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Math Blogging Retrospectus 2013

Math Blogging Retrospectus 2013

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Published by gkrall
A compendium of some of the math blog posts that inspired folks in 2013
A compendium of some of the math blog posts that inspired folks in 2013

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Published by: gkrall on Dec 18, 2013
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Ben 7/11

Me: I know this new concept feels hard. But you know what

it’s like turning on a fluorescent light? It flickers on, then

goes dark, then goes bright for an instant, then goes dark


Student #1: Then bright?

Me: Yes, because…

Student #2: And then dark again?

Me: Right. And what I…

Student #1: And then bright!

Me: Yes, yes. And eventually the light comes on, but it’s

slow, and there are these alternating moments of

illumination and darkness. And that’s how it is

understanding tough math. You feel like you get it, then you

don’t. There’s a moment where it’s perfectly clear, then a

moment where it all seems hopeless. Your understanding
flickers at first, but eventually it becomes steady and bright.

Student #3: Oh! I get the analogy!

Me: See? It’ll come to…

Student #3: Wait! I lost the analogy.

Me: Oh… well, I can…

Student #4: Ohhh! Now I get it!

Me: Hmm. Are you just mocking my…?

Student #4: No! It’s gone!

One student starts flicking the light switch off and on, as
others cry and shout:

All students: It’s all so clear! No – I’ll never get it! Wait – I see! No – I’ve lost it! Hold on – yes!

Me: I love you guys. Also hate.

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