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Statement of Maguindanao Gov.

Esmael Mangudadatu on the Signing of Power Sharing Annex of the FAB

Maguindanao Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu, who has political jurisdiction over 36 towns where there are major strongholds of the MILF, also lauded the two panels for ending the latest round of formal talks in Malaysia with the crafting of the power-sharing annex to the FAB. “The provincial government and the league of mayors in Maguindanao remained supportive of the GPH-MILF talks through the years and have never stopped wishing for a peaceful , negotiated settlement of the „Moro issue‟ that has been hounding us for some forty years no,” Mangudadatu said. Mangudadatu said the provincial government of Maguindanao has been directly supporting the peace talks through its livelihood, education and health interventions that are being implemented in impoverished communities where there are MILF enclaves. “Many of the more than 4,000 beneficiaries of our provincial scholarship program are children, or dependents of MILF members,” Mangudadatu said.