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Michael Raduga


(stepwise technique)

The only opportunity

of meeting the dead face to

Michael Raduga

PART ONE......................................5
The Phenomenon....................................................................5
CHAPTER 1....................................7
To meet the deceased is possible!..........................................7
Resurrection of the Beslan Children......................................7
The Cat That Changed Everything.........................................7
We Got Used to Losing Our Beloved For Good, But There is
a Way Out.............................................................................16
You Can Communicate Not Only With Close Relatives......18
Life After Death...................................................................18
Do It Yourself.......................................................................18
CHAPTER 2..................................21
The Phase and Its Relation to Death....................................21
Various Points of View.........................................................21
Theory of Other World.........................................................25
Theory of Dualism of the Other Worlds...............................25
Theory of Physical Separation of Body and Soul................25
Theory of the Inner World....................................................25
Mix of All Theories..............................................................30
Mix of the Theories of Other Worlds and Physical Separation
Other Theories......................................................................30
What is Death? ....................................................................30
What is Soul?.......................................................................30
Apparent Death and its Identity With the Phase..................31
To What Extent is the Contact with the Dead in the Phase
CHAPTER 3..................................40
The Contact Properties and the Object’s Psychology..........40
The Phase Properties are the Contact Properties..................40
Characteristics of Perception in the Phase...........................42
Properties of the Phase Space..............................................47
What does the Psychology of the Deceased Depend on?....48
When the Dead Behave Like the Dead................................48
When the Dead Behave like Alive.......................................49
«Corpse Syndrome».............................................................50
Aggressive Behavior............................................................50
Reticence and Reluctance to Communicate.........................50
Stranger-like Behavior of the Dead......................................50
Absolutely Inadequate Behavior of the Dead Person..........52
Piteous and Pathetic Type of Behavior ...............................52
CHAPTER 4..................................53
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).....................................53
PART TWO....................................66
Contact Technique................................................................66
CHAPTER 1..................................67
Algorithm of the Contact.....................................................67
Introduction to the Algorithm...............................................67
Psychological Training.........................................................70
Getting Into the Phase..........................................................70
Deepening of the Phase........................................................70
Keeping up the Phase...........................................................70
Control of the Phase Space and its Properties......................70
The Contact..........................................................................70
Communication With the Dead............................................70
CHAPTER 2..................................71
Psychological Training for the Contact................................71
Necessity of Psychological Training Before Getting Into the
Necessity of Psychological Training Before the Contact.....72
Psychological Training Before Getting Into the Phase and
CHAPTER 3..................................75
Getting Into the Phase..........................................................75
Introduction to the Techniques of Getting into the Phase....75
The Easiest Way of Getting Into the Phase..........................77
Methods of Getting Into the Phase.......................................77
Methods of Direct Getting Into the Phase............................80
Methods of Indirect Getting Into the Phase.........................81
Methods of Getting Into the Phase Through Sleep..............81
Additional Means of Getting Into the Phase........................85
CHAPTER 4..................................86
Deepening of the Phase........................................................86
Validity of Methods of Getting Into the Phase.....................86
Methods of the Phase Deepening.........................................86
CHAPTER 5..................................89
Keeping the Phase Up..........................................................89
Methods of Activity..............................................................90
Confrontation to Abstractedness .........................................93
General Comments...............................................................93
CHAPTER 6..................................94
The Contact..........................................................................94
Methods of Getting Into Contact With the Dead in the Phase
Method of Flying to the Contact..........................................99
Method of Contact Right After the Separation With the Body
Method of Materialization of a Dead Person in the Phase.105
Method of Searching of a Dead Person in the Phase.........105
Method of the Planned Contact..........................................105
Method of the Group Contact ...........................................105
Place of the Contact. You re Welcome!..............................105
CHAPTER 7................................106
Method of Communication. Warnings and Recommendations
Ceasing of the Contact If the Object is Inadequate............106
Unexpected Manifestations of Oddities.............................106

The Object’s Memory........................................................106
How To Speak....................................................................106
What To Talk About...........................................................108
How To Get Into Closer Contact........................................108
Where To Meet...................................................................108
What Your Appearance Should Be ....................................108
What to Do is the Object Shows Fear................................108
What to Do if the Object Tries to Take You With Him......109
Your Attitude to the Information Received from the Dead in
the Phase.............................................................................109
How to Achieve High Accuracy of the Information Received
from the Dead in the Phase.................................................110
CHAPTER 8................................111
Intentional Leaving the Phase............................................111
Urgency of Getting Out Techniques...................................112
Methods of Intentional Leaving the Phase.........................115
CHAPTER 9................................117
Understanding of What Goes On.......................................117
Contra–Indications and Elementary Skills.........................118

The Phenomenon
Nobody can tell exactly what this
phenomenon is and what its real
nature is. But one thing is well–known:
it applies itself in various spheres of
human life including meeting the
deceased. It is possible, it is approved
and it has a stepwise technical
description. We will not plunge into
endless reasoning about the nature of
this phenomenon, we will deal only
with the things that one can touch and
see. It is not an exaggeration to state
that mankind loses a lot not paying
attention to the things we are going to
dwell on in this book. Indeed, it is the
only real opportunity to deliberately
and directly contact with a dead
relative of yours or any other person,
which seemed absolutely impossible
before. Nothing else may compare to
efficiency and simplicity of the method
described here. This method doesn’t
contradict sound judgments on the fact
that we don’t suggest whatever theories
here, only practice; that’s why anyone
can experience it himself. If you are
reading this book you will soon be able
to meet the people you didn’t ever hope
to meet till the end of your life. Can
anything compare to this?

To meet the deceased is
Death is the greatest grief for us — our
own death in the future, and the death
of our close relatives at present. It’s
natural, because no one has ever
managed to escape his biologic death
yet. We are used to losing forever, and
we cast aside any thought about
communication with the dead as
stupid, paradoxical and fantastic. Some
people believe in resurrection and in
the fact that sometimes souls of the
dead may come to us from the other
world, but nothing comes out of it
except for mass skepticism due to lack
of well–defined techniques that can
make it available to everybody. But is it
so hopeless? Are we so sure that we
lose our relatives forever? And if there a
well–defined method of contacting with
the dead exists, then what attitude to
other things should we have?

Resurrection of the Beslan


The Cat That Changed

Everything has its beginning and its
end. Nothing happens for no particular
reason and comes from nowhere. And
so the idea of importance of meeting
the dead in the phase (the state in
which the contact occurs) came to my
mind not without a reason. The
circumstances of my life drove me to a
detailed analysis of the phase as a
space for contacts with the dead. At the
beginning it was not completely
evident, but it was my own practice
and, later, other people’s practice that
helped me finally make sure of the
power of this opportunity which really
meant a lot for every person who has
ever lost his dear people.
I was only beginning to practice the
phase intensively not knowing all
possible explanations and applications
of the phenomenon yet. I can say that,
due to lack of versatile and reliable
information, as it often happens in this
field, I had to dip into delights of occult
outlook because it was the only thing
that could give me some explanations,
though they seemed to have been
contrary to the present fact. Looking for
the things that such outlook suggested
in the phase and not finding them,
getting only emotional satisfaction from
journeys to the other world
incomparable to the physical world in

any characteristics, I had to be in
constant search for the answers that
no one could give, that no one
described or described mistakenly,
which practice revealed later. Having
realized that truth may be somewhere
in between I could not understand how
to apply all that to the pragmatic
physical world, how to use it in its
interests and for its needs. I wanted to
get notable benefit for the whole world,
for myself and for my relations very
much. With such goal I didn’t even
suppose what the decision would be
based on.
It happened almost suddenly and
completely unexpectedly. It might seem
next to nothing, a beloved pet — my cat
that was a real childhood friend —
died. As by that time I was too young to
be touched by the loss of a close
relative, this comparably insignificant
grief was taken hard by me and didn’t
give rest for a long time.
It seemed that nothing could be done
with it. The loss seemed irretrievable
and I thought I would never ever stroke
the cat and hear its devoted and happy
purr. It even didn’t come to my mind to
use the phase somehow, for almost
none of the existing sources ever
suggested anything practical, and there
developed the wrong opinion that it was

inapplicable in practice at all, in
contrast to fabulous theories and
However, during my next visit to the
phase I accidentally came across that
cat which seemed to have never been
met again. I was greatly surprised, but
I came up and took it. A lot of ideas
that later made me write this book and
perceive everything behind the
phenomenon passed through my mind.
It was the first case of realization of
profit from the phase practice to the
physical world. It was the place of one
of the first collisions of the two spaces
which later occurred so many that it
became necessary to single all that out
in a different system of using the
phenomenon for pragmatic goals of
life — the aing. Many books were
dedicated to this later.
Not the fact that I managed to meet the
one who wasn’t alive any more was
surprising. What surprised me most
was reality of the happening. Holding
the cat in my hands, looking in its
adoring eyes, hearing its usual purr,
and feeling its light fluffy body with its
claws digging into my skin I could
hardly believe that it was true. But it
really was so. Moreover, it was
happening just like in reality. That is, it
was perceived as in the usual world. As

it turned out later, a contact with the
dead in the phase can exceed the one
in the physical world in all parameters
which is hard to imagine without
experience. You may ask: «How can it
be more realistic than it is?». In
addition, such experience has a lot of
other advantages, but I didn’t think of
them that time. I was completely
absorbed with happiness, satisfaction
and joy of having my beloved cat in my
hands and seeing it again.
But the main thing was that it became
evident that the cat would always be
available to me. I hadn’t lost it forever,
not at all. I could see it again when I
liked to, as soon as I was alive and
could enter the phase. It was the
realization of this fact that changed my
attitude to many sides of life to large
extent. It occurred that everything was
not that hopeless as it was considered
to be. Still there exists an opportunity
to get into actual and direct contact
with the deceased. And why had
nobody ever made an accent on it
before since it was so important almost
for each of us, especially for those who
experienced a tragic loss? However, this
question was not so important for me
at the beginning. Important was my
personal deep satisfaction from
continuation of the contact with a live

creature and from actual use of the
phase which I started to doubt by that
moment, frankly speaking.
I can’t say that no one had ever
mentioned this opportunity before;
however nobody paid much attention to
it, often writing it with some gibberish
due to which the reader couldn’t
adequately perceive the matter a priori.
Besides, this area is too serious to be
mixed up with anything else. It should
have been separated as being very
important for many people.
My next experience of a serious contact
with a dead person was the contact
with a relative of mine who died long
before my birth. It was a purposeful
investigation to be described in the
corresponding chapter of my first book
«Out of the Body» which is aimed at
revelation of all possible areas of
application and ways of mastering the
phase phenomenon including contacts
with the dead. Fortunately, none of my
close relatives and friends had died by
that time, that is why I got out of the
situation in a way that I described in
the book:
«…Nobody of my close relatives died in
my life, so I decided to contact with my
grandfather (my mother’s dad) who
died long before my birth. Since

childhood I used to hear much about
him, so I was quite well aware of his
dispositions and behavior. I
remembered quite well all his photos,
so I knew the way he looked like. He
interested me, and thus it was
tempting to make experiments getting
into contact with him.
During almost a month I tried to
contact him dozen of times. My first
attempts to do it failed due to panic
that seized me every time at the last
moment (often just moments before the
contact) and made me leave the phase
or change my occupation in it. It
occurred to be not so easy. Even
knowing that it was, for example, only
a simulation of my mind I couldn’t get
rid of the feeling that I was going to
meet something weird which made me
doubt my views. However, once I
managed to subdue myself and make
the precedent during which I came into
visual contact. The he maddening fear
passed at the moment I started the
intercourse. Then, having already
known that the fear must be endured, I
started to contact easily. There is no
need in details, for the sake of privacy.
Still, the fact remains: I met and
communicated the man (or his
projection) who died long ago. I don’t
think I could dream of it if I didn’t

practice the aing. I’ll not describe how
real it was in every respect — anyway, I
repeatedly mention it in the book».
Still, all this concerned only my own
experiments of that time. Except for
those I conducted a whole series of
experiments especially for that book.
Naturally, it is not based on the
experience of only one person. Not
because it would be biased and the
person himself could be mistaken in
his ideas about what he had seen and
how he regarded it, but also because
this sphere of the phase usage
immediately attracted much attention
and I never missed a chance to help
somebody to lessen the grief of losing a
close relative which almost always met
with support of the people who faced it.
I started to help people long before the
release of my first book, long before the
simplest techniques of the phase
entering and control became known. In
spite of difficulties many people wanted
to try this exclusive opportunity to
meet a person they wanted to see. No
written and unwritten rules could stop
them on their way to this goal because
there is no other way to do it. Their
eagerness became especially vivid after
I managed to help a friend of mine
whose daughter had perished
tragically. Her wish and belief in the

phase’s power to give a space for direct
contact with the dead made her study
the phase to the necessary level. The
result exceeded all expectations. It
became evident that a competent
approach to the phenomenon may help
a person get rid of self-destroying
feelings, give him a new stimulus to life
which seemed to lose its meaning.
Anybody can do this, it is possible with
respect to everybody — and why do so
few people know about it? The goal of
this book is to eliminate
misunderstanding. Everybody should
know that they have such opportunity.
In some particular cases, when a
person doesn’t want to live without the
other one, it may occur the only way
When my first book «Out of the Body»
was published, the interest to this
aspect of the aing which also suggested
dozens of other ways of application of
this phenomenal state in pragmatic
areas, grew almost to its peak. I think
it was natural. After that I started to
receive lots of letters from the people all
over the world asking me to qualify the
questions, requesting help in mastering
the phase for the only purpose. They
also expressed their gratitude when
they had succeeded in achieving the
impossible — communication with the

dead. All showed that one chapter on
the topic was not enough at all, that’s
why this book appeared.
I think that the only opportunity to
attract the deserved attention to the
field of the phenomenon application as
well as to the phase itself is to devote a
whole book to it paying attention to
description of every little detail in order
to make people believe in such an
opportunity and let them fulfill it by
themselves through use of the simplest
Well, not every cat can bring so much

