Purchase order

06/05/2009 Supplier: - Mannohar Lal Hira Lal Ltd. Ghaziabad, India Purchase By: - Janta Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sundhar,Kathmandu,Nepal Pan No: 301989312 Terms Of payment: Demand Draft P.O No: - 15

Description Of Goods C.A (F) Wire

Size (MM) 4.0x0.8

Quantity (MT) 5

Rate In INR (PMT) 44000

Total Amount 2,20,000/-

Add: Excise Duty @ 8% 17,600/Add: Education CESS @ 3 % On ED 528/Grand Total 238128/(IRS Two Lakhs Thirty Eight Thousand One Hundred and Twenty eight only.

Thanking You

For: Janta Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd. Pawan Kumar Agrawal