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Bamboozle Raglan Short Sleeve

Bamboozle Raglan Short Sleeve

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Published by Zahida Mariyam
Knit pattern
Knit pattern

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Published by: Zahida Mariyam on Dec 18, 2013
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Bamboozle Raglan Short Sleeve with Lace and Cable front panel

(This is a Knit from Top Down Sweater) http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns2/bamboozle-shrtslvraglan.html

48. Size 5 and 8 straight needles Stitch Markers.Materials: Crystal Palace Bamboozle (55% bamboo. let it rest overnight and measure gauge. 24% cotton.35" circular needle.26" circular needles. 21% Elastic Nylon): 9 (9. The yo�s in each round are the raglan increases. Stitch Instruction: LT: Left Twist -. requiring sewing only at the underarm sleeve edges only. 52) inches Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches Be sure to do a gauge swatch . balls shown #in 9800 'painted iris' Crystal Palace Bamboo or Daisy Needles: Size 5 and 8 .knit into the back of the second st on the left-hand needle. 11. 44. The sweater is knitted from the top down. size 8 . 12) 50-gr.due to the elasticity of Bamboozle you should knit swatch. Slip them both off the needle. then knit into the front of the first st. Pattern Panel . 10. one in different color Finished Bust Measurement: 36 (40.

LT. K2. 105) sts. later a marker is added in a different color to indicate beg of rounds. Rep between * to last st. 26). K3. K1. 103. K5. P2.P1 (K9. K2. 5) times . K1. Row 5: Purl Row 6: Inc in first st. 5. K5. LT. P2 . 4.Knit . yo.K1 (yo. K1. P1) 2 (3. P1) 2 (3. 99. increasing before and after each marker Row 3: Purl Row 4: Inc in first 2 sts. place marker. 5) times . K1. P2 . place marker. P23 (25. . K2 tog. P2 .P2. P1) 2m (3. psso. K5.P1 (K9. K1. P1) 2 (3. LT. K3. 4. K1. P2 . K2. Markers are placed to guide increases to form the raglan sleeves. P2 . place marker. LT. 4. yo. K5. 25. P31 (39. Row 5: P2. place marker. P2 . sl 1. K1) 2 (3. 51). You will join round later. LT. 47. Do not join into a round. K3. 25. sl marker. K2. psso. P2 . 4.P1 (K1. 4. yo. sl 1. sl 1. P2. 4.Row 1: P2. P2. K2tog. 4. K1. 4. inc in last st. yo. K2. yo. sl 1. K3. 25. inc in last st. yo. Directions [edited for size 44 march 14 '07] Cast on 79 (91. Row 2: P2. yo. inc in next st. K5. K1.P2. K2tog. sl marker. Row 3: P2. yo. increasing before and after each marker. P2. 5) times . K across. P1. K2tog. K2.P2. Row 6: P2. P2 . 51. *K to 1 st before next marker. 4) times P2. K5. K3. P2. 4. K2. 4.P2. P23 (25. P2. Row 2: K across the row.P2. K3. 26). P1) 2 (3. Row 4: P2.P1 (K2.P1 (K3. yo*. P2. 5) times Row 7: P2. Row 1 (wrong side): P1. psso. K3. psso. 5) times . You are first making the back and shoulders of this Top Down sweater first. K1. LT. Row 8: P2.P2. 4. 4.Knit . LT. 25. LT.

147. yo. K 1 round without increases. yo. sl marker. .33. work row 1 of pattern panel. 3. P 1 row. K 1 (1. sl marker. yo. Rnd 2: K even. joining the round. 3). 39. yo. yo. complete round as established. place marker with string. K across left sleeve. K1. K to 1 st before next marker. yo. and with right side facing and using cable cast-on method. K across sts of right front (right=right side of sweater as worn) and right sleeve without increasing.Row 7: Purl Repeat last 2 rows until there are 8 (10. 3. [117 (139. Next round: *K1. 163) sts. but work row 2 of pattern panel. Begin Pattern: Note: Place markers at beginning and end of pattern panel. Do not turn work. K 1 (1. making raglan increases.* Repeat between * around. 0 . K1. cast on 23 (29. K1. to 1 st before marker.] Next row forms center front of sweater: Turn. yo. 12. K across back to 1 st before marker. K1. using different colors or tying string to them to differentiate from raglan markers. 12) sts before first marker and after last marker. From now on you will be knitting sweater in the round. K1. 161. 3). place marker with string. 0. Rnd 1: K1. Place a different color marker to designate this as beginning of rounds from here on. 39) sts for center front. 10.

111. increasing at raglan seams on alternate rounds until there are 91 (101. working appropriate row of lace pattern panel. Leave remaining sts on circular needle. using it as a holder. ending by working a wrong side row. K to within 10 sts of gap formed by turning. continue in stockinette st for 7 more rows. Divide at Underarm: K across back without increasing. Working on sleeve sts only. K across sts of left sleeve without increasing. working all 8 rows of pattern panel. End by working a row without increases. P to within 10 sts of end. Using straight needles. turn. work second sleeve to match the first. Using straight size 8 needle. . P to within 10 sts of gap formed by turning. Change to size 5 needle and work K1-P1 ribbing for 1". purling together the 2 sts on each side of the gap formed by working short rows. Bind off loosely in pattern. knitting together the 2 sts on each side of the gap formed by working short rows. turn. 131) sts on front and back. turn. 121. Re-attach yarn to sts of front and K across using circular needle. Repeat the last two rows 4 times more. turn. Begin short rows on sleeve: K to within 10 sts of end.Continue in this manner. Next row: K across. Purl one row.

17.16" circular needle. Bind off. pick up and K 9 (10. 12. . Work in K1-P1 ribbing for 1". Change to size 5 . pick up and K 1 st in every cast-on sts around neck. 18. using tip of larger needle. joining front (working appropriate row of pattern panel) and back.26" circular needle and work 2" in K1-P1 ribbing. Bind off loosely in rib pattern. 18) inches or 2" less than desired length from underarm.5 (17.Re-attach yarn to back and work across. 12) sts along shaped edges on front section. Neck Edging: Using size 5 . Continue working in the round as established to 16.5.

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