Adding To Database Using Data Grid I would like to know how to insert multiple rows into an access database

from a datagrid control, or is there any other method for inserting multiple rows by using another control? Save Data Into The Database From Ms Flex Grid Friends, I want save data into the database from ms flex grid. some rows available in my grid. save this rows in different records in a database. made this savings in button click event. Thanks, Suresh Load Data Grid From MySql Database I want to use a data grid do display and edit items in a data table. When I try to create a data connection using Server Explorer I get 'Connected OK' when I test the connection but no table list appears. My database is by the way located on a server, which may be the problem. So, my question is:Assuming that I can sucessfully open my database using ADO, like:Dim Cn As New ADODB.Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset Cn.Open("Provider=MSDASQL;DSN=MyDSN") (or Server;driver;uid;pwd) rs.Open("select * from Mytable", _ Cn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenStatic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic) How do I then connect the open table to a Data Grid? Many thanks Pete Bulk Transfer Of Data From Grid To Database Friends, Is there any effective option for bulk data transfer from a grid to Recordset. (VB 6.0 and SQL Server2000). Thanks in advance. Varun Update Record In The Data Grid Not Reflect In The Database Hi All,

I've a question in DataGrid. When i retrieve data into data grid, iallow user to update or amend the record in the grid. But when i closethe form, the database is not updated. Is there any coding involve sothat all amended record will be updated to the table??

Best Regards, Khai Sze Populating The Grid With Data Coming From Database And A Variable Which Increments im planning to get the data from the database and from a variable that increments... i dont know how will i be able to display this on the flexgrid.. No name title 1 cathy Accountant cathy and accountant will cum from the database and no .. would be from no = no + 1 How To Save The Data From VB Form-grid Into Ms-access Database Dynamically! hi! I had my database called as "Campaign" with one table called "Godzilla" which contains Details emails of different persons fo different Industry(ex: health/mechanical/chemical/..etc) in SQL Server.. Now i had a combo box whcih fills the distinct of industries , one flexi grid to show all the email details of persons industry-wise and one command button("Save"). when i click on combo box ,let us say chemical, all the data corresponding to that industry from "Godzilla " table are displayed in The Flexi grid. Imp: Now i wanted to save this flexi grid data into Ms-Access database (Which is in local system) with dynamical table creation!...for furthet transactions from local system database... So plzz tell me how to create a table dynamically in VB to store data in ms-access! Looking for ur help in this manner... thanking you, with best regards, Sudhakar Reddy, Systems Engineer, Hyderabad(INDIA)Email: Retrieving Data From Database Into Grid Control [visual Basic] hi 1.i want to know how to use the DBGrid controls in vb. to insert the data into the rows 3.can we directly get the records from the data base like access can i select the rows using Shift+Down key Let me have the solution soon.

Conecting To A Remote MySQL Database And Displaying The Info In A Data Grid Im makign a program with a datagrid to display the Name, Email and various other fields of a mysql table. How can i have the program connect to the database and show the information? Thansk heaps! Displaying Data In A (data Grid / Flex Grid) hi i would like to know how to connect to a Access database and display all records in a flex grid in VB also i would like to know how to achive the above task from a SQL dadabse using ADO.. in VB Plz help me... Shabbeer How Do I Search Typed Data In Textbox In Data Grid Column How do I Search typed data in Textbox in Data Grid Column on Form load Data From Access TAbles loads into Datagrid am having Textbox When i Typed Certain Name it should search on Selected Column thanks Rajesh Printing The Contents Of A Data Grid - Data Report? Can Be Packaged? Dear Friends, I wish to provide a function to print the content of a data grid like that in Excel, including grid lines and column headers. But I don't want to use the capture image method of the grid and send to the Printer object because this is not applicable if the list is longer then the grid height. So do I need to use data report? I just notice its existenece in the Designers in the Project Explorer of VB IDE. Can the project using DataReport be packaegd up as a standard standalone exe for installing on a new machine? If special skills or tips are there, please kindly let me know. Thank you very much for your help How To Insert Temporary Data In Access(table) Using Data Grid How to insert data into a table using a data grid. A little background,i am using SS TAB in my forms i need to hold data temporarly im my data grid and then finaly at click it should be inserted in the table.The SS TAB is linked to ADOC,which is inturn linked to the table in access. How To Insert Temporary Data In Access(table) Using Data Grid How to insert data into a table using a data grid. A little background,i am using SS TAB in my forms i need to hold data temporarly im my data grid

and then finaly at click it should be inserted in the table.The SS TAB is linked to ADOC,which is inturn linked to table.

