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Most often we think push ups (danda) are exercises.But push ups as above are back bone concentrating postures.If you keep your mind on breathing you are simply keeping your back bone energy channel active for youth. Name of activity Time in minutes Name of kriya Name of kriya Pranayam 10 Name of kriya Udiyan 3 Name of kriya Jala neti 3 Name of kriya Kapal bhati 5 Name of kriya Tratak 4 Name of posture Sarvangasana Danda 2 Merudandasana 8 Chakrasana 3 Chanting either of 2 Kling krishnaya namoh 10 mnts Gayatri Maha mrityunjaya Morning Walk Morning walk with long and quick steps 20 up to 2 kms Practice ashwini mudra i.e contraction and expansion of anus while we excrete for 20-30times for clearing of bowls Total time 70 minutes

What to eat
1. Lemon juices 2/3 times a day, twice with sugar and morning one lemon with salt and warm water.
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2. Take early light food in night by 7 -8 pm and bread is preferable 3. A liitle fruit on a day 4. Preferably a glass of milk in the night

Even thought regular morning water in sufficient is fine and 2-3 lemons juice clears the dirt from our body. Back bone exercise is very important for making us look young. Udiyan bandha stretches all the veins and makes your stomach gas free.Before food we can do this along with niralamba asana i.e resting our chin on palms while lying on stomach for 2 minutes. Most important factor is never to affect your mind with irrational or

Complicated thoughts .That makes you thin and wrinkles develop in your face. Oily and fast food or food with irritation ,and mostly non veg food to be avoided. Other precautions White dress/shirt for gents and coloured dress for women gives one look young.and don’t take food with out a morning exercise. An article by kailash

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