We Got Used to Losing Our

Beloved For Good, But There is
a Way Out
The techniques described in this book
seem so unusual only because people
are not used to such things. I know
from my own experience that it is very
hard to make a person realize that it is
not a fiction, not a fantasy, not a
manifestation of an ill mind, but it is a
really described step-by-step method of
direct contact with the departed. Such
skepticism is easy to explain. The
matter is that we got used to losing our
relatives and friends forever, whatever
they say in support of other methods of
meeting the dead. These methods
usually don’t present anything but
some very much questionable
subjective feelings. And in our case it is
personal communication — face to
face. That is why, when people are told
about this opportunity, their reaction
may be not only skeptical, but even
aggressive. Some of them may think
that they are thought of as fools. They
think: «How can it be real if I never saw
or heard about any dead man
appearing before one’s eyes?!» It is just
impossible for standard perception.
Well, the resurrection of a dead person
is really impossible, whatever the
followers of Grabovoy say about Jesus
Christ’s resurrection. But this book is
not about it. We tell about the
opportunity to continue
communication with the dead in a
specific world just like in our real
world. Sometimes people get into the
phase spontaneously and meet their
dead relatives there. But the switch can
be so imperceptible and the feeling so
real that one would never think it is
some other world which can be entered
deliberately. However, in most cases
you wouldn’t be able to convince such
person that it was the phase, because
his self-dependently formed confidence

would be strongly resistant to common
In spite of the fact that after having
read this book you will not only know
about the technologies of contact with
the dead, but maybe even practice
them, you shouldn’t unnerve yourself
and think that life is not so important
anymore. Firstly, the reason of the
phenomenon is still unknown, so you
can’t say whether the person you met
so is a projection of a real soul or
something else. Secondly, life is
wonderful, though sometimes it seems
contrary. Still, without its negative
moments we wouldn’t know what
happiness is. That’s why the described
technology in no way should influence
your attitude to value of life, both yours
and other people’s.

You Can Communicate Not

Only With Close Relatives

Life After Death

Do It Yourself
Your possible skepticism about this
book is easy to explain and natural.
Moreover, if I hadn’t experienced it,
probably, I’d be the first to doubt it. It’s
quite normal for a pragmatic mind.

However, as you can see, the book is
not a set of theories — it consists of
direct and concrete recommendations.
It can serve as an argument for the
possibility of the contact in the phase
in itself if you are not acquainted with
this state at all. But why should you
believe? Try it. What can prevent you
from it if it is available for everybody?
Why refuse it if there's no other such
opportunity even theoretically?
The main advantage of this book is that
all technical details of this seemingly
impossible thing — the contact with the
dead — are stated. Instead of typical for
such books verbiage, the great part of it
is dedicated to every detail of the
contact including not only description
of ways of entering the phase, its
deepening and keeping up, the
techniques and methods of the contact,
but also the behavior regulations and
the psychological training (indeed, it’s
not that simple for the psychics). You
are holding the only effective manual
for real contact with the deceased. No
other thing will give it to you.
Besides the technical description of the
phase, mastering and getting into the
contact in it all existing theories of the
nature of such opportunity are
described in this book. Naturally, it's
hard to choose one of them if you are a

beginner. But the material of the book
and some practice can help you at least
find ways to perceive the real state of
affairs. This book doesn’t claim to be
the truth of the last instance. There are
some approved regularities here that
unambiguously lead to
recommencement of communication
with the deceased. There is also some
additional information to think over.
Only you can find your truth. It should
be mentioned, however, that there is no
use in searching the truth based only
on theoretical reasoning. It is
ungrateful business when there is
opportunity to try everything in
practice which is not that difficult. The
contact with the dead in the phase is
not only a study of this and the other
world, if such exists, but also is a study
of ourselves, our hidden resources and

The Phase and Its Relation to
The phase is a separate state of human
consciousness, a unique opportunity
for a man to dip into the parallel world
if not per se (we don’t know definitely),
then by perception, no doubt. There are
many theories of its origin as it’s hard
to judge about it unambiguously, but
the fact that it is identical to apparent
death is evidently not accidental. Those
who practice it, not without reason
enter into heated debates on every
aspect of it, except for the elements of
the technique. In order not to kindle
the flame of discord let’s consider all
main points of view on the matter,
without fixing attention on any of them.
After all, everybody is to find his own

Various Points of View

The world is complicated, that’s why
one can seldom find an unambiguous
definition for a subject. Giving such
definitions one is likely to mistake
which can appear in the snowball
phenomenon later. Why there should

be a monosemantic definition of the
phase then? It seems that any extreme
in this question can not be justified.
And every theory of the phase’s nature
has its own views on the character of
the contact with the dead. Such views
often can be contrary. Following
rational human principles which let us
invent a wheel and finally fly to the
space, we should take everything into
consideration. At a certain moment
such approach will justify itself.
Besides, personally I as an author of
this book shouldn’t popularize my own
attitude to this question as it can be
not very humanely to those who are
really interested in the matter, who are
going to stop the terrible emotional
torment by the contact with the dead
whom they miss so much.
It should be mentioned that many
widespread views on the phenomenon
are all-sufficient without any logical
explanation being exceptionally based
on the theories which are supposedly
proved in practice. I’m afraid that the
competence of such views is hardly
evident to a pragmatic that I consider
myself to be. But anyone can mistake,
and everybody has the right to have his
own point of view on anything. It is not
excluded that the truth in this question
is far more complicated than a human

mind can imagine. With tolerance to
such views one should be careful about
them, because errors in the essence of
the question lead not only to some
purely theoretical consequences, but
even to vitally important ones for the
phase. There are some people who got
lost in the labyrinths of theories and
failed to achieve anything worth
mentioning. We should remember
about them in order not to become the
same. As an ancient oriental proverb
says, the way to the truth lies through
doubt. One should always be armed
with doubt concerning such unexplored
areas as the phase.
I think that it would be more sensible
to pay attention to those views where
there is a definite theoretical basis
which can be tested in practice. At any
rate we should fix on them, however
poor opportunities they suggest. The
rest can be written additionally to them
when the theories are approved in
practice. If we approach the question
as investigators we are to follow this
algorithm. And if we are aimed at
getting concrete profits from practice,
then it is not that important. After all,
the science often was tardy with its
ideas. Imagine yourself telling the most
worthy and honored scientists of the
19th century about a TV set, a mobile

phone, a computer. You’d just be
laughed at. Hence the fact that some
point of view doesn’t have a distinct
practical confirmation means nothing.
Who knows what the attitude to it will
be in a hundred years?
As it’s been told before the attitude to
the phase’s nature influences the
attitude to the possibility of meeting a
person's soul there. It also influences
the attitude to death on the whole and
to the afterlife in particular. One thing
is known without controversy – it is
definitely possible to contact the dead
in the phase if one follows the method
exactly. Another question is what its
real nature is. There are some theories
saying that the phase is only a
simulated space where no object can be
absolutely independent. And these
theories also accept that the contact
with the dead really can take place.
As we have mentioned already, there is
a lot of theories about the nature of the
phase. Naturally, their views on the
contact with the dead and on the death
itself can differ. With knowledge of
them you can choose one according to
your liking. Remember however that
other people’s choice may differ from
yours, up to their outlook. Be sensible
and believe only the in things that you

can test in practice. Only practice may
let you trust this or that point of view.

Theory of Other World

Theory of Dualism of the Other


Theory of Physical Separation

of Body and Soul

Theory of the Inner World

The theory of inner emotional
experience in the phase is based on the
statement that there are no «astrals»,
«physical leavings», and especially
«parallel worlds». It means that the
phase is an inner emotional experience
located only within one's mind and in
no way going out of its limits. It’s that
very theory which is considered to be
pro scientific and is likely not to be
based on any «idle» opinions. However,
such point of view may be arguable,
because if it is an inner emotional
experience it can’t be investigated in
detail and, what’s more, it can’t be
proved. The science is unable to
investigate even a usual dream, not
speaking of such phenomenon.
Besides, we should never forget that in
most cases science denies such

opportunity because an emotional
experience located within one’s mind is
nothing but a dream or deep trance (all
other excluded). But the main
definition of a dream says that there
can’t be realization in it... Moreover, in
practice it’s impossible to call the
phase a dream. It’s the same as to rank
usual reality among dreams. In this
way of perception of the phenomenon it
is more justified to use the term
«deliberate vision» (DV, d/v). It
shouldn’t be mixed up with «guided
vision» (GV, g/v) meaning simple
«ordered» dream without self–
perception. The scientist Steven
Laberger is by right considered to be
one of the main investigators of this
approach to the phenomenon.
This point of view on the nature of the
phenomenon is quite unpopular, so it
is not widespread. And how can’t it be
so if it prima facie deprives people of
their hopes for such supernatural
things as getting out into parallel
worlds, separation of body and soul,
etc.? People don’t want to lose these
evident advantages of other theories as
they always want something
supernatural to be present in their life.
However, even if we take the phase as
an inner emotional experience we can

find a great amount of application for
1. Influence on one’s own individual
2. Meetings with the wanted model, but
inaccessible or difficult to access
3. Meetings with the simulated well–
known people of all times (alive and
4. Meetings with the simulated dead
people including close relations in
order to lessen the pain of their loss.
5. Distant influence on people (positive
and negative).
6. Additional rehabilitation for invalids of
all kinds.
7. Additional training for the most of
8. Substitution of computer not only as a
means of entertainment, but also as a
means of calculation.
9. Mind-net. A symbiosis of the phase and
digital technologies resulting in
formation of a parallel valuable world
that can bring mankind to another
turn of development.
10. Simulation of various situations in all
areas possible.

11. Teaching of all possible subjects
including foreign languages.
12.Discovery of extrasensory abilities in
oneself (telepathy, etc.); theoretically
13. Detailed anamnesis of any life events
from birth.
14. Obtaining information about life, the
person, environment and other people.
15. Getting sexual enjoyment.
16. Aid in observance of strict diets due to
possibility of unbounded nourishment
in the phase.
17. Visiting any simulated places all over
the Universe.
18. Getting pleasure.
19. Entertainment.
20. Realization of dreams and wishes
(secret or not).
21. Self-healing of diseases of any
22. Complicated calculations and
accomplishing varied tasks.
23. Perfection of psychics (getting rid of
complexes, phobia, diffidence, etc.).
24. Creative simulation of any type
(musical, sculptural, architectural,
artistic works, etc.).