Edited by - manav74 on 10/29/2003 1:01:07 AM SHeridan Data Widgets 2 Data Grid Problem I have a form VB Tab control on it with three tabs, one each for "Query Setup", "SQL Display", and "Query Results". Tab # 3 (Query Results) has a Sheridan Data Widgets 2 datagrid on it attached to a standard data control. When the form initially loads the grid is automatically filled with the fields of the entire database. So far so good, that's what I want by default. However, if the creates an SQL on tab #1 (Query Setup) and the statement uses less fieldnames (columns, ie only First, Middle and Last names instead of all fields) than it had on the initial load the grid only dislays the first field. The SQL statements are correct. I have even tried replacing the Sheridan grid with the VB5 data grid and it works fine so I must be missing something here, perhaps a setting or something. My supporvisor wants (likes) the alternate row colors of the Sheridan grid and wants it to be databounnd so I need to use thia grid. Any ideas?

Rev. Michael L. Burns Transfering Data Form A Data Grid To Excel Hi guys. I have a program in VB6 which load data from an access table into a data grid, now I need to trasfer that data in the grid to an excel sheet. How can I do this?. Thanks in advance Updating Data Directly In The Cell Of Data Grid hi, i m wondering whether it is possible to update, insert or delete data directly in the cell of a data grid? i normally will let d user to click at d data grid and do these updates on a displaying text box. my user who is a microsoft excel user make a request that he hope d program will be as similar to excel as possible. i have look through d forum and didnt find a topic that can solve my problem. by d way, can we set different background colour or font colour for different columns? thanks~ Inserting Data In Access Using Do While Loop From A Data Grid how to insert data in access using do while loop from a data grid

Edited by - manav74 on 10/30/2003 11:09:33 PM Help On Viewing The Searched Data Inside The Data Grid Can somebody teach me how to view only the searched data within the Data Grid, removing the other items inside the Data Grid that are not included in the search

that I wrote insde the inputbox....Please add it to my code here: Dim rsClone As ADODB.Recordset Dim findpodealername As String Dim strFind As String findpodealername = InputBox("Enter DEALER'S NAME:", "FIND DEALER'S NAME") strFind = "Name = '" & findpodealername & "'" 'create a "copy" of the recordset, used so the current record pointer doesn't change.. Set rsClone = prodorderrs.Clone With rsClone 'Move to the first record .MoveFirst 'find the particular string .find strFind If Not .EOF Then 'Record has been found... prodorderrs.Bookmark = .Bookmark 'moves to the found record in the source r/set txt_pomonth = .Fields("MONTH") txt_poday = .Fields("DAY") txt_poyear = .Fields("YEAR") txt_podealerID = .Fields("DEALER ID") txt_poName = .Fields("NAME") txt_poprodid = .Fields("PRODUCT ID") txt_pocategory = .Fields("CATEGORY") txt_poqty = .Fields("QUANTITY") txt_pocolor = .Fields("COLOR") txt_posize = .Fields("SIZE") txt_pocash = .Fields("CASH") txt_pocredit = .Fields("CREDIT") txt_poamount = .Fields("AMOUNT") txt_pobalance = .Fields("BALANCE") Else MsgBox "Invalid Dealer Name Entered Or New Order of products" End If .Close End With Set rsClone = Nothing End Sub HOW TO CONNECT DATA REPORT DIRECTLY TO DATA GRID i need to print the contents of my data grid to data report without using data environment.. pls help me.. tnx!

