From: Legislative Branch Communications Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 3:08 PM To: Smith, Noel Subject: Speakers Statement

Below is a statement from Speaker Naize. Please note that the Office of the Speaker will not accept questions regarding the statement. As a Diné person, it is my responsibility to uphold the values of our Diné teachings while also living by the laws of our Nation. As an elected leader, it is also my obligation to serve the public in many capacities, one of which involved the former discretionary funding program. The Navajo people whose requests for financial assistance I recommended demonstrated a need for help. As a Navajo leader, I did not turn my back on them. All of my recommendations were subject to a review and approval process. It is my belief that when these issues are resolved, I will have been exonerated and my name will be cleared. In the meantime, I will devote my best efforts to accomplishing the work of the Navajo Nation with the dignity and care that Diné citizens deserve.

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