Everybody can find something
interesting and useful for himself in
this list, that is why such strict
approach to the nature of the phase
doesn’t mean its inanity. Just on the
I myself rely on such approach, but it
doesn't mean I deny other things. The
matter is that it is very convenient, so
it would be just to use it as the
foundation and to add all the rest to it
as approved.
Naturally, such attitude to the nature
of the phase can not prove afterlife. But
there is no proof there is no afterlife,
either, though the situation with
apparent death described in this
chapter can add some skepticism to it.
At any rate, if we define the phase as a
simulated space in our mind, whatever
realistic in perception it may be, it has
no relation to life after death, though
sometimes it seems to be otherwise.
Based on the above we may state that
the contact in the phase with the dead
is possible. But there is a proviso: the
possibility of the fact that they are
really souls of the dead is excluded,
which, to be honest, is hard to believe
as the frightening realism of the
happening makes you think different. It
means that they are simulated objects,

clones of real people created in the
image and likeness of our idea of them,
which includes appearance, all physical
characteristics and temper. The contact
might seem to lose its meaning if it was
a clone but not the soul of a person.
But many people don’t pay attention to
it, because even if it is a clone, it
doesn’t differ from the original. Only
perception of the essence of what is
going on can make difference. There’s
nothing of the kind in perception.
Everything looks real. No wonder that
many people refuse to believe the
theory of location of the phase and all
its objects. It seems that simulation
cannot be as much real.
I am aware of the case when a follower
of the phase simulated world theory
changed his mind after the contact
with the dead there.

Mix of All Theories

Mix of the Theories of Other

Worlds and Physical Separation

Other Theories

What is Death?

What is Soul?

Apparent Death and its Identity
With the Phase
From the pragmatic point of view the
phase and apparent death are the same.
In order to examine the possibility of
contact with the dead in the phase to
full extent we should consider this
statement, whatever it may be, as it
can reveal many interesting questions;
and the main thing is that it can prove
or disprove the possibility of contact
with human soul itself, not with a
simulated object. Exterior people start
to show interest in the phase when
they get to know about the conformity
of these two states. It turns out that it
is the opportunity to experience these
fantastic states of “almost death”
without real threat to one’s life. If the
identity of these two phenomena is
proved then the nature of one will be
the nature of the other. To be sure, to
study the phase is much easier.
The book «Life after Life» by Dr.
Raymond Moody is well–known. It
became a real bestseller of the book
market in its time, it exploded wide
circles of readers by giving a serious
argument for the existence of life after
death in this or that way. At any rate,
this conclusion came out of a large
amount of descriptions of apparent
deaths gathered in the book. As a
person who had had a great practical
experience of traveling in the phase I
understood at once that the book was
about the same phenomenon. The
descriptions are too similar to be just
coinciding properties of various
situations. Take any book which gives
the description of a person’s getting
into the phase («the astral») and his
feelings there. Especially interesting
and similar are the descriptions of
inexperienced people as there hardly
can be any experience in apparent
death. There are very few people on the
Earth who had experienced it more
than ten times. In such books one can
find surprising likeness in description
and it would be not very clever of us to
forget about them. Certainly, it’s
possible to assume that our essence
allows come into several analogous by
perception states which is
acknowledged even by the scientific
point of view. But we’ll not base our
reasoning on it as it is too hypothetical
and looks like a lame excuse.
Quite many people experienced evident
death, because many situations lead to
it: human element accidents, deceases,
poisoning, murderous assaults, etc.
Even the people you know may have
come across it. Conversing with such

people you can understand that all
descriptions are standard and
correspond to those given in the book
«Life after Life». However, read the
description of the phase experience and
you’ll notice evident similarities.
Besides, often there is a situation when
a man accidentally got into the phase
starts thinking that he’s dying, that it’s
the end. Later he recollects a tunnel
and light in the end of it as the most
striking impression of the experience
which is usual for the phase. In this
case a man, of course, doesn’t die, but
later he keeps boasting that he had
experienced such an unusual thing as
apparent death.
See one important thing: many people
describe their experience of apparent
death, but in fact, if we know how it
really was, it turns out that their heart
didn't stop, their lungs continued
breathing, and their brain wasn’t dead
for a minute. That is, they experienced
“apparent death” without stopping the
physiological processes in the organism
like in the phase, with the same feelings
and events…
At any rate, these two states are very
much alike in perception. In both
states you don’t feel your body, you
can’t control it, and your main
perception now is in some airy body

which feels very light and free. If you
suffer from a disease or pain, it is not
felt here which is especially remarkable
with some serious injuries when the
contrast between pain and its absence
strikes you most of all. As for outer
perception, it’s hard to believe in what
you see not being aware of the option to
simulate the environment, for it is
incredibly real and vivid compared to
the common physical world. Every
detail of the space can be scrutinized to
the smallest detail. You can hear
people speaking if they are near you. At
that, the talk may be both real and
unreal. You can fly up to the ceiling
and through the walls. Other creatures
can come near you including your dead
relatives, which is especially actual and
important in the context of this book. It
is important here as the talk is about
getting into this state safely and meet
with the dead deliberately.
The only difference between the two
states except for their reasons is the
fact that the tunnel meets in the phase
not so often as in apparent death. We
should mention that even there it isn’t
always met. Like in the phase, one can
just divide body and soul and watch
everything from the outside.
On the whole, at the death’s door the
tunnel may appear both at the

beginning and after the soaring over
the room, representing its next stage.
The fact that people come into
absolutely different spaces after their
flights to the light through the tunnels
if they are in the state of apparent
death for a long time proves that these
are phenomena of one nature. It seems
impossible to distinguish real and
simulated events from such
descriptions as they are likely to
happen by the same rules.
After flying through the tunnels a
person gets to the place often described
in various theories of the phase. At
that, there is no coherent definition for
it even in the occult circles. Some
people state that this place is adequate
and stable, some think it possessing
absolutely odd properties and
phenomena non–existent in any
nature, though they come before one’s
eyes in their maximal reality.
If we approach apparent death and the
phase from the point of view of
mysticism, they will turn out to be the
same. At apparent death and in the
phase one probably can get into the
same parallel worlds which means that
soul really can be separated from the
body, that there is life after death and

it is possible to contact the dead in
such a way.
But if we approach these phenomena
from the scientific point of view they
will also turn out to be the same,
whatever strange it may seem. Only
this sameness is based on other
principles. In the contrary view all this
is the other parallel world. In this view
all this is the inner world located within
cranium and never going out of it.
Consequently, soul doesn’t exist, the
afterlife doesn’t exist either, and it’s
impossible to meet real souls of the
dead, only their modeled clones which
are perceived, however, in the same
way as if they were real souls. At any
rate, these phenomena don’t prove
such important for everybody
«And how to explain one’s self–
realization when his heart doesn’t beat
any more?», — one may ask. It seems
to be the main argument for the fact
that soul exists as well as the afterlife,
etc. Alas, it’s impossible to state this.
Any neurophysiologist can tell you that
electrical pulses (in fact, our thoughts,
our brain’s functioning) can keep in
one’s brain for a long time.
It is considered that almost all people
have time to hear ascertaining of their

death being in their body and in full
consciousness. Maybe, some people
realize themselves up to the autopsy.
Isn’t it shocking?
Electrical pulses in the dead person’s
brain in their weakest presentations
and in favorable conditions may be
ceasing for weeks. Naturally, such poor
activity is not enough for thinking and
self-realization. Probably self-
realization stops within several tens of
minutes. After that gradual «dilution» of
consciousness showing up in poor
understanding of what is going on,
complete insanity and inadequacy
takes place.
Decide for yourselves which view to
trust more. Such decision can come
out of your experience and theory.
Anyway, as it is evident from this
section, the phase and apparent death
are phenomena of one kind. At any
rate, you can contact the dead and
your soul can fly out of your body,
though explanations of these things
can differ. But is it worth trouble?

To What Extent is the Contact

with the Dead in the Phase

So, to what extent the contact with the
dead in the phase is real? In order to
answer this question let’s summarize
the theories examined earlier and
distinguish their main definitions.
Science, what’s natural, denies any
possibility of the contact with a real
human soul. It doesn’t take phase as
an outer space under no
circumstances, either. However, even
theoretically no one can deny the
possibility of the contact with the dead
person’s clone which can be so real in
perception that misleads many people
who become the followers of contrary
The occult view on the phase is a
breeding ground for hopes and
suppositions as it implies the existence
of some parallel world, one at the
minimum. It is to this world it’s
possible to get during lifetime and
contact the dead. This view also can
imply the possibility of the contact in
the physical world by means of calling
the dead soul here and communicating
with it being out of your body.
As we have mentioned before, the
existence of such contrary views is not
in vain, though it’s impossible to
distinguish the right one even by
means of practice. The matter is that

when you experience the contact
yourself the fact seems quite
incontestable, but when you recall
some pragmatic theories, you realize
that they are not based on nothing,
either, and they might have concrete
proofs, which is important.
Apparently, everybody should make a
decision for himself relying on the
things which are suitable for him most
of all. Try to do it yourself. But
whatever your decision is now and will
be later, you should know that
everything happens in such a real,
stunning and stirring way that it seems
not important to know the sources of
the phenomenon. You can keep the
right definition in your mind, but it
won’t influence practice in any way,
because it looks the same, whether it is
the contact with a human soul or with
a simulated object.

The Contact Properties and the
Object’s Psychology
Whatever paradoxical it may seem, the
properties of the contact with the dead
are that very stumbling block on which
all skeptical theories of the
phenomenon’s nature get stuck on, for
everything goes on in the same way as
it might happen in the long run. What
are we to do with all those
suppositions, even theoretically
supported, stating that it is simulation?
They seem to be absurd when you
come across the phenomenon. The
situation is intensified by the
psychology of a dead person’s behavior
in the phase. One thing can be stated
definitely: the behavior of the dead is
not similar and permanent, it may
depend on many conditions. But this
fact is especially inherent for the first
attempts of establishing the contact —
then it becomes stable and natural.

The Phase Properties are the

Contact Properties
In order to understand what the
contact with the dead is, what attends

it, how it is perceived, what it feels like,
and what properties every detail
possesses one should investigate the
phase itself. None of its objects
including the dead can possess any
unique, unknown properties. Besides,
if one decides to study the phase in
practice he will have to face all sides of
the phase, every peculiarity of its
nature. It’s impossible to avoid it as the
contact requires at least superficial
perception and mastery.
We should mention beforehand that
everything we talk about concerns only
the deep phase, not its shallow kinds
which are of no interest from the
practical point of view, like a stake on a
picture for a hungry man. Many people
think that the deep phase is the same
as the shallow one, because they get
into each form of the phase only by
chance. There is a chapter in this book
telling about deepening into the phase
which can make you refuse such
conclusions. Besides, it will teach you
to get into the necessary for the contact
stage of the phase without any
difficulties and problems.
Naturally, the phase, whatever its
nature is, has its own rules and laws.
Only adherence to the rules can let you
be on good terms with it and get all its
amenities and benefits that are quite a

lot there. Of course, the view on its
nature can determine the view to its
rules to great extent. But we shouldn’t
go deep into this question. Instead of it
we describe only those moments which
are incontestable in all cases and in all
views due to their obligation. In other
words, if we recommend some things to
do it means that they are not only
approved, but really applicable to
absolutely all cases. Anyway,
knowledge of the basic rules can
provide a man with all necessary
instruments for getting into contact
with the dead through such a
phenomenal state. We would like to
add that this chapter can serve as a
good argument to those lacking
knowledge to regard the phase to be
something like a dream. It’s the main
mistake which makes people pass by
such a unique human state. None of
those who had experienced the deep
phase will ever think of such a thing as
it’s evident in practice. It’s a particular
state which has similarities both with
the real world and with a dream. But in
order to control and have profit from it,
one should apply completely unfamiliar
to both of them rules.