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Show Data In Data Grid Using Adodb I want to display data in Data Grid using Adodb -----------------------------------------------------------Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim oRs As new ADODB.Recordset con = "Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source = " + App.Path + "/Northwind.mdb" oRs.Open "select * from customers", con, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic Set DataGrid1.DataSource = oRs DataGrid1.Refresh End Sub -----------------------------------------------------------No error when it is run , but the Data Grid is still empty... still no data displayed. What's wrong with my code ? Adding Data To The Data Grid Using A Txtbox I have a form named frmclient that has a datagrid in it which is already connected to a MS sql server through ADO. My problem is I want to add data in the data grid using a txt box. is there a way to do this using only the "adodc.recordsource.addnew" source codes or do i really have to use stored procedures??? Pass Data From Data Grid To Text Box Can can i pass Data from data grid to text box while the record in the data grid is highlighted. Pass Data From Text Box To Data Grid Can someone tell me how to pass the data from the text box to the data grid. After the user press the tab key after the text. Pls help me Thks Import Data From Array To Data Grid is there any way i can use to import data from an array into the data grid? So that i can use the data grid as input for my ms chart.... I Want To Display Data With Data Grid Object hi evrry one i am new in vb programming and i want to display data from a database by the use of the datagrid object i am able to get the data and display it in a combobox but not with the data grid to be more clear in combo box it was like this ----------->

... .. . Dim i i=0 While Not rs.EOF Combo1.AddItem rs("ad_id"), i rs.MoveNext i=i+1 Wend ... .. . <--------how can i get the same data but in the datagrid thanx in advance[color=blue][color=blue][color=blue] Unable To Change Data In The Data Grid Dear sir/madam; I have a form with a data grid written with VB version 8176. The project is working fine with my computer using this version 8176 but when I run the same project at school. The data grid is not allowing me to change any data in any column in the grid at all. The version of VB in school is 9899 and have SP5 as well. Could you please help me resolve this problem. My school project is due in one more week and I have to get this data grid working. Please help, please! Thank you for your attention. Abdul. Grids And Data Can I Edit Data In A Grid?????? i would like to load data from my sql7 server in to a grid control then click into a cell and edit the data then save that data back to my sql 7 server can this be done???? Data Grid: How To Enter And Change Data? Hi, folks! I've added a Datagrid control to my form and have set its properties like this: AllowAddNew = false AllowDelete = false AllowUpdate = false, on the form load event There's a button called "Add New", with the following module: MyDatagrid.AllowAddNew = True Mydatagrid.AddNewMode But when I click this button, this error message appears: Invalid use of property (regarding the 2nd line, property .AddNewMode There's another button called "Changes", with the module: MyDataGrid.AllowUpdate = True MyDataGrid.EditActive And the same error message appears for the .EditActive property.

What I am doing wrong? I'd like to allow the user to change or add new records only after clicking the proper buttons. I've done with another forms, but that's the 1rst. time I work with the DataGrid Control. Please, help! Thanks in advance for any ideas, Roselene Data Grid And Moving Inserted Data Hi all, I have a data grid that is used for input. When a user enters in a new row and updates it, I would like to put that information in another control. What event can I use to do this? I tried afterInsert and that gets fired at the wrong time (when the user goes to the new row). Thanks, Paul How To Retrieve Data From Data Grid To Another Form i'm making a database that uses a data grid to find and display the contents of my database... how can i retrieve a record from my datagrid to textfields in another form... ??? hehe How To Edit Data On A Data Grid Control? Hello! I have a program that display a list of schedules on a data grid control and I'm trying to edit these data in the data grid? How to do this? thanks Data Environment With Data Grid And Using Query Ok, very new at this, and only education I have is with Microsoft books I have read. So here is what I am trying to do.. I am using Data Environment to connect to my database in ACCESS. I am also using a datagid to view the table. What I wan to do is be able to run a query on the database table and show the results in the datagrid. I am not sure if I am even making any sense here, but hoping someone will have a answer for me Thanks Data Grid And ADODC's Data Source Hi I have 4 SQL tables and 4 ADODC's (one for each table) and also have 1 DataGrid How do I change the datagrid's DataSource without adding a data grid for each sql table ? If I change the DataSource, DataGrid's column caption, data Field, col width, col visible or not, will also change..... how do I do that? this is what I have for ONE Sql table: Private Sub Text4_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

If KeyAscii = 13 Then If IsNumeric(Text4.Text) = False Then MsgBox "Week number?" Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from " & pSqlTbl & " where DATE > 0 AND weeknum = " & Text4.Text & " and year = " & Text3.Text & "" If Not Adodc1.Recordset.EOF Then Adodc1.Refresh DataGrid1.Refresh DataGrid1.Visible = True End If Else

