Rudd has genuine integrity; many of our people have only fear and hate.

While I would never tolerate same-sex marriage being performed in the Orthodox Church for reasons I have made very clear over the years I agree whole-heartedly with !evin Rudd on the matter of civil marriages. I have met far too many homophobes over the years who are "ust selfhating #ay people or who are "ust trying to cover up for their own steambath lives. I have heard far too many outright lies from $Christians$ and seen too many young people commit suicide after tal%ing with a priest or minister --- ideological homicide pure and simple& and some of those priests have been active paedophiles in the Catholic Church raping little boys and then telling a #ay %id that he is going to hell 'why( )ecause he did not $come across$ and let the priest bugger him(*---. Rudd only cited slavery as being actually demanded in +cripture. ,e could have mentioned genocide mass rape of young girls murdering people who wor%ed on the sabbath mass abortion murdering little babies and the foetuses still in the mother-s womb. .ll commanded and sanctified in +cripture and malicious hate filled clergy trying to "ustify all that and focussing only on destroying the lives of people who were born #ay. /eople who lie and say that people have a choice about whether they are #ay or not also believe that 0he 1lintstones was a documentary and dinosaurs and human lived at the same time that the earth is a mere 23 333 years old and that people can curse you with an $evil eye$ 'why not an $evil nostril($*. 0he scientific demonstration that people are born #ay or transgendered is overwhelming 'but of course the is no such thing as climate change #4Os are good for you and we should burn even more fossil fuels*. In a democratic society we have no sound reason for denying marriage to people who through neither choice nor fault of their own were born #ay. ,owever since the Roman Catholic Church which see%s to dictate the sexual life of every living human being is little more than +odom and #omorrah in vestments with bells and smells we might thin% twice about what the issue in +odom really was

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