Characteristics of Perception in
the Phase

Throughout the book we keep
mentioning the absolute reality of
feelings in the phase being the main
characteristic of it. Much attention
should be paid to this fact, because
many people are sure that feelings in
the phase are indistinct and resemble
dream. Of course, such conclusions are
misleading. So, people get the wrong
idea of the matter and consequently
lose much in their life. In this section of
the book we describe one’s self-
realization in the phase in detail. No
doubt, the reality of feelings is the most
important characteristic. Would the
contact with the dead in the phase be
interesting if it wasn’t that real, even if
it were the proved contact with a
human soul? We can soundly suppose
that this characteristic — not the
essence of the matter — is the
governing factor. Whatever may be
stated, human beings are more
perceptible than thinking creatures.
Misunderstanding of what is going on
probably experienced by those «leaving
the body» has much to do with its
striking reality. When you unexpectedly
fly up and hang under the ceiling you
are apt to think it’s your body flying;
you don’t think it’s some phantom
experience or common dream. And
when you realize that your physical
body did not changed its location you
become sure of the fact that your body
and soul were separated and probably
even think your death is coming, and
get frightened.
The main thing is lack of connection
with your real body and all its feelings.
While being in the phase, you can only
guess about the existence of your body
lying somewhere in bed. You don’t feel
on what side it lies, how your arms and
legs are disposed, you not always
realize whether it is dark or not, and
certainly you don’t know where your
body is directed to. But you shouldn’t
bother about the possibility of someone
doing harm to your body while you are
in such state. The thing is that if you
feel discomfort (a part of your body has
become numb or you feel cold) you will
not be able to get into the deep phase
and you will know the reason of it.
Maybe only during the deepest entry
into this unexplored world you can
completely lose communication with
the reality. But is it that dangerous if it
almost never happens?
In our usual life we get 80-90 % of all
information through the organs of
vision. Even during a talk we use our
eyes for decoding the real meaning of
words through perception of gestures
in which there is 40% of information.
Often we do it subconsciously. Vision

plays a great role in the phase, too. It is
the main and the strongest aspect of
the experience. Visible images are
always striking in their reality. Even
after more than thousand times of
getting into the phase it is possible to
do nothing there but watch the
surroundings — so captive is
It’s worth mentioning that in the phase
all feelings are more acute and vivid
than in the usual world. The experience
is so realistic that everything around
seems to be alive and close. So close to
our essence that it's hard to
characterize and explain it. To get the
notion of it one should experience it
In the phase the vision strikes with its
clearness, minuteness and detailed
elaboration. It’s not like in a computer
game where things, when drawn near,
become angular as if made of bricks.
It’s possible to take any subject there,
bring it to your eyes and see it in such
detail you could never see in the real
world. It seems fantastic, but you can
come up to the book-shelf, take any
book and read it. You can even
distinguish cells of skin on your or
somebody else’s hands.

Feeling of movement is also very
important as it is one of the most
striking sides of activity in the phase. It
is as real there as it may be. All
movements there are adequately
perceived which can make you believe
that it’s an actual outer world. Every
time you walk, fly or fall there you feel
it quite really. You become aware of not
only your moving in the space, but of
the attending things, too. It is common
idea that most of all humans want to
be able to fly; all of us are not
indifferent to the idea, and we are
happy to fly in our dreams. But in the
phase flights are much more real…
That is why you shouldn’t be surprised
at the fact that a simple shift in the
space of the phase gives so much
pleasure, especially because it’s not
limited with anything.
Mentioning feelings in the phase we
shouldn’t forget the gustatory sense.
It’s possible to eat and drink there like
in the real world. And the assortment is
very broad. Your imagination is
shocked, especially at the beginning,
when everything that happens and
your perception of the world collide.
Any other experience is possible and
real in perception in the phase. You
can experience even such things which
are impossible in the physical world.

The feeling of pain is not an exclusion.
But pain is not wanted for most people,
it appears only as a result of
carelessness or inexperience. All
feelings are controllable in the phase.
The realism of the touch and the sense
of enjoyment deserve special attention.
Like all other feelings they are not
exclusions but the realism of their
perception can have fatal consequences
for one’s perception of what goes on.
We used to believe the things we see
and feel more than others, but it
doesn’t really matter in the phase,
however strange it may seem.
We often tell about the complete
realism of all feelings in the phase. But
in fact it isn’t always true. The thing is
that the realism of perception depends
on your wish. If you want, everything
can be as real as possible, and even
more real than in the physical world.
But often there is no necessity in such
strong feelings, because other matters
can attract your attention at that
moment. In such cases the intensity of
the feelings you are not using at the
moment depends on the intensity of the
phase and of the character of your
activity in it.

Properties of the Phase Space

What does the Psychology of
the Deceased Depend on?

When the Dead Behave Like the

The description of the character of such
behavior can’t be given in detail, but
the peculiar thing about it is the
realization by the dead of the fact that
he was alive some time and now he is
dead. At that he realizes that his
characteristics and abilities differ from
the ones in the physical world as they
are not limited with anything now.
Undoubtedly, this is the most common
behavior of the dead in the phase
which should be achieved in every
possible case for its maximal realism.
With such behavior of the object the
most adequate communication takes
place, the sequel of communication
that had been in the physical world.
That is, there is no interruption in the
logical order of the communication, no
passing–by in silence, and so on. If we
consider the situation from the point of
view of life after death, it is always
necessary to try to achieve such
behavior of the dead.
The reason of such behavior can have
double explanation. The occult points

of view, to which we refer all that
propagate the afterlife (including all
religions), can hardly provide any other
explanation, except for it should be as
it is, because nothing contradicts it.
The theory of the space simulation can
explain it by the fact that we model
such behavior of the dead in our mind,
because the widespread opinion is that
it should be of such.
How to communicate with the dead in
the phase if he is aware that he is
dead? You shouldn’t contemplate much
over this. It is better to act by the
situation trying not to touch on the
raw, which may rouse negative
emotions. The right thing to do in such
situation is to behave without any
hidden intention and reticence. Speak
of everything as it is.
Most of other psychological forms of
behavior of the dead in the phase are
divided according to understanding or
misunderstanding by the dead of their
position, so the behavior of the
deceased person as that of the living
one or as the dead one is peculiar to
almost all described types. This fact
influences them very much.

When the Dead Behave like


«Corpse Syndrome»

Aggressive Behavior

Reticence and Reluctance to


Stranger-like Behavior of the

Earlier we have described the variant of
behavior of the dead in the phase when
he doesn’t want to come into any
contact at all. Now we are going to
examine the case when he behaves
absolutely adequately from the point of
view of communication, but at that he
doesn’t show any sign of recognizing
you. The person may be absolutely the
same as you used to see him, with the
same disposition and appearance. May
be he knows his name, but all other
things, especially his history, have
nothing to do with the real ones. We
should mention that such case meets
not very often, but several per cent of
those who come into contact in the
phase come across it. That's why we
are going to tell some things about it.
The case can be explained somehow
when the dead person realizes that he’s
dead; then the occult theories can
definitely say that his soul lost the

memory of his earthy life or something
like that. But why can the object be
absolutely normal in all respects during
next getting into contact? If we take
more material explanations of the
matter, we can say that the contacting
person is not sure in the reality of the
contact deep in his heart which
materializes in such a strange way.
We can soundly suppose that some
people will not suffer from the dead
man’s lack of memory. Indeed, is it that
important when you can see him at
last? It’s better than nothing; that’s
why hardly anybody would think that
the contact has failed at first and
hardly anybody takes measures for
improving the situation as soon as it
allows to see those eyes, to hear that
voice again… Maybe such kind of
contact is better to have when there is
no need in close intimate contact
(embracing, kissing, etc.) which is not
always taken adequately by the
contacting person himself. Otherwise
you can try to get the object talking, as
it is not very difficult to do in this case:
try to remind him of some events from
his life and he is likely to remember
everything quite quickly. But is it that
Maybe these objects, the souls, don’t
need to remember what had happened

to them and where they are now.
Maybe we should let them live in their
dreamland seeing the situation from
absolutely different standpoint? Is it
that necessary for you to see the
tortures that can arise after they
realized their position? That is why you
should think twice before you take
measures for achieving the adequacy of
the contact.
If you communicate with such person
without reminding him of the past, you
should do it in the most natural way.
You should remember that reminding
him of the past can provoke unwanted
consequences, that’s why sometimes it
is sensible to act as if you have just got
acquainted. In other words, you should
try to forget the past for some time.

Absolutely Inadequate Behavior

of the Dead Person

Piteous and Pathetic Type of


Frequently Asked Questions
The phase and meetings with the dead
relatives in it represent a very
ambiguous and questionable field of
human capabilities and resources,
which agitates the community, makes
people unite or confront each other,
changes our attitude to life and death,
transforms one’s attitude to himself
and to the sense of his life. Anyway, if
someone thinks it hard to perceive the
subject of the book, he, no doubt, may
have a lot of questions, and the
answers are also hard to find here
because of the volume of the book.
That’s why in this chapter we’ll try to
answer the most frequently asked
questions in detail. This chapter,
named FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions), like the similar sections in
the Internet, will bring you up to date
in this matter.
What is it for?
Frankly speaking, I think that not to
use the phase for the contact with the
dead relative is at least a manifestation
of disrespect for him, no matter how

the phenomenon’s nature is explained.
What would he think of you if knowing
the way to him you hadn’t used this
unique opportunity? What would he
think of you if you had spared your
time and effort to see him at last? What
would he think if you refused it or put
it off knowing that it was only you who
could arrange the meeting, not he?
Damn it, it’s a real insult! Just dare to
say (which is too easy!) that you loved
him and love and feel great respect for
him until now without having used the
techniques described in this book!
Prove it in practice.
Strange enough, but some people
clearly realize what the opportunity of
contact with the deceased can provide
them with and, at the same time, the
others are absolutely unaware of the
benefit. Obviously, the variety of
human tempers and their viewpoints is
beyond imaginable.
Naturally, the main argument for it can
be only your own desire. If you don’t
see any necessity in a contact with the
dead, then there is nothing to talk
about. But if you have been dreaming
about it all the time, then this book is
just what you want.
On the other hand, some people need
not only communication which had

been interrupted by unpredictable life,
but also some concrete advantages.
Well, it is possible, too. For example,
whatever the real nature of the contact
is, a dead person can tell you not only
about himself, but also some things
which you could not know about
yourself. You may ask for some advice
or for help in solving a difficult
question. If a dead person is not your
close relation it can be just interesting
to communicate with him. So, it’s all
up to you.
The Phase is Something Like a
Dream or Dream Itself
It is the most common statement that
can be heard from uninitiated persons.
Suffice it to say that such thing could
be uttered only by those who had never
been in the phase. Otherwise, nobody
would ever say anything like that if he
relied on the author’s long experience.
Will this argument not do? Then it is
also worth mentioning that we can not
consider it to be a dream, if the
majority of those who have been
practicing it for many years are
strongly convinced that it is not even a
simulated space within our minds, but
the outer world itself. Didn’t these
people ever see dreams to err to such
extent? They are also sure that from

time to time the body and soul separate
when soul gets out to the usual
physical world. It is hard to imagine a
person led to such mistake by a simple
dream. It must be something quite
different than a common dream.
In spite of the fact that from the
physiological point of view the states of
human organism in the phase and
during the quick sleep are very similar
in their characteristics, there is a whole
series of fundamental differences in
their properties. First of all, it concerns
the reality of perception which is the
same as in the common physical world.
It is quite possible to consider the
phase as one more crucial state of
human consciousness after wake and
sleep including the properties of both
(the complete realism of perception,
self–realization of the first state, and
lack of absolute stability of the
surrounding space of the second).
The Phase is Vague State Like
Meditation or Trance
Very often people don’t take interest in
the phase only because of complete
unawareness of how much this state of
human organism may impress with its
properties. Indeed, why use it at all if it
is the same as to see an image in your
mind? At that, such mistake is
inherent not only to sheer pragmatics
disclaiming any strange — and
especially that strange! —
phenomenon, but also to those
regularly practicing various MSCs
(modified states of consciousness).
After all, people get used to thinking
that everything having to do with this
area is ambiguous and sometimes even
subjective and vague. Suffice to say,
but many people who once faced the
phase («the astral») forget meditations
and everything of the kind for good,
because these are absolutely
incomparable, like a stream of water on
a child’s drawing and a vigorous
Siberian river.
If we take, for example, those people
who can’t imagine what this is at all, it
would be appropriate to say that the
reality of the object perception in the
phase may exceed the realism of the
physical world where you are holding
this book. You may look around and
think: «How can it be more real than I
see and feel now?». However, remember
how you feel being only half–awake or
drunk, when everything is swaying,
and you can hardly see or perceive
anything clearly. Somehow, it also is a
vigil, though different from your normal
state. It is exactly in the same way the

deep phase can positively differ from
what you see before your eyes.
One shouldn’t think it is only visual
perception that is real in the phase.
Nothing of the kind. In the phase you
can not only sense (taste, touch,
movement, etc.) in full swing, in
superlative, but many more things than
you can imagine. Lack of absolute
stability in the phase makes it possible
to experience anything in any way and
however you like, for even your own
body in the phase is a simulated
consequence of the stereotyped
perception of yourself, the most intense
of all, though. That is, after some
training you can learn to modify even
the form of your body — not only
lengthening or shortening your
extremities, but also getting rid of them
and making new ones. And it’s not only
happening on the exterior. A person
starts to feel these changes distinctly.
It’s the only way to feel wings on your
back, several arms or legs. It’s the only
opportunity to take the shape of some
other creature and to sense all its
anatomic perception.
It is the extreme degree of realism that
could let us get the only possibility of
intentional and real meeting with the

