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Encroachment of footpaths endangering lives of pedestrians, say police
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One of the main reasons for pedestrian casualties is encroachment of footpaths by not only commercial establishments and hawkers, but also by motorists, according to Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Saleem!


The e"tension of shops and commercial establishments onto the footpaths and parking of #ehicles on the footpaths force pedestrians to walk on the roads, making them #ulnerable! $%ike roads are for motorists, footpaths are meant for pedestrians,& r! Saleem said! The traffic police ha#e initiated a dri#e this month to clear the footpath encroachment by fining shopkeepers as well as automobile owners who encroach upon footpaths! 'iding or dri#ing #ehicles on footpaths is also an offence! (uring the first week of arch, the Pedestrian Safety onth, the traffic police booked ),*+, cases for parking on footpaths, -,.*+ for riding on footpaths and /00- for encroachment by hawkers and commercial establishments! A senior traffic police official pointed out that more than *+ per cent of the roads are in a bad shape and despite assurances, the 1ruhat 1angalore ahanagara Palike has done precious little to fill potholes too! 2eywords3 4ootpaths encroachment, pedestrians safety, 1angalore Traffic police, pedestrian friendly roads

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12/13/2013 12:25 PM