Nemesis Colon and Iliana Aponte Sexuality Iliana- You think of it as a joke Nemesis- Its more serious than

anything Iliana- It could be a shove, punch, or poke Nemesis- I'm telling you it's intimidating Iliana- You see the pain in their faces Nemesis- To talk trash to them not knowing why Iliana- You see those putting others in places Nemesis- They hurt inside but don't dare to cry Iliana- These people are innocent and harmless Nemesis- Sweet souls inside where the heart is Iliana- You can't deny you have done this Nemesis- Seeing a transition from sweet to heartless Iliana- You cant ever try to change a person Nemesis- Regardless what their sexuality is Both- Being gay, lesbian, bisexual is just a statement Nemesis- So who cares! its nobody's business Iliana- I'm right here and i will fight for gay rights Nemesis- Not everyone's gay but deserves to be happy Iliana- So stand up for what you deserve and fight Nemesis- And stop feeling so crappy and be lucky Iliana- Now the thing here about sexuality Nemesis- There's not really a big difference Iliana- Think about it this way Nemesis- We all have the same appearance

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