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Gunjan Kumar
Rajauli, Nawada PIN: 805125 Cell:+91- 0977629 !91 " mail id-

#$%"C&I'" To pursue a career in Power sector for execution of project that offers a challenging position while being resourceful, innovative and flexible which will help me to achieve professional objectives and also to add new definition of work procedure as well. With over one year of experience in electrical and power project in manufacturing field---------------,the individual experiences can be summarised as under - ! - " - # "m(l)*men+ ,e+ail-: Company: $%& Power private limited Position: 'ngineer Duration: (oined as )raduate engineer trainee on _________ Project: Scope: Profile:

.KI//. - 'lectrical machines - Power system protection - #ontrol system "du0a+i)nal 1uali2i0a+i)n

B.Tech (Electrical engineering* +,--.-,-/,* from Sundargarh Engineering College !disha 30ademi0- 4Pr)je0+- and &rainin5-6 - 0ajor project on "idirectional speed control of dc motor with 1egenerative "raking - 0inor project on Temperature protection relay for electrical winding - &ndustrial Training in $rissa hydro power corporation ltd - &ndustrial Training in 1ourkela steel plant C)n+a0+ 3ddre-,"C/3R3&I#N I Gunjan Kumar confirms that the information given above is true to the best of m kno!le"ge an" belief.

#unjan $umar
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