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T Code list OX18 Assign plant to company code OVX3 Assign sales org to company code OVXK Assign

distribution channel to sales organization. OVXA Assign division to sales org OVXG setup sales area OVXM Assign sales office to sales area OVXJ Assign sales group to sales office OVX6 Assign sales org-distribution channel-plant EC01 enterprise structure view OBD2 account group creation for customer SE16 to sea table fields and content OV37 Assign company code to fiscal year variant OB62 Assign company code to chart of account OMS2 to make settings for Material type(ex FERT) OMSY G/l account mapping for various transactions XD01 Creation of customer master(centrally)

MM01 Creation of material master VOV8 define sales document type

VOV7 Define item category VOV6 VA01 define schedule line category creation of order

OVKK Pricing procedure determination VK11 Creation of condition records

OVAZ assign sales area to sales document types

VA11 VA21

Create inquiry Create quotation

VL01N Create delivery V/03 V/07 V/06 V/08 Create condition table Create access sequence Create condition type maintain pricing procedure