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& n!arl' si( ti#!s lar)!r t an t ! a*!ra)! $o$%lation of t ! fift' stat!s. +o,!*!r& #%- of t ! stat!"s $o$%lation is -on-!ntrat!. in -!rtain %r/an an. -oastal ar!as& $arti-%larl' in So%t !rn California. B. California is t ! nation"s t ir. lar)!st stat! /' )!o)ra$ '& o*!r t,o ti#!s lar)!r t an t ! a*!ra)! of t ! fift' stat!s& ,it !nor#o%s an. .i*!rs! !-ono#i!s& a)ri-%lt%r!& !n!r)'& t!- nolo)'& an. !nt!rtain#!nt. C. As a -ons!0%!n-! of t !s! an. ot !r so-io1!-ono#i- fa-tors& $oliti-al r!$r!s!ntation of California"s .i*!rs! $o$%lation an. !-ono#i!s as r!n.!r!. t ! stat! n!arl' %n)o*!rna/l!. A..itionall'& *ast $arts of o%r stat! ar! $oorl' s!r*!. /' a r!$r!s!ntati*! )o*!rn#!nt .o#inat!. /' a lar)! n%#/!r of !l!-t!. r!$r!s!ntati*!s fro# a s#all $art of o%r stat!& /ot )!o)ra$ i-all' an. !-ono#i-all'. D. It is not s%r$risin) t at !fforts to .i*i.! t ! stat! a*! /!!n $art of its istor' for o*!r on! %n.r!. '!ars. In fa-t& *ot!rs o*!r, !l#in)l' a$$ro*!. t ! s$littin) of California into t,o stat!s in 1234& /%t Con)r!ss n!*!r a-t!. on t at r!0%!st .%! to t ! Ci*il 5ar. E. T ! -iti6!ns of t ! , ol! stat! ,o%l. /! /!tt!r s!r*!. /' si( s#all!r stat! )o*!rn#!nts , il! $r!s!r*in) t ! istori-al /o%n.ari!s of t ! *ario%s -o%nti!s& -iti!s& an. to,ns. F. Mor!o*!r& t ! *ot!rs in an' )i*!n -o%nt' s o%l. /! $!r#itt!. to - oos! a .iff!r!nt stat! t !n assi)n!. /' t is la,& t !r!/' -r!atin) -o#$!tition in $ro$os!. )o*!rnan-! , i- ,ill l!a. to /!tt!r an. #or! r!s$onsi*! )o*!rnan-!. G. T ! l!)al $ro-!ss!s for .i*ision of t ! Stat! ,ill ta7! ti#!. In t ! int!ri#& ,! t ! $!o$l! .!sir! to !#$o,!r lo-al )o*!rn#!nts an. l!ss!n t ! rol! of Sa-ra#!nto o*!r !*!r' as$!-t of o%r li*!s& to !n-o%ra)! r!)ional -oo$!ration& an. to /!)in t ! $ro-!ss of n!, stat! i.!ntifi-ation. SECTION 8. STATEMENT OF 9UR9OSE A. T ! $!o$l!& a-tin) as t ! l!)islati*! /o.' of t ! Stat! $%rs%ant to t !ir r!s!r*!. l!)islati*! $o,!r $ro*i.!. /' t ! California Constit%tion& !r!/': ;1< Esta/lis n!, /o%n.ari!s for si( n!, stat!s ,it in t ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! Stat! of California=

;8< Esta/lis a $ro-!.%r! for -o%nt' *ot!rs to - oos! to asso-iat! ,it a .iff!r!nt stat! t an assi)n!. /' t is la, $rior to !a- Stat!"s for#ation= ;>< Esta/lis a $ro-!.%r! for t ! transfor#ation of t ! sin)l! Stat! of California into si( n!, stat!s= ;?< 9ro*i.! t ! l!)islati*! -ons!nt for t ! for#ation of si( n!, stat!s to Con)r!ss as r!0%ir!. /' t ! Unit!. Stat!s Constit%tion= an. ;3< 9ro*i.! int!ri# r!li!f to t ! $!o$l! /' !#$o,!rin) lo-al )o*!rn#!nt an. $ro#otin) r!)ional -oo$!ration in r!-o)nition of t ! n!, stat!s $ro$os!. !r!in. SECTION >. LEGISLATIVE CONSENT FOR T+E CREATION OF SIX NE5 STATES 5IT+IN T+E CURRENT BOUNDARIES OF CALIFORNIA. S!