End If End If Any ideas Thank you OF Data Grid Control Is Not Filled With Data Hi, I hope someone can help me with this: I made a class module to allow data grid control to get information from the class module. Inside the class module I created I made a connection and recordset to trying to fill the datagrid control. Can someone tell me what I did was wrong that my datagrid control is not filled with data? Thank you very much! =================== The code within the form where the data grid control is: ' Bind the DataGrid to the new DataSource datNames Dim datNames As NamesData ' Class variable ' Set datNames = New NamesData Set GrReport.DataSource = datNames ===============

Below is the class module ========== Option Explicit Const DB_CONNECT = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=BSQL; " & _ "Initial Catalog=TestField; User Id=flduser;Password=flduser;AutoTranslate=No" Private WithEvents rsNames As ADODB.Recordset Private Sub Class_Initialize() ' Add the names of the new datamember to the DataMember collection ' This allows other objects to see the available DataMembers Dim dbField As ADODB.Connection Set dbField = New ADODB.Connection Dim strSQL As String Dim rsNames As Recordset Set rsNames = New ADODB.Recordset dbField.Open (DB_CONNECT) strSQL = "select * " & _ " from dbo.Daily_PPR" rsNames.Open strSQL, dbField, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic End Sub Private Sub Class_GetDataMember(ByVal DataMember As String, _ Data As Object) Set Data = rsNames End Sub ================ Data Grid, Etc./Data Shape Recordset Is it possible to bind the datagrid, the old flexgrid, etc. to a "DataShape" language recordset? I was able to bind them to regular recordsets, but not with the data shape. I know I could use the Hierarchical flex grid for this, but I don't like the way that control lays out all of the data horizontally. I'd like to have the initial data grid show the "Parent" side of the recordset, and then allow the user to click on an item and have the child/detail information pop up. Thanks in advance. Change The Data Field In Data Grid Hi all, I have an ADODC control, namely Adodc1, having the sql statement as below : sqlstr = "select to_char(IN_DATETIME,'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi:ss'), , other_field from table1" and the Adodc1 is bind to DataGrid1. Upon clicking the IN_DATETIME column header, i wish to sort the recordset by IN_DATETIME. I use the following codes in the DataGrid1_HeadClick(ByVal ColIndex

As Integer) function: *************************************************************** strColName = DataGrid1.Columns(ColIndex).DataField Adodc1.Recordset.Sort = strColName & " DESC" *************************************************************** However, it gave me error as below whenever i click on the IN_DATETIME column : **************************************************************** run-time error '3265': Ado could not find the object in the collection corresponding to the name or ordinal reference requested by the application. **************************************************************** I believe it is because of the sql i used in Adodc1 as the data field name in Adodc1 is recognised as : to_char(IN_DATETIME,'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') Is there anyway i can set the ADODC recordset field name manually in the code? I tried : Adodc.Recordset.Fields(ColIndex) = strColName but it gave me the following error : **************************************************************** run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set *************************************************************** Due to some reasons, i must use to_char(IN_DATETIME,'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') in my sql instead of IN_DATETIME. Can anyone give me some hints how should i go about it? Thanks in advance. Data Environment && Data Grid I've gotten so much help from everyone, and here's a new one. I have DE to an Access database with numerous tables. This is what I want to happen... I have a form where users can enter in a name (first or last name) in two separate text boxes. On clicking a button, the system then searches and then bring up a datagrid of possible matches. Then the user selects a record from the data grid, it brings ups the actual record with 50 or so fields. Problem. How do I get the datagrid to refresh/filter every time a new search is performed? I tried to filter and get the error "ARGUMENTS ARE OF THE WRONG TYPE, ARE OUT OF ACCEPTABLE RANGE, OR ARE IN CONFLICT WITH ONE ANOTHER" One of the filters strings are: DE1.rsNameData.Filter = ("LastName LIKE '" & LastName.Text & "%' AND FirstName LIKE '" & FirstName.Text & "%'") Any suggestions? I really have come to like the DE and not multiple ADODCs since I have several tables to work with Data Grid Data Entry I am currently creating "cash register" for my school project.

