Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074 Tübingen, Germany 18 December 2013 Dear Novus Ogre Voters, I am pleased to write a few

words in support of my dear friend, Joseph Ratzinger, who is a candidate in your distinguished poll. From what I’ve been told, he is in a nip -and-tuck battle with the rotund American, Timothy Dolan, who has been throwing around his considerable weight, and posing a unique challenge to my colleague’s rightful claim to the 2013 Novus Ogre Award. The Ogre Award honors that individual who has contributed the most for the advancement of Modernism over the past year. As someone who has devoted my entire career to the cause of Modernism (as has Joseph), I believe myself to be well qualified to speak on his behalf. When I told my Lodge brothers that Dolan was getting significant votes, they were bothered that a mere upstart porch Mason could actually be taking votes from an undisputed past master of the Brotherhood. “Do the voters know nothing?” they asked me. This should not even be close. If anything, we should be talking about a lifetime achievement award for Joseph Ratzinger. Yes, his abdication as Benedict XVI, the “restorer of Tradition” (a role he played to perfection, by the way), led to the marvelous installation of Francis, whom, as I’ve written, embodies my hopes for the Church, but there’s so much more to the man. That fact alone should be enough for him to clinch the Ogre award in a landslide. But it’s his body of work that most impresses me. I recall those glorious suit-and-tie days at Vatican II, when we vied to see who could do the most to “update” the Church. Today he spouts that “hermeneutics of continuity” nonsense with a straight face— what a joker! And I congratulate him for taking my ecumenical Global Ethics idea to Assisi, where he impressed me with speakers like the rabbi, atheist and witch doctor. Oh, and Joseph’s a fan of Luther—so am I. I could go on about his accomplishments, but the above will suffice. Dolan, the undeserving want-to-be, thinks he can schmooze his way to victory, but don’t let that happen. Joseph Ratzinger has earned this award. Your vote will secure his place in the Modernist pantheon! I remain

Heretically yours,

Hans Küng
Professor Emeritus Ecumenical Theology University of Tübingen

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