-tion 8 of Arti-l! III of t ! California Constit%tion is a#!n.!. to r!a.: S!-. 8. T ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! Stat! ar! t os! stat!. in t ! Constit%tion of 12?4 as #o.ifi!. $%rs%ant to stat%t! - an)in) sai. /o%n.ari!s or $ro* l!)islati*! a%t ori6ation to .i*i.! t ! Stat! into t,o or #or! n!, stat!s an. $ro* for s%- transfor#ation. Sa-ra#!nto is t ! -a$ital of California. Arti-l! >.1 of C a$t!r 1 ;-o##!n-in) ,it S!-tion 1@>< of t ! Go*!rn#!nt Co.! is a..!. to r!a.: A 1@>;a< U$on !na-t#!nt of t is s!-tion& t ! l!)islati*! -ons!nt r!0%ir!. /' S!-tion > of Arti-l! IV of t ! Unit!. Stat!s Constit%tion for t ! -r!ation of si( ;B< stat!s ,it in t ! -%rr!nt /o%n.ari!s of t ! Stat! of California& !sta/lis !. $%rs%ant to Arti-l! > of t is Co.!& is )i*!n /' t ! $!o$l!. ;/< T ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! si( ;B< n!, stat!s s all /! as follo,s: ;1< A n!, stat!& na#!. C!ff!rson& t ! t!rritor' r!$r!s!nt!. /' t ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! follo,in) -o%nti!s: B%tt!& Col%sa& D!l Nort!& Gl!nn& +%#/ol.t& La7!& Lass!n& M!n.o-ino& Mo.o-& 9l%#as& Sis7i'o%& S asta& T! a#a& an. Trinit'. ;8< A n!, stat!& na#!. Nort California& t ! t!rritor' r!$r!s!nt!. /' t ! follo,in) -o%nti!s:& A#a.or& El Dora.o& Marin& Na$a& N!*a.a& 9la-!r& Sa-ra#!nto& Si!rra& Solano& Sono#a& S%tt!r& Yolo& an. Y%/a. ;>< A n!, stat!& na#!. C!ntral California& t ! t!rritor' r!$r!s!nt!. /' t ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! follo,in) -o%nti!s: Al$in!& Cala*!ras& Fr!sno& In'o& D!rn& Din)s& Ma.!ra& Mari$osa& M!r-!.& Mono& San Coa0%in& Stanisla%s& T%lar!& an. T%ol%#n!.

;?< A n!, stat!& na#!. Sili-on Vall!'& t ! t!rritor' r!$r!s!nt!. /' t ! follo,in) -o%nti!s: Ala#!.a& Contra Costa& San B!nito& San Fran-is-o& San Mat!o& Santa Clara& Santa Cr%6& an. Mont!r!'. ;3< A n!, stat!& na#!. 5!st California& t ! t!rritor' r!$r!s!nt!. /' t ! follo,in) -o%nti!s: Santa Bar/ara& San L%is O/is$o& Los An)!l!s& an. V!nt%ra. ;B< A n!, stat!& na#!. So%t California& t ! t!rritor' of I#$!rial& Oran)!& Ri*!rsi.!& San B!rnar.ino& an. San Di!)o. ;-< On or /!for! No*!#/!r 13& 8E1@& t ! *ot!rs of an' -o%nt'& $%rs%ant to t ! initiati*! $o,!r or %$on a-tion of t ! Boar. of S%$!r*isors $la-in) a #!as%r! on t ! /allot& #a' !na-t an or.inan-! to /!-o#! $art of a -onti)%o%s stat! ot !r t an t ! stat! assi)n!. $%rs%ant to t is s!-tion. 5it in t irt' ;>E< .a's aft!r -!rtifi-ation of t ! *ot! a$$ro*in) t ! or.inan-!& t ! Boar.s of S%$!r*isors in t ! stat! to , i- t ! -o%nt' s!!7s to /! r!1assi)n!. s all *ot! to a$$ro*! t ! r!assi)n#!nt& an. if a #aForit' of t os! -o%nt' Boar.s a$$ro*!& t ! r!assi)n#!nt s all /!-o#! !ff!-ti*! an. t ! R!)istrar of Vot!rs s all trans#it t ! -!rtifi-ation an. or.inan-! to t ! Go*!rnor. ;.