Cement Construction

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Modern prefab resldenual bulldlng ls Laklng commerclal
elemenLs, and Lranslaung Lhem ln-Lo resldenual modes.
Þrefab home comes ln many dlñerenL forms ln
manufacLured or modular home.
1hese homes, are facLory bullL and come Lo Lhe work slLe
ready cuL, and manufacLured Lo slze.
1hey usually rely on sLeel framework wlLh plasLer
panellng, and are more añordable Lhan Lradluonal
ConcreLe prefabrlcauon ls Lhe process whereln cemenL
panels are manufacLured and poured ln facLorles, cumng
down on wasLe and envlronmenLal facLors LhaL are
apparenL on an open bulldlng slLe, and posluve aspecLs
far ouLwelgh Lhe negauves.
Þrefabrlcauon ln every form, lncredlbly eñecuve green
bulldlng process. ln creaung a home bullL Lo exacL ñL,
wasLe can be subsLanually decreased, lf noL dlmlnlshed.
new pourlng Lechnologles
lnclude uslng hemp ln Lhe
precasL process.
8y layerlng hemp hordes lnLo
Lhe weL cemenL, when lL
ñnally hardens, Lhe precasL
bulldlng maLerlals are
organlcally lnsulaLed and
sLronger ln addluon Lo belng
boLh mould and lnsecL proof.
1hls ls a process been wldely
used ln Cermany and Lhe uk
slnce Lhe 90's .
now LhaL deslgn ßalr and Lrendlng, have [olned Lhe vasL
array of pros assoclaLed wlLh Lhe prefabrlcaLed bulldlng
process, we wlll surely see Lhe Lhls lnnovauve lndusLry
Success of prefab resLs on sLyle, maLerlals are cheaper,
subsLanually fasLer and hlghly susLalnable ln naLure.
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