A FREE GIFT I like free gifts, Don’t you? Would you say no?

If someone offered a gift, With no hidden agenda, Would you turn it down? et a gift is offered to you, With a!solutely no hidden agenda, It is the free gift of sal"ation, #ffered to you when you let $esus in% For &e died to forgi"e your sins, ou need do nothing e'(e)t, a((e)t the gift, *ew life in $esus today you (an find, For you (an know forgi"eness, From the #ne who alone is righteous% &e offers you the gift of a home in hea"en, Friend will you a((e)t this wonderful !lessing? Good works don’t get you into hea"en, ou need to a((e)t the free gift of sal"ation, +onfess you are a sinner, And a((e)t $esus who died for you as your ,a"iour% Irene -(Gough . /012

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