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Microcontroller and Interfacing - EE324 Quiz on Transducers 3rd Dec 2013

Name: !oll "
1- #enerall$% &'at c'aracteristics $ou see &'ile (u$ing a sensor for an$ a))lication* +,2- .'at are T'ermocou)les and !TDs used for* .'ic' one is (etter* #i/e )ros and cons of (ot' sensors0 +,3- 1riefl$ e2)lain &'ic' sensor $ou &ill use in eac' of t'e follo&ing a))lications0 3lso tell &'$ $ou &ill use t'at )articular sensor* +,a4 5n 6iac'in #lacier% to measure air )ressure0 (4 To measure t'e tem)erature of industrial (oilers0 c4 To measure distortions and deformations across a (ridge0 d4 7or )osition feed(ac8 in ser/omec'anisms0 e4 7or tem)erature measurement of fluid or gas in )i)es and tan8s0 4- T'e diagram (elo& s'o&s a t'ermistor circuit0 .'at &ould 'a))en to t'e out)ut /oltage 9o if t'e circuit is )laced in a 'ot en/ironment0 :;ea/e t'e o)-am)% <ust t'in8 a(out t'e t'ermistor4 +,-