International Marketing (Class-2


Arun Bhattacharyya
Faculty Member JIM, Noida

From our last session…. We are in a connected world… …where we have to manage uncertainty as well as risk

And so… the stark reality…
Every company is international… …at least to the extent that its business performance is conditioned in parts by events that occur abroad

Going international is no longer

IF but HOW

Moving over to international marketing… IM is the process of planning and conducting transactions across national borders to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of individuals and organisations. marketer you need to To be a successful
be an anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist, diplomat, lawyer, prophet and business person. Complex, isn’t it?

The complexity is enhanced by two ‘revolutions’… The NEW CUSTOMER AND From ‘AGGLOMERATION’ to ‘DISPERSAL’

The new customer…
“ He/she runs with the rapid feet of new technology, yet carrying the same ancient and unpredictable human heart.” He/she is a combination of … •traditional and cyber, •rational and emotional and •wired and physical

The CENTAUR- the hybrid consumer

either/or but both
As a marketer the challenge is to understand & run with the “Centaur”


Macro/ Micro Environment



From ‘agglomeration’ to ‘dispersal’…
- (Daniel et al., 2003)
R& D Production Marketin g R& D Productio n Marketing

Sequential Development

Integrated Development

A distinct shift from integrating vertically (silo mentality) to integrating horizontally (alliances and networking ) Necessitated because consumers are asking for •differentiation at reasonable prices • real time response to their needs The shift of creating alliances is towards collaboration (creating new value by combined efforts of the partners)

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