An Introduction to Representation – Notes Sheet

1. Why do people pursue 'celebrity'?

2. What do we, the mass audience, use celebrity for?

3. How does Brand say that he has been represented by the media?


Reflective View of Representation

Intentional View of Representation

Effects Debate

Constructionist View of Representation


What is the dominant ideology in the ‘Auto Worker’ cover?

What dominant ideologies are at work in Britain today?

Constructionist View of Representation – how does it work?

Homework: Choose a celebrity... 1. Research the different ways they are represented 2. Apply the constructionist view of representation to each of the representations you find – remember, they are no longer a person but a media text! 3. Your work should be in the form of a collection of images and/or screen grabs from different places with an analysis of each. Use my example to help you. Minimum: 5 images/texts and an analysis of 1,000 words. Hint: I don’t want a biography of your chosen celebrity! I want to know how they are represented.

You can't use Katy Perry as your example - and it's better if you pick someone who has been represented in a number of different ways.