The Phase is Mortally
Dangerous State
Only the Elite is Able to Get
Into the Phase
Very often people think that if there
exists such opportunity, only the elite
can use it because it’s impossible for
an average statistical person to do it.
As proof of this statement there can be
listed a number of semi-arguments
beginning with the fact that an average
person lacks some energy and ending
with the fact that one should have a
certain level of development. But we
can surely state that all said above
doesn’t have any basis in reality.
Absolutely anyone can come into the
phase. It’s a theoretical and practical
truth. Maybe one person out of several
hundred is not able to do it due to
natural deviations, but it is an
exception to the rule. Everybody can do
it, so everybody can get into contact
with his deceased relatives, for
The conclusion that not everybody can
come into the phase can also appear on
the basis of some practical difficulties.
It is not a secret that most of the
techniques of getting into the phase
offered in various books represent
either a conglomeration of pieces of

mystical folklore or intricate and
indefinite descriptions of the essence of
the question which brings to
misunderstanding and unnecessary
multiple complication. That is, after
reading such literature a person often
can’t move from the dead stop and
starts to suspect something wrong with
him. There are several generally
accepted effective techniques offered in
this book to be focused on in order not
to be mistaken about the necessity of
belonging to the elite in practice.
Besides, one should never forget that
being «the elite» always suits well those
with certain abilities making it think
high of them. And quite often the skill
of getting into the phase is considered
to be the highest degree of mastery of
the occult practice. It is quite right
that, if somebody can do something
you are able to do it, too, though you
are not able to do the thing that
somebody else can not do. If someone
can enter the phase why can’t you do
the same? Is your nature drastically
different? Are you worse than they in
any way?
It is Very Difficult to Get Into
the Phase
Sometimes people convince themselves
that the phase really exists, as nothing

is stolen without hands. Then they
realize that there is nothing
surprising — this fantastic state is
available for everybody, but it must be
something very difficult to achieve.
Many people cannot even imagine how
one can leave his body and the physical
world which he realizes so distinctly.
They think that it must take much
effort and time to make it come true,
probably, months of everyday training
(as it is offered quite seriously by some
In actual fact, it’s not only possible to
anybody to come into the phase, but it
doesn’t represent anything
complicated, especially if we take into
consideration the techniques of indirect
getting into the phase according to
which one only needs to get out of his
body in the necessary moment. Is it
hard to believe? Firstly, you can try to
do everything yourself as it is described
in this book. Secondly, you just don’t
know, but you were in such state when
it is very easy to do thousand times. I
say it without joking. To prove it, just
try and do it. If you do everything
correctly, you will come to a success
during the first attempts which are
possible to realize within one day.
Moreover, some people reach the phase
at the first try. The only difficulty here

is that after it some time is needed to
recover from the shock of presence in
another dimension which may strike
one very much. Some time is also
needed to acquire the skill of control of
the phase for the purpose of meeting
the dead.
You shouldn’t forget that if there are
difficulties on your way to the contact,
they can’t exceed the goal. Are some
hitches, some need for eagerness and
concentration on the matter able to
make you refuse the opportunity to
come into contact with the person
whom you could never imagine to see
It is Difficult to Come into
Contact With the Dead in the
The Contact With the Dead in
the Phase is Immoral
Why Disturb the Dead Soul?
What Do We Contact With: Soul
or Alien Object?
Does Contact With the Dead in
the Phase Really Prove Life
After Death?
The answer to this question directly
depends on the way of approaching the

things described in the previous
paragraphs. It means that the
possibility of meeting a dead person in
the phase is not called in question
neither from the theoretical, nor from
the practical points of view. The other
thing is how to interpret it and what to
take it for.
If we regard the phase as some outer
world, “the astral”, as it is also called,
then it’s sensible to think that we really
meet the dead. Consequently it’s easy
to suppose that the same thing as
happened to those whom we can meet
will happen to our souls, too.
If we regard the phase as the simulated
world within our mind, although
extremely realistic in perception, then,
naturally, every possibility to think that
neither real contact with the soul ever
occurs, nor it has anything to do with
life after death. It means that if we
accept this point of view, and if life
after death does exist, then it has
nothing to do either with the phase, or
with anything related to it.
The Dead You May Meet in the
Phase Live in Such a Way and
in Such Place Where We Way
Meet Them

How Much Time Does It Take
to Master the Phase to the
Level of Contact?
What Should You Do If You Can
Not Get Into the Phase for a
Long Time?
In some cases one cannot quickly
master getting into the phase by means
of the described methods. The reason is
mainly not in the person himself, as
many people think of themselves, but
in the correctness of fulfillment of the
described techniques. As practice
shows, some of them are really effective
for all people without exception if they
strictly follow the described algorithm.
As it is mentioned in the particularized
section, the most effective is the
technique of indirect entering. As of
this technique, any of its version allows
to get into the phase at least in one
case of three, and the attempts may
number up to ten at a time. The main
thing is to perceive its essence and do
everything intensely and energetically,
otherwise it can be the main reason of
the failure.
If you have come across such obstacle,
which is evident after a couple of weeks
of everyday attempts, don’t give up the
whole idea in any way. You should only

analyze your actions again and try to
suppose what may be wrong in them.
The most frequently met mistakes are
great excitement about the happening
and passivity of one’s actions.
If you do everything correctly, it’s
impossible not to get at least one
successful case out of ten attempts. If
you haven’t still got it, then quite
unambiguously something is lacking in
the technical aspect. We should
mention once more that it concerns
only the indirect getting into the phase.
In the direct entering the situation is
quite different and everything mostly
depends on one’s own natural
It is Possible to Stay in the
Phase for a Long Time

Contact Technique
You may say it is fairytale, charlatanry,
fraud and nonsense. Well, I’ll try to
convince you of the contrary: below you
will find the detailed stepwise
description of the contact with the dead
and at last you will:
• hear that voice and see those eyes
• embrace and kiss that person…
• recollect and discuss the past…
• inquire about all aspects of what was
going on …
• utter the unvoiced things, apologize…
There is nothing complicated and
fantastic about it, just follow the things
exactly as described in the next
chapters and you will get what you
have always dreamed about.

Algorithm of the Contact
Practice unambiguously shows that
clear understanding of accomplishment
of the technical details of the phase
bears great meaning at reaching, with
the help of this marvelous state, of the
phenomenal side of our essence, the
unused fount of incredible
opportunities, of definite goals
including, mainly for the purpose of
this book, the contact with the
deceased. Therefore, the present
chapter allows to distinctly realize what
and how should be done in order to
achieve it with maximal success.
Hardly the chaotic use of applied
information from random chapters of
the book will bring you to your goal
within a short time. First you need to
perceive the technical constituents
(some of them are not mentioned in the
other chapters but only here), as well
as the order of paying special attention
to certain steps.

Introduction to the Algorithm

We shall start with the fact that
carelessness in approach to any
question always leads to a failure.
Remember some cases from your life,
glance back at other people’s
experience and you will certainly make
it sure if you have not realized it yet.
Slackness and giddiness cannot bring a
person to a success, whatever his
occupation is, if only it is not the way
down. A sportsman will never become
an Olympic champion without clear
understanding of the algorithm and
system of his training. An artificial
satellite will never fly to the orbit of an
astronomical body without step-by-step
instructions in which every peculiarity
of the flight is considered. The same is
in the phase: the possibility of success
in mastering the phase, and especially
in getting into contact with the dead in
it, is not great if you suddenly decide to
conquer this unfamiliar to you
phenomenal space after reading a few
extracts from this book. Certainly, the
specific characteristic of this
phenomenon is that once you heard of
it, you can get into it quite by accident,
for your intention which had formed
deep in your consciousness, can play
the leading role in it. But if you want to
get into the phase regularly and get
benefit from it every time, you must
realize what and on which stage you
should do without fail. For the sake of
fairness we should mention that in
spite of all unintelligibility of the
expression «stepwise algorithm of
actions» it is not that complicated as it
may seem. The only thing that one
needs is to understand the rules of
mastery of this state.
So, in order to study and use the phase
you need to clearly understand that
this process consists of these main
stages: psychological training
protecting from strong shock, especially
at the contact with something
inexplicable from the physical world
point of view; intention — disposition of
getting into the phase being very
important for the efficiency of the
techniques; getting into the phase;
deepening and keeping the phase
without which you won’t be able to
obtain anything serious in the phase as
you won’t have time for it; control of
the phase and its properties without
which you may not understand how to
accomplish these or that techniques
that can help you to get so much from
this world; a contact with the dead in
the phase which refers exclusively to
the theme of this book; communication
with the dead in the phase — though
some people may consider it to be of no
importance as they think that
everything will be clear when the time
comes, but it can be not so easy as

they think, that’s why the study of this
stage should not be missed.
In order to achieve a success try to
grasp all these points. It’s not
necessary to understand all of them
right away. You are likely to
understand nothing in such way. Study
these stages as the necessity of it
comes. It means that you needn’t try to
grasp the idea of how to communicate
with the dead if you can’t even come
into contact with him.

Psychological Training


Getting Into the Phase

Deepening of the Phase

Keeping up the Phase

Control of the Phase Space and

its Properties

The Contact

Communication With the Dead

Psychological Training for the
The first stage, however strange it may
seem, is psychological training for the
contact with the dead person. It may
seem strange because this question
was seldom paid attention to not only
by the authors of other books on
similar matters, but by me myself in
my other books. But now it’s
impossible to pass by such an
important question in this book,
because it has great meaning for
everybody who wants to try everything
in practice. The objective of this
chapter is to ease very much possible
strong emotional experience during a
contact with a dead person. Naturally,
it’s not easy and may cause the most
intense psychological shock not only
because of the fact of meeting with the
departed, but also on the reason of a
sudden change of attitude towards life
and its real opportunities.

Necessity of Psychological
Training Before Getting Into
the Phase

Necessity of Psychological
Training Before the Contact

Psychological Training Before

Getting Into the Phase and
The main factor of psychological
training before getting into the phase
and contact is just the realization of the
reasons of your fears and worries. As
soon as you clearly perceive their
nature your nervousness will abate
noticeably. At any rate, you will not be
afraid to try to come into the phase or
contact. Certainly, it will hardly
decrease your anxiety in the phase as
theory and practice often differ here.
The main thing you should remember
is that you can face nothing really
dangerous, whatever dangerous it may
look and whatever unpleasant feelings
it may cause in you. Understanding of
your safety at any outcome helps a lot
to avoid troubles. You should
remember about it at the moments
when you will want to return to the
physical world, having given the most
of it up. At the beginning such
thoughts will help you to increase the
time of your critical psychological
patience and then they will let you

completely refuse the deliberate leaving
this fantastic world.
Knowledge of the fact that no case of
death of such journeys was proved can
also help you greatly. Nobody died of it
though many people had experienced
the most terrible feelings. There are no
reported facts that a person who
decided to practice the phase did not
get out of the relaxed state of body.
Maybe such cases took place, but only
under accidental concourse of
If your nervousness and fear for your
life exceed the bearable level, there is
only one way of overcoming this
situation: every time you should go
further and further in facing and
defeating your fear. In practice it looks
like this: every time being in the phase,
try to prolong your confrontation with
your fear at least for several seconds
before you try to come out of this very
perspective state on your own initiative.
Thus, time after time you will be able to
adapt yourself to this strange world.
As regards meeting with the dead, it’s
very useful to know that your fear and
anxiety will pass over at the very
moment when you come nearer and
look into each other’s eyes. If you fulfill
the techniques correctly then, due to

the fact that the met person will not
differ from the one you remember your
fear will be deprived of all its sources of
feeding. It’s frightful at the very last
moment before the contact, when you
know that he (she) is really near, but
when the communication starts the
fear seldom keeps more than a few
seconds. And if you overcome this fear
it will hardly appear any time again.

Getting Into the Phase
This chapter will help you come into
the phase which later will give you an
incomparable opportunity to come into
contact with your dead close relatives.
Besides, getting into the phase will let
you have new opportunities in all
respects, because the phase is a too
various and marvelous world to use it
for only one purpose, though such an
important one as the question which
this book is devoted to. With the help of
not very complicated actions you will
be able to come into the phase, the fact
of which will be an eloquent evidence of
possibility of the contact itself if only
you were doubtful about it. In this
chapter we suggest both the easiest in
accomplishment technologies and a
short description of other widespread

Introduction to the Techniques

of Getting into the Phase
Since this book is not the reference for
studying the phase like, for example,
my first book «Out of the Body», we
can’t dedicate much space to detailed

descriptions of the technical
particularities. But, in spite of it, all
well–known as effective techniques
which are approved in practice are
certainly described here, only in a
noticeably pared-down form. It
concerns all techniques except for one
– the most effective which cannot fail.
We devote a separate section to it. This
technique will let you come into the
phase and consequently contact a dead
person in a speeded up order, maybe
from the first attempt.
Read the next section where it is
described thoroughly. If something is
not quite clear, don’t worry — it will
become intuitively obvious when you
start to realize it in practice. It also
should be mentioned that the names of
many techniques seem to be absurd
and ridiculous, because there is direct
meaning of their accomplishment in
these names. If the technique is named
«the palpation», it means that the sense
of it is in palpation of yourself and
surrounding objects if they are present
at the moment. Don’t pay attention to
their outer absurdity — it is present
only because you may not know what
this space is and what its properties
are. Just keep trying and you certainly
will come to a success.

