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Circuit Training Workout #15

Circuit Training Workout #15

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Published by Amy Lynn

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Published by: Amy Lynn on Aug 30, 2009
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Circuit Training Workout # 15 Intensity

Need: Weighted Ball, Dumbbells, Kettlebells

One Leg Elevated Push Ups with Knee Tuck at Top 30s Each Side TO Dumbell Side Plank Knee to Elbow Crunches 1m Each Side TO Heavy Kettle Bell Sumo Squats Gainers 1m

Hovering Leg Sit Hold to Bridge Lift 1m TO 5 Pulse Squats Narrow, 5 Deep Squats Wide 1m Each Side TO Pilates Climbing Flutters 1m (cross and uncross feet as lowering to ground
then crossing back up)

5 High Knees into Drop and Lift 1m TO 1,2,3 Push Up (3 wide climbers then push up) Alternating Toe Touch Crunches 1m

Light Dumbbell Bicycle Hundreds 1m TO Bench Palms In Tricep Lower, Walk to Low PLank, Press Up, repeat in Reverse 1m TO Benched Kick Outs

Alternating Dynamic Surfer Burpees 1m (pop up into surfer squat, pause) TO Freefall Hollowed Plyo Push Ups 30s TO One Leg Bridge Lift 1m Each Side

Alternating Kettlebell Arnold Press 1m Each Side TO Dynamic Side Plank Ups 1m (wide legs, up / down) TO Powerful Wide Jump Squats 30s (pause in low suat at bottom)

One Legged Vinyasa Flow 1m (kick switch legs at top)TO 1, 2, 3 Swing Leg One Legged Push Ups 1m (kick side to side x 3, lower) TO Alt. Star Abs 1m

Split Lunge Jump into Elevated Push Up 30s Each Side (jump in split lunge, lower into push up, stand, repeat) TO One Armed Push Up to Down Dog 1m Each Side TO Lift & Kiss Your Knee 1m Each Side (hold “kiss” )

Marine Push Ups 1m TO Inner Thigh Come Togethers 1m TO Alternating Dumbbell Cross Punch 1m

Dumbbell Leg Lifts 1m Each Side TO One Legged Down Dog to One Legged Push Up 30s Each Side TO Pilates Cross Legged Lifts 1m (cross ankles, lift top leg, lift bottom to meet,
switch cross, lower together, repeat)

Touch Em Crunches 1m TO Kettlebell Inner Thigh Squats 1m TO Side Crow 30s Each Side into Jump Back

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