Gallery Reception Dover Middle School Library 6:00pm, Tuesday, January !, "0 !

You are cordially invited to Dover Middle School’s Parent Teacher Association Reflections Gallery Reception to be held on Tuesday, January !, "# ! at $%##p& in the Dover Middle School 'ibrary( )ational PTA Reflections is A&erica’s oldest and lar*est arts education pro*ra& of its +ind( The pro*ra& ,as developed in -$- by .olorado’s PTA President Mary 'ou Anderson to encoura*e students to e/plore their talents and e/press the&selves( The arts0and the )ational PTA Reflections pro*ra& 0support student success and serve as a valuable tool for buildin* stron* partnerships in our school co&&unity( The evenin* is a celebration of Dover student artists and their ori*inal ,or+s sub&itted as part of the annual Reflections pro*ra&( This year the DMS PTA collected forty1si/ entries in a variety of disciplines% fil& production, dance choreo*raphy, literature, &usic co&position, photo*raphy, or visual arts( All entries ,e based on this year’s the&e% 23elieve, Drea&, 4nspire(2 5ne of the &ost i&portant aspects of the Reflections pro*ra& is sho,casin* the beautiful art created by students( Please 6oin us7 Dover Middle School Parent Teacher Association

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