I never see find VB books that imply in using "data grid" as means of data entry. But when I went to a departemnt sote, I saw the cashier used datagrid (or maybe something that looks like it) as a way to enter the item code. Now, I started to get confused, since I couldnt find any resource to lead me in using DataGrid as a way to entry my data then stored into the database. thank you Data Environment To ADO In Data Grid Code: Private Sub Form_Load() DE.searcBookCode DataGrid1.DataMember = "searcbookcode" DE.rssearcBookCode.Close End Sub does anyone know how to convert this code into ADO code in vb6?I used Data Enviroment (DE) in the code above.I want even a li'l idea how to connect this using ADO. thanks a lot Change Data In Data Grid Hello Friends, I am developing one application in which I want to display data in data grid from one table. Now I want to add one column in which I want to enter data and as per entered data I want to update values in other columns. Plz can u help me how to do that using Data Grid? Plz reply soon Thanks Data Grid Not Displaying Data Hi I have a VB6 app that contains a Datagrid that is to be refreshed by and ADODC based on the text from a listbox which is stored in a string variable. There are 3 columns in the datagrid that need to be displayed and I have set the widths at design time and I want these to stay fixed at run time and after the datagrid being refreshed. I am using the .HoldFields method and it does just that, however the data is not displayed in the data grid. If I use the same query with the .ClearFields method then the column widths are reset by vb but the data is displayed. Code is Ado.RecordSource = "Select 3 Columns From Table where ID = ' " & Variable & " ' " Ado.Refresh Datagrid.HoldFields Datagrid.Rebind DataGrid.Refresh Has anyone got any ideas? Data Grid For Data Entry Hello........ I'm useing Data Grid for data entring. I use coding insted of ADODA data

control. But I can't do any typing (editing) the cellpointer. pls help me any one who familiya with dara grid Thanks' Suchira Retrieve Data From A Data Grid I want to let the user search a data grid (column 0) for a vendors ID and return the vendors faxnumber (column 2). How do I find the row containing the vendor ID and then return the fax number??? Delete Data From Data Grid Help hi..i have a data grid which is connected to an ado control..i also have a delete command button with these codes (taken from a faq from this forum): Dim varBmk As Variant For Each varBmk In StudentGrid.SelBookmarks StudentRecords.Recordset.Bookmark = varBmk StudentRecords.Recordset.Delete Next where clicking on the button deletes records stored..but it can only delete if a row is selected/ can i display a messagebox to tell users to highlight a row to delete? <Edit> Text from double-post follows - Metallisoft </Edit> Quote: hi...i have a datagrid connected to an ado control..currently, i have these codes which allows me to delete by rows using a command button Dim varBmk As Variant Dim a As String If StudentGrid.SelBookmarks.Count > 0 Then For Each varBmk In StudentGrid.SelBookmarks StudentRecords.Recordset.Bookmark = varBmk StudentRecords.Recordset.Delete Next Else a = MsgBox("There are no records selected", vbOKOnly, "Deletion Error") End If i wanna be able to let users know that there are no records in the database using a msgbox when there isnt any do i do so? also, how can i code first record, last record, previous and next command buttons to navigate through the grid? and how i can perform validations after editing and updating data? any help will be really appreciated. thanks.

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Can I Get Data Into Text Box From Data Grid ok i have a data grid on my form and 3 text boxes can i select from datagrid and the cell i select will appear in text box1 then make another selection and put in textbox2 cheers Doug i know i can copy and past but is there any other way cheers

vb6 and access 2003 also newbie may the force be with you Edited by - dougvcd on 6/25/2005 1:11:53 PM Entering Data In A Data Grid There seems to be a lot of different grids to use in VB, so I'm not sure which is best for my purpose. I want the user to be able to manually add/edit/delete simple text data directly into the grid. The data will be saved to an Access database via ADO, but I would prefer to handle the database operations with code. Is this possible? If so, which grid control would be best suited for this. Thanks, Randy Data Combo And Data Grid What shall i do if, i select any item (Product Name) from data combo, that item's information (Product Id, Product Name, Unit Price) is displayed on the data grid? Besides that, after the information is displayed, how can i enable user to enter the quantity and the total Price is displayed on the other column? MSHFlexGrid 2 Things I Want To Edit Data In Grid And 2 I Want To Re Populate Grid Ok First I want to Edit the Data in the Grid... Note this is partially setup. I have it so that I can Edit each cell however, I havent the slightest idea of how to go about saving the edited row after its edited. Ok, I have 3 option buttons.... I want to select an option button and it re populate the grid with a new MDB file. I figure I will need to Close the current open MDB so I can repopulate the grid... but How to accomplish this is the question

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