< On Can%ar' 1& 8E12& t ! Go*!rnor s all trans#it a -o$' of t ! -!rtifi!. !l!-tion r!s%lts !na-tin) t is Arti-l!& t ! r!s%lts of an' s%/s!0%!nt -o%nt' !l!-tion to asso-iat! ,it a .iff!r!nt stat! t an assi)n!. /' t is s!-tion& an. a -o$' of t is Arti-l! to Con)r!ss& ,it a r!0%!st t at Con)r!ss a-t %$on t ! -ons!nt of t ! $!o$l! as soon as $ra-ti-a/l!. A 1@?;a< U$on !na-t#!nt of t is s!-tion& t !r! s all /! a Boar. of Co##ission!rs !sta/lis !. ,it t ! a%t orit' to $ro*i.! for t ! .i*ision an. transfor#ation of California. Not l!ss t an 12E .a's aft!r Con)r!ss a-ts to a$$ro*! t ! -r!ation of si( ;B< stat!s fro# ,it in t ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! stat! of California& !sta/lis !. $%rs%ant to s!-tion 1@>& t ! L!)islat%r! s all a$$oint t,!l*! ;18< Co##ission!rs& si( ;B< /' t ! Ass!#/l' an. si( ;B< /' t ! S!nat! to s!r*! on a Boar. of Co##ission!rs for a t!r# not to !(-!!. t,o ;8< '!ars. ;/< T ! Boar. of S%$!r*isors of !a- -o%nt' ,it in a n!,l' -r!at!. stat! s all -on*!n! an. -oll!-ti*!l' a$$oint t,o Co##ission!rs to r!$r!s!nt t at n!, stat! on t ! Boar. of Co##ission!rs for a t!r# not to !(-!!. t,o ;8< '!ars. ;-< T ! t,!nt'1fo%r ;8?< #!#/!r Boar. of Co##ission!rs s all& s!ttl! an. a.F%st t ! $ro$!rt' an. finan-ial affairs /!t,!!n t ! Stat! of California an. t ! n!,l' -r!at!. stat!s. In t ! !*!nt t ! Co##ission!rs fail to r!a- r!sol%tion of s%- #att!rs /!for! t ! !n. of t !ir t!r#s& t ! .!/ts of t ! Stat! of California s all /! .istri/%t!. a#on) t ! n!,l' -r!at!. stat!s /as!. on t ! $o$%lation of t ! n!, stat!s $ro$ortionat!l' to t ! , ol! $o$%lation of California& as r!$ort!. in t ! last -!ns%s of t ! Unit!. Stat!s& an. t ! ass!ts ,it in t ! /o%n.ari!s of !a- n!,l' -r!at!. stat! s all /!-o#! t ! ass!ts of t at stat!. ;.< T ! L!)islat%r! s all $ro*i.! t ! finan-ial an. staff r!so%r-!s n!!.!. for t ! Boar. of Co##ission!rs to -on.%-t its /%sin!ss.

;!< E(-!$t as $ro*i.!. in s!-tion ?.3 of Arti-l! XI& t ! l!)al r!lations i$ /!t,!!n t ! -o%nti!s an. t ! Stat! of California s all -ontin%! %ntil t ! or)ani6ation an. !sta/lis #!nt of a s!$arat! )o*!rn#!nt in a n!,l' -r!at!. stat!& t ! a.o$tion of a Constit%tion /' -on*!ntion or $o$%lar *ot! ,it in !a- n!,l' -r!at!. stat!. SECTION ?. COUNTY AND REGIONAL 9O5ER DURING INTERIM 9ERIOD OF TRANSFORMATION Arti-l! XI of t ! California Constit%tion is a#!n.!. to a.. s!-tion ?.3 to r!a.: S!-. ?.3;a< U$on !na-t#!nt of t is s!-tion& it s all /! -o#$!t!nt in an' -o%nt' - art!r to $ro*i.! t at t ! -o%nt' )o*!rn!. t !r!%n.!r #a' #a7! an. !nfor-! all or.inan-!s an. r!)%lations in r!s$!-t to #%ni-i$al affairs& s%/F!-t onl' to r!stri-tions an. li#itations $ro*i.!. in t !ir s!*!ral - art!rs an. in r!s$!-t to ot !r #att!rs t !' s all /! s%/F!-t to )!n!ral la,s. Co%nt' - art!rs a.o$t!. $%rs%ant to t is Constit%tion s all s%$!rs!.! an' !