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What gender are you?

Male Female

This pie chart shows there are 4 males and 6 females that have overall taken their time to do our questionnaire

What age range do you fit under?

12 to 14 15 to 17 18 to 30 31+

A range of people out of the ten who did our questionnaire fit under three of the four categories. Our aim was to reach the four but this questionnaire just shows exactly what kind of audience our production will have.

Looking at our synopsis, do you think our short film will entertain our target audience of ages 12-30?

Yes No

We asked the public to look at the synopsis of our film and tell us if the audience we have chosen would fit our production. The results proved that the majority of the ten people we asked said that they believed it fit our target audience.

Do you watch short films?

Yes No

A lot of the public that we asked did watch short films. This is shown in the pie chart that 8 out of 10 people we asked watched short films. This helped us in regards to know if we are making our short film to please the audience we have chosen.

after reading our synopsis, what genre do you think would fit our short film?
Horror Thriller Drama Comedy Sci-Fi

As we decided our film to be a drama, the evidence to prove our production is a drama is shown in this pie chart. The public read our synopsis and because of the deaths in the production 3 people out of the 10 chose it to be a horror.

After reading our script what title, do you believe will suit our short film ?
Last Memory Together Last Chance Memory Text

By using our spider diagram of the names we initially came up with we asked the public which name they preferred after reading our script. The public decided the film title that suits best is memory.

7. Which British Board of Film Classification do you think would fit our film, after reading the synopsis?
U Rating PG Rating 12 Rating 12A Rating

We yet again showed the public our synopsis and their rating of our film was 12A. We used this as an indication as to what we needed to put into our film and what we cant.

After reading our script and synopsis, would you come and watch our film?

The result of the audience we asked coming to watch our production is a good outcome as only one person out of the ten wouldnt come to see it.
Yes No