishings, equipment or property, through destructive behaviour or roughness, you will be liable for the damages.

Either parent(s) or the Provider may terminate this Agreement by giving a two-week written notice to the other party. Payment will be required for those two weeks, whether your child continues in my care or not. If the Provider is not given a two-week notice the parent(s) will be charged for that two weeks of service and the deposit will then be forfeited. If violations of this agreement occur, immediate termination of care can occur. No notice is required. Care will be terminated immediately. In this instance, all fees will be due immediately. Your deposit will not be applied to care, and will be forfeited. All fees will be due up to and including the full weeks fees that you are being terminated. Failure to pay your fees after termination will result in legal action being taken to recover my fees from you.

There will be a two-week probation period for Full Time children and a one-month probation for Part Time children after the start date of the child(ren). Either the parent(s) or the Provider may terminate the agreement during this period. During these two weeks, if either the provider or the parent terminates from

care, fees are due up to and including the final day of the second week. If the contract is terminated before the two-week period is up, by the provider for non-compliance with this agreement/contract and the points herein, then the parent WILL LOSE THEIR DEPOSIT. If the parent terminates, with just cause, after the initial trial period the deposit will be used toward their last week of care.

The childcare provider has small pugs, Skooler & Copper. They are neutered and proven good with children. Care is taken to separate the pugs from overwhelming contact with infants and toddlers. A 1 Week Deposit of $___________ was received to hold a spot for the above child(ren). And if applicable post-dated cheques in the amount of $________per week/or month were received until care commences.

Childcare fees are due and payable on the first day that care commences.
I / We agree not to hold Shirley Bressette or anyone in her household liable for accidental injury to my child(ren), which may be incurred during the daily operation of providing childcare. I/We agree to abide by the written terms of this Contract/Financial Agreement. The provider may amend any terms and must give the parents at least 2-weeks notice of any change.

Date: ____________ _____________________________________________________

Provider Signature

Parent/Guardian Signature

Parent/Guardian Signature
By signing the above, the Parent/Guardian(s) are acknowledging they have read and agree to the above contract. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITHOUT A RATE FEE AND DAYS/HOURS OF CARE COMPLETED. Rates effective beginning January 1, 2014 All fees are applicable to a 5% yearly increase each January at the caregivers digression.