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A 1. You are in the Tourist Office, in High Avenue.

a) Ask about facilities: Is there a post-office near here Are there an! banks in the to"n ....

b) Ask for #irections: ' 1. I(agine !ou live in the corner of )ast *oa# an# Ti(es +,uare. A frien# of !ours co(es to visit !ou. $rite hi( - her a short letter. .escribe her - hi( ho" to get to !our house fro( the rail"a! station. / 1. Your frien# is at the rail"a! station. +he - He rings !ou up because she - he hasn%t got !our letter "ith hi( - her. 'uil# up the #ialogue. $here%s the &. Ho" can I get to &.