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Receiving an Attunement

To receive an attunement, one should begin to relax or meditate and enter a calm and open state of awareness. He or she should then contact his or her Guardian Angel, Totem Animal, Spiritual Guide, or Higher Self and ask if receiving the attunement is for his or her highest good. f one intuitivel! feels that receiving the attunement would be beneficial, then he or she should send out to the universe his or her intention to receive the attunement. Some people ma! experience the energetic transfer of the attunement as it is made available. This is often felt as heat "beginning at the crown and spreading to the rest of the bod!# or is seen as light or images. However, one should not feel discouraged in he or she does not feel this transfer. $an! people do not have an! experience at all% however, most people tend to feel either more relaxed or more energi&ed than usual when receiving an attunement. Some attunements can even put people to sleep. t is acceptable to fall asleep during an attunement as sleeping will not keep one from receiving the energetic transfer. Sleeping ma! even allow deeper work to be done than if one were awake because the energ! is allowed to transfer without the interference of one's conscious awareness. The ke! to receiving an attunement is to manifest it "b! wa! of pure intention# and allow it to take its natural course. (ust relax and en)o!*