Don’t forget that, before you get into
the phase, you should set a definite
goal as of what you are going to do
there. Otherwise, having found yourself
in this striking state you can
inadvertently become confused and
miss all opportunities. Particularly, it
concerns meeting with the dead. As
soon as you study the techniques of
getting into the phase and decide to try
them, read about the techniques of
getting into contact with the dead, too,
and choose the most appropriate one,
in order to proceed when there is

The Easiest Way of Getting Into

the Phase

Methods of Getting Into the

From the variety of separate techniques
of getting into the phase you can single
out three absolutely differing methods.
They are: direct getting into the phase,
indirect and method of getting into the
phase via sleep. Most frequently people
use the technique of indirect getting
into the phase and that via sleep,
because they are the simplest and do
not require much time and emotions.

By logic, the most important method is
the direct getting into the phase. This
means getting into the phase without
lapse of consciousness due to sleep; it
is to be started not earlier than five–ten
minutes after awakening which does
not influence getting into the phase in
such case. This method has two
important features: it allows to get into
this state at any time of day, whenever
you like; it is the most reliable method
for an observer who can unfairly regard
all the rest methods as sleep. Of all
autonomous methods of getting into
the phase this one yields only to the
following one.
The indirect getting into the phase
means getting into it after sleep, not
longer than five minutes after
awakening. At that, the duration of the
past sleep has no meaning. It may be
one minute or a night. This very
method is used involuntarily. Its
effectiveness is based on the fact that
human organism is relaxed after sleep,
and theis is the most important thing
about it.
Getting into the phase via sleep means
realization of one’s position there, after
which only deepening of the state with
the purpose of sense intensification can
be accomplished. This brings to the
desired transformation of the state.

This is the most unpredictable and ill–
controlled method, because perception
of oneself during sleep doesn’t depend
on one’s mind and direct deliberate
efforts. It always happens
spontaneously, but not without reason;
and creation of the latter is mastering
of this method. For an inexperienced
person it is the least interesting
method, because it is associated with
usual sleep. But certainly, it is not so.
In actual fact is that there is no
essential difference in the results of
these three methods. The only thing is
that there is greater possibility of
falling asleep when one gets into the
phase through sleep. If you decide to
get into contact with the deceased
relative of yours, the method of doing it
doesn’t mean a lot: all the same, you
will get everything from it. The other
matter is the choice of what is more
convenient for you and what can
provide you with more opportunities,
for we live our own lives, and our
organisms function differently. At
worst, mastery of any of these methods
would be enough: nothing will be
concealed from you in any case.
The essential role of sleep in the
indirect method of getting into the
phase is only in its relaxation. This
differs it from the direct method where,

in order to get relaxed, one should
employ many complicated and boring
techniques requiring patience and will.
That is why the indirect getting into the
phase is easier, for it doesn’t require
any effort to get relaxed. The only thing
one should do is to fall asleep. The
organism takes this function upon
Besides, there are techniques of non–
autonomous getting into the phase
with the help of different outer
auxiliary means. There isn’t any
reliable method yet, but the mankind
looks in this direction with hope,
because only invention of an ideal
device for getting into the phase will
help to upturn the idea of this
phenomenon in wide circles of people,
providing them not only with the
chance of meeting their deceased
relatives, but also many more other
things. Besides, such technology will
let to implement the Mind–net, the
technology of symbiosis of the phase
and the digital components which will
open one more parallel multifunctional

Methods of Direct Getting Into

the Phase

Methods of Indirect Getting
Into the Phase

Methods of Getting Into the

Phase Through Sleep
First and foremost it should be
mentioned that if you come into the
phase through realization of it in your
sleep, its essence doesn’t change. It
means that it would be unfair to
consider it a dream. If you don’t believe
it try to come into the phase by means
of all known to you methods and
conduct similar tests or experiments
there. The results will be the same.
The peculiarity and specificity of this
technique is in absence of any concrete
actions and efforts for getting into the
phase. You never know definitely how
much time is left till the realization. In
general one may have an impression
that it isn’t absolutely mentally
controlled which I myself dislike in it
most of all. In other techniques you
definitely know and realize your actions
at a certain moment. But when you
come into the phase through sleep you
must come to your senses suddenly
which depends on the actions done not
during sleep.

However, some people may think that
what really matters is not the means,
but the result, especially in achieving a
contact with a dead person, that’s why
one should try his best in mastering of
all possible ways of getting into the
The most important thing here is the
second attention – a strong intention.
We have already mentioned its
important role, but here it is
determinant. If one can master other
techniques without it, though with
some problems, here it is impossible to
make a step with lack of knowledge of
it. It is the high level of the second
attention which allows you realize
yourself in sleep having come across
some “anchor”.
There are a lot of methods of improving
the second attention, of training of
reaction to the “anchors” which may be
represented by anything starting with
some small things and ending with
emotions. In order to achieve success
you need only to understand the core of
the matter and then take initiative.
The meaning is in the fact that you
should react unconsciously and
recollect yourself having met something
predetermined in your dream. In order
to make it happen as often as possible

people usually choose the things which
are almost guaranteed to be met in
every dream. The most effective and
popular “anchor” is the image of a
hand, because our hands get in our
field of vision whatever we do.
You should develop the strong second
attention at least in the real world in
order to react to the hands often. You
should choose for it some “anchors”
from every day life, but in such a way
that they should be met not too often
and not too seldom. The red light of
traffic lights or a handshake, a clock or
a telephone ring are quite suitable as
“anchors”. In general, everybody should
choose for himself basing on his way of
life. When you meet your “anchor” you
should immediately recall your
intention to react to it and realize your
general position, evaluate your
surroundings having forgotten about
everything happening in your life (but
not in the case with traffic lights!) in
order to ask yourself the main
question, “Am I sleeping?”. At that you
should not just ask yourself this
question, but you need to realize its
meaning and seriousness completely
and answer it with the whole
responsibility. Because in the future,
when you ask yourself this question in

your dream, you may not always
answer it correctly.
You shouldn’t worry if you don’t
succeed for a long time even having
good results in the real world. The
main thing is to strive for them. The
first realization is likely to be not earlier
than in one or two weeks. But then it
will happen more and more often.
After having realized yourself in sleep
first you should resort to the techniques
of deepening which not only let you
consolidate your grip on the state and
sharpen your feelings, but also can
drive the rest of sleepiness away from
your head. After having realized your
position you may continue your
journey right from this place if you had
made it real, and its also possible to
return into your stencil and start the
deepening from it which is especially
recommended when the initial phase is
infirm. In most cases there takes place
an automatic dispatch of the body into
the stencil without losing the phase.
Further actions develop as in usual
direct or indirect way of getting into the
phase. As regards the contact, it is
possible to start the technique of its
realization right away and it will not be
declining in its results.

Additional Means of Getting
Into the Phase

Deepening of the Phase
Misunderstanding of this most
important principle — obligatory
deepening of the phase after getting
into it — is the main reason of actually
all errors of the nature of this
phenomenon. The matter is that
superficial and deep forms of the phase
have very serious differences in
perception, that’s why many people
think that they are even quite different
spaces. As regards contact with the
dead, it is possible only in deep states
which offer all opportunities for it. This
action in its essence doesn’t represent
anything complicated both from the
theoretical and from the practical
points of view. It’s only necessary to
adhere to elementary rules and never
forget them.

Validity of Methods of Getting

Into the Phase

Methods of the Phase


Deepening of the Phase Via

Deepening of the Phase Via
Long ago I figured this technique out by
myself. I have never come across it in
other sources, though it obviously had
been used by somebody else. It is very
effective during the primary deepening
and it’s easy to discover it getting into
the phase regularly. The matter is that
concentration on any feelings,
including tactile, is appropriate for the
deepening. Essentially, the technique of
deepening by observation is based on
the same principle. We use our hands
actively in every day life, that’s why the
area of our brain responsible for the
haptic sense is very large. For this
reason this technique is very efficient,
because it influences one of the most
important zones of the cerebral cortex.
The technique of palpation lies in
tactile sensation of anything possible
after the separation with the stencil
when all feelings are indistinct. You
can «touch» your own body, which at
the same time effects other parts of the
brain, or surrounding things, because
even in the weakest state everybody
always find by palpation their beds or
sofas on which their real bodies in the
physical world are situated.

The main thing is to do it actively, not
to stop in one place and get more and
more information about the
surroundings. Gradually everything
becomes more real, including your
second body. After some time the
eyesight appears. In general, this
technique can bring you to a standard
position in the phase, but you
shouldn’t expect that it will help you to
go very deep.
During work with this technique it is
necessary to show not just
perseverance in realization, but also
rush and hardness, almost
aggressiveness, the same as with other
methods. It is not just one of the
conditions of fulfillment of the task, but
it may be regarded as an independent
moment, because it’s an original form
of activity, which helps to deepen the
phase, as we have mentioned already
many times.
Deepening of the Phase Via
Falling Down
Deepening of the Phase Via
Deepening of the Phase Via

Keeping the Phase Up
The most difficult thing about technical
realization of a contact with a dead
person in the phase is getting into the
phase. But very many people make the
grossest mistake in their further
actions of any kind in the phase: they
don’t pay attention to the techniques of
keeping the phase. Such a dereliction
brings to the fact that a person cannot
completely understand what happens
to him in the phase, because he has no
time for it, for he can stay there only
for several seconds leaving the
procedures of keeping the phase
unaccomplished. Those making this
mistake usually pay no attention to the
techniques of the phase deepening
described in the previous chapter,
having pernicious effect on practical
mastering of the phase. However, in
order to practice whatever applications
of this striking state, especially the
contacts with the dead, one should not
miss this aspect, as nothing will come
out of his attempt without it.
Getting into the phase is one thing, but
staying there is another, equally
important. The problem is that after

getting into the phase you will not be
able to stay there as long as you want
doing only practical things and careless
about remaining in the phase; it means
that you will not be able to realize the
contact with the dead person at once.
Hardly there exist people who can do
without this feature. The time of your
presence in the phase fully depends on
your careful accomplishment of the
techniques of keeping the state up. All
your attempts will end in several
seconds without it. That is why, if you
are going to meet a dead person, you
should first examine the reasons of
unpremeditated getting out of this
marvelous state and the ways of
avoiding it.
The techniques of keeping the state up
are based on confrontation to the
processes of returning of consciousness
into the body; that is why you should
know the reasons before you study the
techniques. There are lots of them, but
all of them can be divided into several
main groups where different techniques
can be applied accordingly.