(istin) - art!r& an. ,it r!s$!-t to #%ni-i$al affairs s all s%$!rs!.! all la,s in-onsist!nt t !r!,it . ;/< A -o%nt' - art!r #a' $ro*i.! for t ! .!l!)ation of a%t orit' in r!s$!-t to #%ni-i$al affairs& /' ,a' of -o#$a-t& or ot !r a)r!!#!nt& to a r!)ional asso-iation of -o%nti!s& -onsistin) of t ! ot !r -o%nti!s ,it in t ! /o%n.ari!s of t ! n!, stat!s $ro*i.!. for in s!-tion 8.3 of Arti-l! II& .%rin) t ! int!ri# $!rio. of ti#! /!for! Con)r!ssional a$$ro*al of t ! n!, stat!s. ;-< For $%r$os!s of t is s!-tion& an' la, int!n.!. /' t ! L!)islat%r! to /! a )!n!ral la, or #att!r of stat!,i.! -on-!rn t at s%$!rs!.!s t ! a%t orit' of a -o%nt' o*!r its #%ni-i$al affairs an. also r!0%ir!s an ann%al s%/*!ntion of f%n.s to r!i#/%rs! t ! -o%nt' for t ! -osts of t ! $ro)ra# or s!r*i-! $%rs%ant to s!-tion B of Arti-l! XIIIB& s all r!0%ir! an ann%al transf!r of f%n.s fro# t ! stat! tr!as%r' to a -o%nt' tr!as%r'& as n!!.!.& an. in t ! a/s!n-! of s%- r!i#/%rs!#!nt& t ! -o%nt' s all a*! no o/li)ation to !nfor-! t ! la,. T ! stat! s all a*! no $o,!r to in-%r .!/t o,!. to a -o%nt' $%rs%ant to t is s%/.i*ision. SECTION 3. GENERAL 9ROVISIONS ;a< If an' $ro*ision of t is A-t& or $art t !r!of& is for an' r!ason !l. to /! in*ali. or %n-onstit%tional& t ! r!#ainin) $ro*isions s all not /! aff!-t!.& /%t s all r!#ain in f%ll for-! an. !ff!-t& an. to t is !n. t ! $ro*isions of t is A-t ar! s!*!ra/l!. ;/< T is A-t is int!n.!. to /! -o#$r! !nsi*!. It is t ! int!nt of t ! 9!o$l! t at in t ! !*!nt t is A-t or #!as%r!s r!latin) to t ! sa#! s%/F!-t s all a$$!ar on t ! sa#! stat!,i.! !l!-tion /allot& t ! $ro*isions of t ! ot !r #!as%r! or #!as%r!s s all /! .!!#!. to /! in -onfli-t ,it t is A-t. In t ! !*!nt t at t is A-t r!-!i*!s a )r!at!r n%#/!r of affir#ati*! *ot!s& t ! $ro*isions of t is A-t s all $r!*ail in t !ir !ntir!t'& an. all $ro*isions of t ! ot !r #!as%r! or #!as%r!s s all /! n%ll an. *oi..

;-< In r!-o)nition of is $!rsonal an. finan-ial sta7! in t ! !nfor-!#!nt& i#$l!#!ntation& an. .!f!ns! of t ! initiati*!& t ! offi-ial $ro$on!nt of t ! initiati*! is !r!/' a$$oint!. Ga)!nt of t ! Stat! of CaliforniaH for $%r$os!s of .!f! t ! initiati*! a)ainst an' l!)al - all!n)!. In t at -a$a-it'& ! ,ill s%$!r*is! t ! l!)al .!f!ns! $ro*i.!. /' t ! Attorn!' G!n!ral. If& in is sol! .!t!r#ination& t ! Attorn!' G!n!ral is not $ro* an a.!0%at! .!f!ns!& t ! $ro$on!nt s all /! a%t ori6!. to r!tain o%tsi.! -o%ns!l to /! -o#$!nsat!. fro# t ! /%.)!t of t ! D!$art#!nt of C%sti-!& an. t ! Attorn!' G!n!ral s all a$$oint s%- -o%ns!l as GS$!-ial D!$%t' Attorn!' G!n!ral of t ! Stat! of CaliforniaH for t ! li#it!. $%r$os! of .!f! t ! initiati*! a)ainst an' an. all l!)al - all!n)!s& /ot at trial an. on an' a$$!al& a$$!al /' ,a' of $!tition for ,rit of -!rtiorari to t ! S%$r!#! Co%rt of t ! Unit!. Stat!s.