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Land of Prayer

also known as Brahmanism Brahma. good man’s soul will be reborn to a man having good reputation. Oneness of Brahma 2. Reincarnation a. bad man’s souls will be reborn to the chief religion of India . b.Hinduism.God .“Soul of the Earth” Belief of the Hindus 1. .

Agni.The Destroyer Other Gods 1. . 2.storm India. they had 300 gods and goddesses.good fate Vasanti. Brahma. 2.The Creator Vishnu. 5. 4. 3. 3.elephant Laksmi.Festival Approximately.Trinity of Hindu god 1.The Caretaker Shiva.

Hermit 5. Taught that all men needed to be equal .Buddhism. He hated caste system 4. Pro-poor 3. Rich Hindu prince who was humane 2.(16th century) Gautama Buddha 1.

Oneness w/ Brahma. 3. Life’s misfortune is based from sin. Life’s misfortune has ending. It shall end if he denounces his worldly life.Teachings of Buddha 1. Life is a sacrifice 2. Nirvana. . 4.

8. 3. Right belief Right Intention Right Speech Right Action Right livelihood Right effort Right thinking Right meditative prayer . 6. 2. 7. 4. 5.Attaining Nirvana 1.

• Hindus. • Vedas. . • Taj the most beautiful mausoleum in the world as a gift of Shah Jahab to his wife.Indian literature w/c consists of religious poem and hymns of praise.are generally vegetarian.

Indian Literature Rik-Shamhita. Panchatantra (or Five Headings) -is a rich collection of brief stories of ancient time -contains the first fables ever written .was a collection of thousand hy in praise of different gods. Literature of India is often called “Sanskrit Literature” Sanskrit means “perfected” on “cultivated”.Also contains short stories .

it tells a story of civil was that might have taken place in the early years. .Characteristics of Indian Literature 1. . Indian literary masterpieces are written in the form of epics (The Ramayana and the Mahabharata) Ramayana. about the reincarnation of the creator of god Vishnu the person of Krishna. Mahabharata. This reincarnation of Vishnu are called “Avatars” or descending of the Gods.a long poem. It is based on piety. a deeply religious spirit.greatest epic of India .

his best known play. Bhasa 2. Kalidasa.Indian Drama Two great Indian dramatists: 1.Indian Shakespeare Shakuntala. .

Rabindranath Tagore • Was a great Indian poets and dramatist. Yoga 3. Indians contributions to civilization: 1. • Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. arts and architecture are better known than any forms of Oriental Culture . Four great religions 2. First fable of the world (Panchatantra) 4. Invented the zero and numerals in mathematics 5. Music.

2. Mahatma Ghandi.champion of unselfish love 3. Mother Theresa. first prime minister of India. Jawahalrial Nehru.nationalist.peaceful revolutionist fought against English Imperialism. .Indian Famous Personality 1.