Methods of Activity

Keeping the Phase Up Via


First of all, at the mention of relaxation
there appears the idea of activity in
one’s mind, which is justified. Being in
the phase one should always keep
doing something, beginning with the
physical activity and ending with the
mental one, directed to the inner
experience processes.
It is the simplest and, at the same time,
the most effective technique. Its
meaning lies in as close as possible and
constantly changing contact with the
world of the phase and all its
manifestations. That is, one must never
stand thinking on one spot, doing
nothing. One should always be in full
activity. It is not difficult at all, because
it’s very interesting as the world of the
phase allows to contact a lot of amazing
You may destroy everything around,
touch and observe all you can see,
enter every door and get into every
hole, hit or talk to somebody, etc. In
general, you need to be in motion all
the time. Those who had never been
there may be surprised by new
opportunities of simple actions.
Incredible realism of the phase and
your self-realization in another world
make you take everything quite
differently. Every unnoticeable in
everyday life thing becomes of a special

interest in the phase and strikes
imagination of any person at the
Keeping the Phase Up Via
Keeping the Phase Up Via
This is the most well-known and
frequently used technique of keeping
the phase. It is not described only in a
few sources, as a rule not trustworthy.
It is also very simple and interesting in
use. It lies in concentration and
observation of surrounding things and
creatures in the phase. In order not to
interrupt the plot you should observe
the things included in it. For example,
if you walk along some street you
should observe its every peculiarity
from garbage on the ground to windows
of neighboring houses or observe every
feature of the face or body of a person
talking to you. The last directly relates
to contact with the dead, making it
possible to conduct the procedure of
keeping without interruption of the
action, which is very important. There
is only one condition: you must not
watch anything in the panoramic view;
it means, you should observe as near
and small detail of the whole view as
possible. If you watch, for example, a

faraway or large object, you are likely to
get into an unpremeditated getting out
of the phase — the fault. It is possible
to watch panoramic views only for a
little bit of time, after which is
necessary to conduct the procedures of
keeping. If you have a strong necessity
of long observation of a faraway object,
it will be most convenient to look at it
and to some near object, for example
your hands, for several seconds in
Keep this technique in mind as well as
the technique of activity and you will
never have any problem with confident
presence in the phase.
Keeping the Phase Up Via
Keeping the Phase Up Via

Confrontation to

Keeping the Phase Up Via

Mental Rest

General Comments

The Contact
In this chapter we are going to study in
the smallest detail the concrete
methods with the help of which you
can meet a dead person in the phase. I
should mention at once that there is
nothing special and complicated in it
for the world of the phase. To meet a
dead person in the phase is not more
difficult than to do anything else there.
It is this chapter that will help you to
see those eyes again, to hear that voice,
to feel that very person whom you
seemed never to be seen again.

Methods of Getting Into

Contact With the Dead in the
It is not a secret for the person who
practices getting into the phase for a
long time that its space allows to
achieve various goals, including contact
with the dead, from different sides. As
practice shows, there are really many
ways of communication with the
deceased in the phase. All of them can
be sorted out into several groups
according to the principles of their

functioning. We shall not examine their
subtypes, the adjoining techniques,
ineffective and just difficult in
realization ones. We shall view only
their essential principles providing the
opportunity to see how to act further.
In this chapter we shall examine the
following techniques: the technique of
flying to a contact, the technique of
contacting immediately after separation
with the stencil, the technique of
materialization of a dead person in the
phase, the technique of finding the
dead in the phase, the technique of
contact in the group, the technique of
planned contact. They are quite enough
for achieving the goal defined in the
title of this book. Maybe, they are more
than enough, because even six
techniques can defocus your attention.
We should say beforehand that in this
direction of the phase study your
physiological and psychological
individuality will make you not only
independently define the simplest for
you technique, but also insert some
changes which will help to manage it
with more simplicity and effectiveness
into it, just in the same way as it is
possible to do concerning almost any
stage of technical study of the phase.
That’s why here we present some
samples, roughly speaking, during

realization of which you will easily see
how they should be applied in a
concrete case. Self-dependence is
always welcome in the phase, because
without it you often may not move from
the initial point.
It is not excluded that during practice
you will work out some other
techniques, maybe fundamentally
different from the ones described here.
Well, it is always useful, especially if
they will be more effective than the
techniques that we have, which is
unlikely, frankly speaking, because
everything possible has been simplified
Besides, you should never forget that
the phase itself can be effectively used
for its study, which is possible to do by
means of getting information from it,
for example, from the dead people
whom you can contact there. There is
nothing complicated in it from the
technical point of view. You just need
to ask them directly how to enter the
phase in a better way, how to deepen
and keep it more effectively, how you
should find them there. Maybe not at
once, but they will answer these
questions. They may answer not at
once, because there may appear some
psychological problems of interpersonal

communication, which is natural, but
can be easily overcome.
In order to make the techniques most
effective or at least get any result of
them don’t forget to squeeze out as
much as you can from each of them
before you proceed to the next one.
Maybe, it is not so important here as
during getting into the phase where
stability of your attempts in one
direction can determine its result, but
it has some meaning here, too.
Although all suggested here techniques
are effective in this or that way, you
should study each of them to choose
one. When you come into contact using
each of them you should notice, how
quickly everything happens, to what
extent a dead person feels comfortable,
whether it takes you much effort to
keep the phase, and at last, whether
this technique is convenient for you.
As concerns alternation of the
techniques, you should have no limits
in it, especially if one or more of them
don’t give any result after several trials.
It means that if you come into the
phase and try to realize, for example,
the technique of materialization of a
dead person, but nothing comes of it,
change the approach immediately and
try another one. Frankly speaking,
such case is a rare thing, but if another

technique doesn’t help, you can
proceed to the third one.
When you read the technical
descriptions of the methods you can
have many questions concerning
principles of their operation, such
questions as, “Yes, they do work, but
what lies in their mechanism?”. This
question is very difficult to be answered
separately, because there may be quite
a number of different explanations for
each technique.
So, you have an extensive base for
independent study of this question.
Here there is a step-by-step constituent
which will not give any result only if
you are not serious about it at all and
don’t take at least several insistent
attempts. Try it and make your
conclusions on the basis of what you
see and what your impressions are.
But be careful about them: don’t forget
that the direct deductive methods are
inadmissible in the phase, as you
should see more deep and general
processes in everything. The material
space of the phase is just their
In order to make every technique as
useful and understandable as possible
we suggest not only detailed
descriptions of their realization, but

also explanations of when and why
they are better to be used, to what
extent they are easy or complicated,
their relation to different theories, some
comments and advice.
In the end, before we proceed to the
description of the techniques of contact
with the dead in the phase, we
insistently remind you that you can
start their realization only after you
have not only come into the phase, but
deepened it extremely and at that
remember everything about keeping it.
The utmost depth in the phase is very
easy to define – as soon as every detail
of the space acquires unreal and
fantastic realism in perception and the
physical world seems to be
disappeared, you should know that you
have come into the deepest phase.
If you don’t deepen the phase, hardly
anything of your plan will come true. At
that, it concerns not only the
techniques of contact with the dead,
but any other applications of the phase
to pragmatic purposes, which makes
the notion of the Aing

Method of Flying to the


Method of Contact Right After
the Separation With the Body
This technique basically has little
difference from the flight to a contact,
though it may seem quite different from
the outside. The main difference is in
the fact that it should be realized
immediately after getting into the phase
without any intervening affairs and
events in it, because it is necessary to
make the same concentration on the
dead person but as soon as you reach
the shallow phase. Its meaning lies in
realization of the deepening together
with the concentration on the object. It
is possible only at simultaneous
realization of both things.
This technique is worth of using only if
you have at least a bit of experience in
control of the phase, especially of the
deepening. Besides, it is sensible first
to practice the previous technique of
the flight to a contact before you try to
use this one.
The advantage of this technique is
maximum economy of time in the
phase for achieving the result. Time
there has the value of a gold bar and
every minute is given either with a
struggle or with blind fear which draws

in. Most of the techniques can take up
to half of the time of presence in this
marvelous state in some way. And at
the initial stages one should be
prepared for the fact that he may have
no time even for the technical
constituent, which is very much
annoying, because at the beginning
getting into the phase is implemented
with great effort. But the technique of
contact right after the separation with
the body allows to get rid of all these
annoying losses of time and come into
the contact right after the deepening.
Naturally, the algorithm of realization
of this technique is not quite ideal for a
beginner, that’s why you shouldn’t try
to use it from the very beginning of
your practice, though it may seem to be
very simple in accomplishment. During
your first trials it will be difficult for
you to combine successfully such
things as deepening and concentration
on the dead. It may happen so that you
will not succeed in any of them. This is
the main difficulty for the experienced
in the phase control people, too, as
such combination is not very easy to
realize anyway. During the flight to
your purpose you should do nothing
but concentrate on the object and still
you may not every time get your own
way. And in this technique the

situation is complicated by the parallel
For realization of the technique of
contact with the dead right after the
separation with the stencil you should
remember about it before you get into
the phase, it means that you shouldn’t
choose this technique during getting
into it, because you’ll hardly have time
for it. As soon as you feel that you have
come into the phase in its weak,
shallow form, which can be manifested
in separation with the stencil and
appearing of perception of the phase,
you need to start concentrating on a
certain person immediately. This can
be done by means of imagining his
appearance and other parameters
which are associated with him; at that
you should try not to think of anything
else, because it may become the reason
of transgressions and failure in the
end. Then you should simultaneously
use the techniques of the deepening, at
that you should better use the
techniques of concentrating on visual
objects and of palpation, which are
described in the specialized section of
the book. Even better is to combine
both techniques. If you don’t
immediately apply these two
techniques you can be involuntarily be
taken by the automatic force of the

phase, which appears during mental
concentrations and brings to the
technique of the flight to a contact. In
practice the correct realization of it
looks like that: you start to palpate
everything around you, trying to see it
and at the same time imagining that
there is a needed person near you.
Gradually, during the deepening
everything starts getting distinct
shapes and your eyesight quickly
appears. The object will be in the space
of your presence. Maybe, he will be in
the near space (for example, in the near
room), which you will definitely know.
Like in the cases of other techniques,
the views of the theories, explaining the
existence of the phase, on the
technique of the contact right after
getting into the phase can be
diametrically opposite. More
metaphysic points of view on the world
order explain it in the same way as the
previous technique by existence of
relation with the other worlds, through
which one can call the souls or get to
them. This opinion is proved in practice
by the fact that after the separation
with the stencil a person, in absolute
majority of the cases, gets into the
same room where he is lying in the
reality. From the outside it looks as if
we call the object by our concentration

on it. One more proof for it is the
presence of our real body which can be
observed separately. However, we
should mention that it may be not
there… It means that the nature of this
phenomenon is not so simple as it may
seem sometimes. The pragmatic point
of view on the phase has the standard
explanation of the possibility of such
contact: the space of the phase chooses
the scenario of materialization of
appearance according to the most
vividly imagined scenario, which is
possible at the shallow state.
If the technique doesn’t work you
shouldn’t make thoughtless
conclusions and refuse it, as we have
told already, because all suggested
techniques are effective. The other
thing is that they are effective in
different ways. You should always show
vigor in realization of any techniques in
the phase, and if something goes the
wrong way it’s only because of some
technical defects in accomplishment,
which are often intuitively understood
and can be easily defined.
Unsuccessful attempts to use this
technique may appear in the fact that
you can accidentally come out of the
phase or deepen in it, but in its space
there will not be the needed person or
it will be quite a different one, because

concentration parallel with the
deepening has much errors. However,
after some training such mistakes
quickly disappear.

Method of Materialization of a
Dead Person in the Phase

Method of Searching of a Dead

Person in the Phase

Method of the Planned Contact

Method of the Group Contact

Place of the Contact. You re


Method of Communication.
Warnings and
When you come into the phase and
contact a dead person in it you will
understand that you know not
everything about it. Nevertheless, it’s
another world with its rules and laws
and you cannot apply the standards of
our usual world to it. In this chapter
we shall view in detail some obligatory
questions about which you should have
a notion when you communicate with
the dead in the phase. Maybe, this
chapter will help you to avoid
bewilderment and unexpected things
about which you cannot even think in
the future.

Ceasing of the Contact If the

Object is Inadequate

Unexpected Manifestations of

The Object’s Memory

How To Speak

You should not think much about this
question, as you can do it in a usual
way. For your information, speech in
the deep phase completely corresponds
its analogue in the physical world,
that’s why you will not have any
difficulties with it.
Something can possibly go wrong only
during your first attempts. It may
happen for the reason of your own
concentration on your mouth and
larynx when you will try to feel the
process of speaking. The matter is in
the fact that increased attention to the
parts of body in the phase may cause
some malfunction in their work. You
should know that if you concentrate
your attention on the process of
speaking even during a talk in the real
world you can lose its distinctness,
because this process should be
automatic due to its complexity
independent from the consciousness.
In order to avoid such problems don’t
pay attention to your mouth, speak as
You should also take into consideration
that during the talk (like in all other
cases) you must not forget about the
procedures of keeping the phase, as it’s
very easy to distract your attention
completely by the conversation. The
most convenient in this situation can

be visual concentration on the small
details of the appearance of your
interlocutor, that is observing the
peculiarities of his clothes, body (face,
hands) and so on.

