MEMO The memo format is strict, and if you search the web for examples of memos, sample memos

or business memos you will generally find very similar memo formats. The memo format consists of a header in which the word "memo" or "memorandum" is written, the date, the recipient, the sender, the subject and the text. What? Is a reminder or shot notes. but in the late 19th century it was started to be used for short letters sent within a company But the most important rule - and you will not always find this on memo examples - is "keep is short and simple". When writing a memo use simple words, short sentences and one idea paragraphs.


1. Know the purpose Before writing minutes, you must know the purpose of it. First, a report of
meeting minutes

is a

record. But it is just not the type of record you write, print out, file and then forever forget. It provides a historical account of official business and operational decisions, and involvement of people making the decisions. It is used as a reference which is periodically, or frequently referred to. Sometimes, minutes of meeting can become a legal document and evidence in court. So, don’t play play. 2. Keep it concise Keep the key information in order and make sure you don’t miss critical info. You only have certain limited time and it will be impossible to write every single thing discussed during a meeting. So, keep it concise, i.e. compact and short. Take notes of the issues discussed, major points raised and decisions taken. Make sure what you write will be easily understood, and usable in the future. Keep in mind, many of the meetings require the attendees looking back at the previous meeting’s minutes. So if people can’t read them, they’ll go for your head instead. 3. Get right info, follow right format To keep it short, here are list information that should be in your minutes of meeting:
• • •

Time, date and venue of meeting List of attendance (and their position) Agenda of meeting – key agenda, details, and specific action plan, and owner/executor of the plan Name of person taking minutes (you!)

As for the format, there is no school of thought that says there is this specific format that you need to follow. What you need is a simple and user friendly format. You can follow the following:

[Name of company] [Date, Time and Venue] [Minutes prepared by] [Agenda]: 1. 2. 3. [Attendees]: 1. 2. 3. [Details of meetings] No Item 1 2 3 4 Details Actions to be taken by

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