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Assignment on Air

Assignment on Air

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Published by: lock_jaw30 on Dec 20, 2013
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Assignment on Air: A. 1)what are the main features of the composition of the atmosphere.

2 8) What are ‘Permanent winds’? ) Explain the importance of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere. 3) What is the significance of atmosphere for the earth? 4) How is carbon dioxide responsible for global warming? #5) Name the different layers of the atmosphere and their extent. Draw a neat diagram of the layers of the atmosphere and label it (Fig: 4.2). #6) what is atmospheric pressure? (Draw the diagram of major pressure belts and wind system fig: 4.4). 7) Name the instrument to measure ‘Atmospheric pressure’. 9) Why does cold air exert more pressure than warm air? #10) Name and explain the various types of rainfall. (Draw: different types of rainfall-Fig: 4.5). ******************************************************************************

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