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I did it, you can too!

Here are 5 tips that will have you galloping

down the aisle in no time.

1) Go on a whim.
Successful Price is Right starlets do not go to L.A. envisioning
their name handwritten in Sharpie on an enlarged price tag
sticker. No, they are pushed to the CBS lot by forces of nature.
Or boredom. Or both.

2) Don't wear a cheesy t-shirt.

No "Bob Barker is my Granddad" tee, and don't even think
about showing up with a large group wearing the same "Happy
100th Birthday Bob!" makeshift iron-on label sweat shirt.

3) Talk really loud.

You will be interviewed in groups of about 20 before you enter
the studio. Everyone before and after you will talk about their
retirement, Sarasota, their cat(s), and/or how this is their first
trip to L.A. You (no matter how old you are) will say, "HI, I'm
[NAME]!!! I just showed up here because it's been raining for 5
days and there are mudslides all over this ridiculous city. But
I've been having a blast! And I used to watch The Price is
Right with my grandma and when I stayed home sick from
school! It's like comfort food for me! Yay Hollywood!" That'll
do it every time.

4) Make friends with your neighbors.

That way, you've got a posse. An entourage. And when you
get called up, you won't look like the loser who showed up with
no friends. Also, hug everyone and give high fives.

5) Act like you love your prize.

A set of maps, a grandfather clock, golf clubs, the standard
edition Geo Prizm. It's all good, you LOVE it!

These hints will ensure your everlasting Price is Right fame. I