What To Talk About

How To Get Into Closer Contact

Where To Meet

What Your Appearance Should


What to Do is the Object Shows

Often the met in the phase person
shows fear and agitation of different
kind. It is a normal thing, though
coolness in behavior is met more often.
Fear can be expressed in the most
extreme degrees of expression of
emotions, which influences ourselves
first of all, that’s why we should
examine this matter.
It is not difficult to answer why it
happens. If it is a soul of a man then,
having got used to the physical world,
it can not immediately adapt to the
other world. Besides, none of us can
definitely know what expects us there

and how it happens. If it is simulation,
then it is undoubtedly the simulation of
our understanding of the fact how a
dead person’s soul can behave, and of
the fears we associate with death.
As it is very painful to observe a
frightened close creature you should
try to calm him. You can use common
methods for it starting from calming
down and encouraging phrases and
ending with tight embraces able to
create the feeling of safeness, at least
Anyway, don’t be too upset if the dead
person is too scared. Often it is not
only normal but inescapable, if, for
instance, a child is considered. In such
situations only people with strong
character will not show their agitation.
Besides, fear more often occurs after
recent death, later it shows more
seldom. Even if it occurs, it will never
be permanent and go by with time; 2-5
contacts will be enough for the fear to

What to Do if the Object Tries

to Take You With Him

Your Attitude to the

Information Received from the
Dead in the Phase

How to Achieve High Accuracy
of the Information Received
from the Dead in the Phase

Intentional Leaving the Phase
Sometimes deliberate leaving the phase
seems to be just absurd, because often
it is very difficult to get into it. But
there are cases when it is simply
necessary: sudden sharp pains,
something urgent in the reality, fear. As
for the matter described in this book,
this theme is depicted especially vividly
in relation to the extreme singularity of
the events taking place in the phase
that can easily cause the strongest
shock and fear requiring immediate
getting out of the phase. It was already
mentioned that strong stress is not
only very shocking experience, but it
can do irretrievable harm to human
organism, because often it is very
difficult to get out of the phase
deliberately, especially if you don’t
know how to do it. In its turn the
difficulty with returning back into your
physical body can only intensify the
terrible experience. Meeting with the
dead is not a promenade to the zoo.
The contact is as shocking as if it takes
place in the physical world. No wonder
that it is necessary to know how to stop

Urgency of Getting Out
Why learn to get out of the phase if the
great problem is to get into it?
Moreover, we can guess that one
should never leave the phase
intentionally in order not to waste the
precious time of study of this world and
to use it at best in the area of contacts
with the dead. The thesis that one
should never come out of the phase
deliberately is even included into «the
precepts of an ainger» I developed
recently in order to define the crucial
points of the study of this strange
state. However, you should always
know the emergency way out,
especially in this case of application of
the Aing — meeting the dead — when
the possibility of strong fright increases
greatly and may do considerable harm
to your organism. It is much safer to do
it when you know how to slip away
from it in case of emergency, isn’t it?
You shouldn’t think that it is always
difficult to get out. In the cases when
something serious, disastrous may
happen in the physical world, one gets
out of the phase very quickly and easily
due to the hidden protective resources.
Besides, the techniques of getting out
of the phase at the initial stages are

very important for the comfortable
practice from the psychological point of
view, as there is intense fear at the
beginning. Certainly, it passes away
when you get some experience and,
consequently, you shouldn’t get out of
the phase when fear appears, you just
need to outlast it. But everything
should be done within reasonable
limits. If your fear is too acute then it
would be better for you to enter your
physical body at once and postponed
this matter for the next time. This
practice is quite usual during the
mastering of getting into contact with
the dead.
As for the premeditated getting out of
the phase, if necessary, it is often very
difficult to implement which is
especially surprising due to the fact
that it’s hard to keep up it in most
cases. However, one should search for
the ways of keeping and intentional
getting out exactly in this
paradoxicalness. I will remember for
the rest of my life the unpleasant
feelings I had to experience. In my
experience I can remember only several
tens of intentional leavings the phase
and few of them were easy. In all other
cases it was extremely difficult to do,
sometimes it seemed almost
impossible, especially when fear seized

my heart. And all these difficulties were
out of lack of appropriate attitude to
the methods of getting out of the phase.
Most often the necessity of leaving the
phase urgently appeared during my
first contacts with the dead directly
related to the theme of this book. Now
the situation has considerably
improved, as there came definite
understanding of what to do, because,
all the same, from time to time I have
to violate the main rule of presence in
the phase up to the very end and get
out of it for various reasons (mostly
because of an instinctive fear of dying
during very deep states).
All techniques of the intentional getting
out of the phase are based on
achievement of the quietest state of
consciousness and body, for the main
ally of the deep phase is activity on
which the corresponding techniques
are based. Among the techniques of the
phase deepening it occupies one of the
leading places; that is why it would be
ridiculous to become more active for
returning back into the physical body.
Though, certainly, one cannot come to
it quickly without any assistance,
because we got used to act after we
defined the goal. But it is quite different
here. You should act, but they need to
be very simple, relaxed and — the main

thing! — correct and guided in the
appropriate direction.
The amount of activity defines the
depth of the phase — this is one of the
main postulates. Of course, every time I
used activity during getting out of the
phase I managed to come into the
body, but it took much time and effort.
Together with the psychological
experience at that moment this method
cannot be rated among the effective
ones. When you are in the situation of
impossibility of getting into your own
body for quite a long time, any thought
may come up into your head, even that
of the death coming. That is why no
wonder that unsuccessful attempts to
do it are almost always accompanied by
intensifying fear. And all further events
develop as cork–screw: more activity —
farther from returning into the body —
more fear — even more activity —
deepening in the phase — some more
fear and so on. Thus, it is possible to
go insane, so people with weak heart
should pay more attention to the
following three techniques.

Methods of Intentional Leaving

the Phase

Getting out of the Phase Via
Concentration on the Part of
Your Body
Getting out of the Phase Via
Feeling Your Breath
Getting out of the Phase Via

Understanding of What Goes On

Contra–Indications and
Elementary Skills

Like in any other sphere there are both
positive and negative sides in the phase
which you should always remember.
Besides, in order to adhere to a
maximum objectivity and make
everything as safe as possible, it is
impossible for us not to pay attention
to such peculiarities. The more so if we
count on seriousness and pragmatism.
Owing to the specifics of practice of
meeting the dead this matter acquires
special concernment and complexity.
So, as we have already mentioned, in
spite of all arguments about the nature
of the phenomenon of the phase, there
is actually no doubt that it happens at
the moment when from the outside we
are in the so called «quick sleep» or, to
put it more scientifically, in the phase
of quick sleep. Such coincidence in no
way depreciates the merits and
advantages of this modified state of
consciousness, but puts on it quite a
number of natural physiological marks,

which are not so positive, though
PQS is characterized by quick
movement of eyes, low EMG (muscular
tonus), irregular EEG (cerebral waves),
respiratory and cordial arrhythmia,
blood pressure oscillations and
increase of motion activity. These truly
agonistic characteristics are called the
“vegetative storm”, which is quite right;
and having comprehended each of
them you will be able to interpret the
meaning of this section of the book
It is not surprising that 90% of all
deaths during sleep happen at that
very moment. But what does the phase
practice mean? An artificial
prolongation of this dangerous state…
We definitely can say that the phase
may be quite justly used for healing of
almost all possible illnesses and
ailments, but if you have serious
cardiovascular diseases or a heavy form
of epilepsy and other similar diseases
you should read this chapter very
thoroughly in order to avoid problems
for yourself and for the author of this
book. The risk in the phase is the
biggest for the people, especially for
elderly ones, who suffer from these not
so rare diseases.

The situation would not be so
complicated if it were not the method of
using the phase for the purpose of
contact with the dead when a strong
“vegetative storm” under influence of
fear can turn into “earthquake” and
If you have the mentioned problems
with health, but at that you want to
meet the dead in the phase very much
and don’t want one not very lucky day
(for you, bit not for your heirs) join
them or become the object of the
contact you simply shouldn’t display
much eagerness in prolonging of this
state. It means that you shouldn’t
protract too dangerous experience the
load of which geometrically increases
as time goes by. We should say that
nature has thought everything over and
even having a strong wish to keep the
phase for a long time your organism
will hardly allow it. It is of little
possibility that if you stay there for no
more than a minute or two, which is
quite enough, you will increase the risk
of death.
Besides, in order not to make your
heirs happy, try to avoid shocking
experience in the phase, especially
during a contact with the dead when it
is not only most possible, but also the
strongest. Be reserved and prepared to

everything, keep quiet and don’t resist
the return into the body in a minute or
more of your presence in this state, and
nothing serious will happen to you,
however ill you are.
Elementary Skills
From the moment of our appearance in
the physical world we study different
skills of being in this space and
controlling it, its objects and
properties. In many respects your
success in life is determined by the
success in this direction. Having not
learned or misunderstood something
you will hardly be able to live this life
with profit for yourself and your
The same happens in the phase.
Having come into it once and then
practicing it more and more regularly
and often you will have to face a
number of problems and skills which
must be mastered for a maximum
convenient and effective use of this
marvelous opportunity to enlarge the
space of your vital activity and receive
new opportunities which seemed to be
unavailable in principle. The phase
provides with many opportunities to
develop yourself and satisfy your
various wishes; you need only to study
to control it. Naturally, such skills will

be very useful for a more qualitative
getting into the phase.
The serious techniques deserve
separate mentioning, that’s why we
shall not consider them here. We shall
examine the question of the simplest
skills which should be possessed by
any person in the phase. These skills
can be compared to walking, speaking
and eating in the physical world. One
cannot do without them.
At first sight it may seem to you that all
this doesn’t have direct relation to
some properties and concrete
applications, but the enumerated
further skills which you must possess
will let you get in alternative ways the
skill of the phase space control at the
most crucial moment – the direct
transformation of its objects.
You can think that the transformation
must be simple, because in most cases
there is no stability of objects. But it is
not quite so. For example, you cannot
transform one thing into another at
once in the deep phase. You will not be
able to change the color in the same
simple way, even if you have
experience, not speaking about the
cases when there is no experience. You
should learn to do it, because in the
deep phase its objects acquire very

strong stability of their outer form and
hardly subject to transformation, which
is often needed for different purposes.
Besides, it is sensible to learn to
influence the subjects without
decreasing of the depth of the phase,
when it is on the one hand easier and
on the other hand dangerous, because
one not always manages to restore the
previous depth and it is easy to return
to the usual world. Sometimes, after
restoration of the depth, some
surrounding objects may change.
At that we are still speaking about the
forms of the objects. It is quite different
with their functions, though they
directly depend on the object’s
appearance, continuing to submit to
the usual rules of the reality (a branch
of a tree, transformed into a pen, can
write automatically). By the way, the
functions can easily change, because
their transformation doesn’t conflict
with the objects which acquired a
“physical” appearance.
You will consider some points to be
strange because of their elementary
nature, but it can be only due to your
lack of experience, because sometimes
it is impossible to lift a pencil in the

So, here are the skills which you must
possess in order to conquer the phase:
- the eyesight;
- contact with the objects (keeping them in
your hands, control of them);
- throwing of the objects;
- levitation (the flight, the soaring);
- transformation of the objects’ colors;
- transformation of the objects’ form by
means of your stare;
- transformation of the objects’ form in a
“physical” way;
- transformation of your own body (the
phantom one, that is, felt and prepotent
at the moment, not the one lying in the
- telekinesis of motion (moving objects by
means of your stare);
- telekinesis of levitation (keeping the
objects in the air by means of your
- setting on fire by means of stare;
- seeing through objects;
- pronunciation of sounds and speech;
- walking;
- running;
- walking through walls;

- putting your arms through the objects.
Train at their mastering every time you
get into the phase till you manage to do
it easily and without embarrassment. I
can say from my experience that at the
beginning it is rather difficult, but then
everything changes and such things
become very easy to accomplish.
From the technical point of view there
is no special necessity in explanations
of how to do it, which may seem
strange concerning levitation and
telekinesis. However, you just try to do
it by means of your will-effort and you
will feel the results very soon. During
accomplishment of the actions you will
understand everything by intuition.
We should mention that you ought not
to consider as the skills those cases
when such actions are managed to do
in the shallow phase. There is no sense
in it. You need to be able to do
everything in the deep phase.
When you acquire these skills you can
be sure that you know the ABC of the
phase. After it you can proceed to more
serious actions. But you should never
forget about this list, because you need
to resort to it again in the phase in
order not to lose such useful skills that
will be necessarily applied in some

Probably, you couldn’t have imagined
that in your age, in any case far from
going to a kindergarten, you will have
to learn the things that nobody of
sound mind could suppose. To see, to
walk… It seems that if you learn to do
such things once you will not have to
do it again, if only you are not involved
in an accident. But as long as you have
decided to travel different worlds, you
should be prepared for such sacrifices.
Especially when in contrast to the
reality it takes much less time there. At
the regular practice of at least two or
three getting into the phase a week it
will require no more than three weeks.
But for realization of the idea of this
book, it’s enough just to walk and see,
which is often managed from the first


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