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‘THE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S VISION FOR THE FAMILY: ‘THE COMPELLING ISSUE OF THR DECADE ROBERT F, MODONNELL B.B.A., UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, 1976 M.S.B.A., BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1980 THESIS Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degrees of Master of Arts in Public Policy ‘and Jurie Doctor in Law College of Law and Government CBN University Virginia Beach, Virginia AUVESIT “AINA INORE APPROVAL SHEET Tats thesis is submitted in pertial fulfitinent of the requirements for the degrees of Master of Arts in Public Policy and Juris Doctor in Lew Lele tM Ml Robert F, HeDohnell Approved May, 1989 Vabest lik ‘Herbert W, Titus, J.D. Chairman Sein whe fant . ab ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to express my love and gratitude to Mr. and Mes. John F. MeDonnel1, my mother end father, who first taught me the meaning end Amportance of family, values and love. Tt was my father who sald: "The family is 1ike a tree. The family heritage is derived from the roots of the tree. ‘he tree grows to be strong, and with energetic parenting, the fruit blossoms into a’new generation." I an deeply grateful to ny wife Maureen, whose encouragement end expert clerical support tumed marginally-legible scratch, into these finished pages, and whose steadfastness and love for our children pro- vided me with the time to devote to this project. I om Andabted to Exeoutive Director Bob Olam, and the staff of the House Republican Policy Committes, Frank Gregorsky, Flint Lewis, end David Raney, for their keen insifthts and assistance in giving me an inside look at the formlation of Republican policy in the U. 8. House of Representatives. “Finally, I went to express my gratitude to my committee chairman, Deen Herbert Titus, and committee members, Professor Paul Morken, and Professor Panela Ruthven, for their wisdom, probing critiques, and meti- culous editing in-the design and revision of this project. iv ANYORN “AINA LNZORE