Part-Time Communications Intern


Company Background:

Kutak Rock LLP is a national law firm focusing on complex commercial financial transactions and cases, with a large regional office based in downtown Denver. The Denver office has ! attorne"s focusing on public finance, litigation, tax, corporate law, corporate finance, securities and real estate development. The part#time $ommunications %ntern will assist the $ommunications $oordinator with a m"riad of tasks to include& • 'riting, editing and designing internal newsletters on a semimonthl" basis for the Denver office and on a monthl" basis for several other national offices( • Preparing for and interviewing attorne"s and staff for articles and marketing material( • 'orking on special pro)ects as needed that involve conducting research, anal"*ing data and producing research memos+reports. • • • • • • • ,xcellent writing skills( -bilit" to organi*e and prioriti*e work( Knowledge of and experience with general public relations and communication principles( ,xperience with design principles and software such as %nDesign or .icrosoft Publisher( ,xperience with .icrosoft 'ord and ,xcel( /amiliarit" with %nternet research( and 0ome experience with business development and marketing issues.

Job Description:


Hours Per Week and Duration: Pay:

The internship is for 12#13 hours a week, flexible da"s 4.+' or T+T56, from 7anuar" 28#-pril 29. : .;; per hour, and assistance will be provided for a school credit application, if desired. This internship is a great opportunit" to build a writing and+or la"out design portfolio while gaining some insight into the pace and culture of a large business+law environment. Please email a cover letter, resume and one writing sample b" .onda", 7anuar" 1< to& Tess /ord $ommunications $oordinator Kutak Rock LLP 1 ;1 $alifornia 0treet, 0uite <;;; Denver, $= ;2;2#2323>

To Apply:

! <1#1!23#! 9!.1

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