Krishna Tateneni Going Nowhere (for my fellow passengers in the NWSM and CWSM groups) Welcome.

We are glad to see you on board this evening. Please loosen your seatbelts, be comfortable but alert as you listen attentively to my voice. You have a choice. You always do, and we’re happy you chose to travel with us. And if your destination this evening is not nirvana, come along anyway, because, after all, it’s about the journey. We are pleased to inform you that this flight is grounded. So breathe deeply the knowledge that we will be staying right here. However, when your mind travels to places far and near, Do come back once you are ready. We’d be delighted to have you with us once again. Your fellow passengers will be waiting here, in this moment. And this one too, for deep inside each of us, we know the secret, Eternal knowledge: no matter how stimulating, filled with fantastic sights and our imagined edenic vision, the sensual dipping into our muddy imagination is nothing compared to the feeling Of coming home. We want nothing more or less than the taste of that bittersweet nectar in the moment when the wheels touch the ground. You sigh deep in your soul, knowing you are, for the moment, home.

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