ISO 9001:2000



The Agenda should equate with the Management Review Meeting (MRM) Agenda as given in the Quality Manual. • Among items to be minuted: o Quality Policy : Statement by the chairman that the Quality olicy o! the "nstitution is still relevant ( unless changes are required# and i! so state the changes made to the $olicy). o Circulars: Any ma%or decision made via circulars & meetings by higher authorities ('(# engarah )am$us) that could a!!ect the system. o Polici s: Statement o! any changes to $olicies. o Quality I!"icators  Summary o! achievement o! indicators. • (an include decisions ta*en to !acilitate the achievement o! indicators.  Statement regarding indicators to be reviewed or maintained.


o Ot* r Quality Issu s:  2g.o #ollo$ u% Actio! &ro' %r (ious MRM  "! any o #ollo$ u% Actio! &ro' %r (ious I!t r!al Au"it  All +(Rs&(ARs closed.  Analysis o! +(Rs / a summary to be $resented by MR&("A. o R ali)atio! o& Custo' r N "s  Analysis o! (ustomer com$laints  Analysis o! (ustomer surveys o Corr cti( a!" Pr ( !ti( Actio!  0ased on customer com$laints# customer surveys and incident re$orting (i! instituted) o Co!ti!uous I'%ro( ' !t:  1ecisions ta*en !or continuous im$rovement o! the management system. Dr. Management System requirements. Mary Abraham 2 . -owever# some issues and recommendations raised by the auditors may be related to the $olicies that are in $lace. "denti!y wea*nesses in the system and suggest $ossible change & remedial mechanisms. This analysis is $re!erably done earlier to determine trends. o Rati&icatio! o& a' !"' !ts to %roc "ur s  Any amendments made to $rocedures at the "nternal Audit or otherwise should be rati!ied here. The to$ management can decide to overrule the recommendation unless it directly involves the "S. +ote: "t is good to have all +(Rs closed be!ore the MRM. "denti!ication o! training needs# er!ormance assessment o! su$$liers.

3 . Health Campus. USM.Quality Secretariat .

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