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Cane Run Suit

Cane Run Suit

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Cane Run Suit
Cane Run Suit

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Published by: petersoe0 on Dec 18, 2013
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the Stacks which emit an electrical charge that binds the particles; (2) scrubber systems,

including flue gas desulfurization, in the Stacks which absorb particles and gases which would

otherwise escape.

36. Despite these capture methods, hundreds of tons of coal combustion byproducts

escape from the Stacks each year, and are emitted into the air and off of the Cane Run Site to

settle on neighboring properties. Examples of video footage of byproducts escaping from the

Stacks and visible as black or brown smoke (as opposed to properly filtered white smoke) can be

viewed at:



37. Much of the fly ash, bottom ash, and other coal combustion byproducts that are

captured by the Cane Run Site’s power plant during the coal combustion process are stored in the

“Ash Silo,” and then processed in the Sludge Plant.

38. The purported purpose of the Sludge Plant is to mix fly ash, bottom ash, and other

coal combustion byproducts with a cementing agent, such as Poz-o-tec, that is intended to bind

the particulates and limit the particulates’ ability to blow into the air.

39. During its operation, the Sludge Plant has repeatedly blasted large quantities of

fly ash, bottom ash, and other coal combustion byproducts hundreds of feet into the air and off of

the Cane Run Site. Examples of video footage taken by local residents of the Sludge Plant

releasing coal ash and other coal combustion byproducts into the air can be viewed at:



Other coal combustion byproducts include, but are not limited to, lime, calcium
compounds, synthetic gypsum, wet scrubber ash, flue gas desulfurization ash, and flue gas
desulfurization sludge.

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